Thursday, 30 June 2011

Severn Trent to meter 10,000 homes

The following is a guest contribution from a concerned Leicestershire resident:

"Please read as a matter of urgency. This company wants to introduce water meters for social and private sector rented housing, the aim is not water conservation but screwing the working class on a basic human right.
This policy is being tested in Leicester and then rolled out in the Severn Trent region.
This policy is attacking our housing stock and the low paid.
The typical relet figure for any housing is high last year we had 1872, new lettings and transfer....all would get water meters
Typical cost per month is around £73 for a family of five.
They will also introduce sliding scales of charges, Wessex Water have higher charges in the summer. BBC East Midlands will be in Leicester tomorrow June 29th

Nick, please can you aid people who need a political voice."

Leicester Mercury article: Water meters to be put in 10,000 homes

Severn Trent plans to install 10,000 compulsory water meters in the homes of people who move house in Leicestershire over the next four years.
The water firm says it needs to reduce demand in the face of a growing population and drier weather and launched its Meters 4 Movers scheme yesterday.

It will affect properties across Leicester and the county, in the LE1 to LE19 and LE65 to LE67 postcode areas.

Under the scheme, anyone who moves into a private, council-owned or housing association home will have a meter installed to record the amount of water being used, and bills can be worked out.

Homes without a water meter have bills with a fixed charge each year based on the property's rateable value.

Some estate agents have expressed concerns about the scheme. Jan Lancaster, manager of Berkley estate agents of Hinckley Road, said: "It's not going to be welcome news for people who share houses, whether it is students or families. It's going to affect people in big properties who are going to be charged for what they use."

James Court, director of Readings Property Group, in Granby Street, Leicester, said:
"There has always been a resistance to water meters by owners with families.
It's likely to have an impact on buyers with large families as the costs can be very high. If the scheme was being carried out over a smaller area, it could have an effect on the number of people wanting to move to that area."

A spokesman for Severn Trent Water said: "With a meter, you only pay for what you use so it could mean smaller bills in the long run. It's the fairest way to pay.
If you're in a larger family and water consumption is high, you can find out how much you're using and hopefully reduce the amount."

About 30 per cent of UK households have a fixed water meter.

According to water regulator Ofwat, homes with one or two occupants with a Severn Trent meter save an average of 31 per cent on their bill, but homes with more than two occupants pay an average of 13 per cent more.

To continue reading, or adding a comment, go to the Leicester Mercury article (tuesday 28th June)HERE

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A Satire Laced With Truth

As the Internet blogs and forums boil with acrimony, lies, accusations and some grains of truth over the goings-on in the BNP, I thought you might all like to sit back and read this amusing piece. While political, and yes, the first part at least could have happened in Leicester thus justifying it's inclusion here, I'd like everyone to smile, but also to remember why we joined the BNP, and why now, rather than throw personal insults at all and sundry in the Party and distort facts, we can recover that sense of unity, our shared British sense of humour, and our determination that, even though we are going through a rough patch at the moment, we are Nationalists. We have the same goals and would be silly to let ourselves be fatally divided.

This article is by Albion, and I send him my appreciation for his allowing me to reproduce it here.

Praying for a Saif Return

It was at the age of thirty five Destinee Gubbins from the Cockcroft estate met the tall, curly haired stranger, a dusky gentleman from Coconut Island, a palm fringed atoll just south of Trinidad and Tobago. This fatal chance happening occurred after the inaugural meeting of the Cockcroft Estate Friends of Multi-Culturism Society (CEFOMS) held at the Stephen Lawrence Cockcroft Estate Community Cohesion Centre (SLCECCC) where she reluctantly admitted she foolishly and impetuously first surrendered her reputation and sullied her unblemished record of celibacy under the cover of darkness behind the ‘Black Swan’ to the said ebon stranger in exchange for a few brief moments of carnal pleasure only to find a couple of months later to her horror she was carrying something other than a worrying bank card debt.

My mother always used to say ‘Stress Kills’ and so it was with my father who smoked roll-your-owns from his early teens until his untimely death, hastened I might add by my mother feeding him a diet exceedingly rich in animal fats. Incidentally he died prematurely under stress at age 97. ….well actually 97 1/2. Talking of stress Destinee’s mother Valerie-Ann had stressed continually and forcefully to her daughter if you cannot see the whites of their eyes turn on the lights.

Unfortunately for Destinee she did not heed her mother’s parental warning. There were no lights alit behind the ‘Black Swan’ that evening.

This was the first page of a radio script I submitted to the BBC radio drama department for evaluation. Miss Begum Khalida Zaman replied my script would be discussed at the next radio drama meeting.

…that was over two years ago. I pondered whether or not it was the case that the main character of my script Destinee was neither an illegal Iraqi immigrant a feminist nor a Lesbian. Who knows! Be that as it may I am kept busy at present writing 6 historical novels. My most recent script a drama written for TV tells the story of a BBC executive, Benjamin Coeur de Lion Courtney a past student of the London School of Economics. In my story he was a great friend of Saif al-Islam, a son of Gaddifi.

You may remember it was while at the London School of Economics Saif was maliciously and scurrilously accused of plagiarism after submitting his thesis entitled “The Mathematical calculations of String theory and its algebraic equations with the Principles of Dark Matter and Multiple universes”. This magnificent piece of scientific research was submitted immediately after Saif had completed an accredited course of Period Furniture Restoration in Whitechapel.

The story goes it was at the London School of Economics they first met while Saif was studying for a Masters degree in ‘Democracy for Dummies’ and young Benjamin was studying the basic principles of Marxism. A small stipend received as a result of a fellowship at Oxford College had enabled Benjamin to rent cheap rooms above the Student Union branch of ‘The Friends of Venezuela’ in Duke Street. As a matter of interest it was Benjamin’s 20 page booklet ‘Trotting with Trotsky” that sold over 11 copies on its first day of publication that launched his career with the BBC and as they say, the rest is history.

Benjamin had a meteoric rise throughout the departments of the National Broadcaster quickly attaining his executive position and remained a close chum of Saif’s until his recent sudden disappearance. Previously questions regarding Benjamin’s gender preferences surfaced with libellous personal accusations on Face-book. This rumour was possibly triggered when he was sighted buying a red dress a hat and matching red shoes from a small exclusive boutique in Knightsbridge but was later confirmed he was paying for and collecting said items for his sister and the insinuation that he bought them for himself was quashed.

Nevertheless the troublesome rumours still persisted. Saif meanwhile was successful in his application for political asylum and disappeared from the scene.

Benjamin’s disappearance took the Police and Lady Policeman's important investigative time away from concentrating on critical social problems like hate crimes, suspicion of hate crimes, crimes that may or may not be construed as hate crimes and crimes that could possibly be perceived as crimes of hate but not necessarily so, but more importantly race crimes, suspicion of race crimes, crimes that can be perceived as race crimes and thought crimes that threatened social cohesiveness, frivolous accusations of a thought crime, and….…er, you get the general idea.

There is a mysterious conclusion to this story. A British Sunday Ragloid published an exclusive story that both of them had been sighted at the Simôn Bolivar Areopuerto Internacional in Caracas, Venezuela disembarking from a Condor Airlines Boeing 737-200.

This was a deliberately fabricated story for the consumption of their Sunday readers and a sensationalist story one might expect from the British gutter press.

As an epilogue the only other passengers to arrive that day, who disembarked at the far end of the airport from a Gulfstream G550 executive jet was a man of a Middle Eastern appearance and a lady wearing a bright red dress, hat and matching red shoes.

That is a short précis of my latest novel which I have been instructed to send to the head of BBC’s TV English drama department for the attention of a Ms. Madushami Samarasinghe.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Minutes of Leicestershire BNP Meeting, held on Saturday 18th June

The meeting was opened and chaired by the Charnwood Organiser Steve Denham.
There were 40 people in attendance.

Minutes of the last meeting were read and agreed.

Geoff Dickens (East Mids. RO) in his regional report said that the region was now virtually self supporting. During the recent council elections all leaflets in the East Midlands had been designed locally and that the Derby developed leaflet “We Want Our Country Back” had now been adapted nationally.

As a member of the national finance scrutiny committee Geoff reported that the income of the party now exceeded its out outgoings and that party membership at 17th June 2011 was 9628 (East Mids. membership is now over 1100 and growing).

There is to be a relaunch of the Peacock Club.

In Leicestershire the emphasis was once again on branch and group building with recruiting and leafleting.

Steve Denham (Charnwood Organiser) congratulated Cllr. Cathy Duffy on her re-election to Charnwood Borough Council in spite of the vicious hate campaign by the left. Steve thanked Jim Taylor and Mick Dyer for standing in Anstey and Syston in the elections which has brought us new members.

Steve also asked for volunteers and sponsors for a “Round Rutland Water” fundraising event to take place on August 8th.

Cllr. James North (Melton Organiser) said that Melton had become a hub for support network in the East Midlands. James was heavily involved in building and publicising the growing Radio RWB which is daily updating with the stories that the national media ignore. Melton too was the centre during the recent elections for the design of glossy leaflets both national and local.

Cllr. John Ryde expressed his thanks to James for the considerable work he had done during the election.

Cllr. Peter Jarvis spoke after a brief interval. He outlined the problems that our country faces and the British National Party’s policies to deal with them. Peter said that that there was only room for one nationalist party in Britain and that was the BNP. He said that all true nationalists should put aside differences and unite to fight not only the mainstream parties, but also the fake nationalist parties like UKIP.

The raffle raised £42 and the collection was £186.76

Friday, 10 June 2011

Leicestershire MP arrested

Northwest Leicestershire MP Andrew Bridgen has been released on bail following his arrest in Central London in the early hours of Thursday morning (9 June).

Scotland Yard said in a statement that a 46 year old man had been arrested 'on suspicion of sexual assault against a 29 year old woman at an address in SW1'.

It has been claimed that the alleged incident involved a former political aide and followed a marathon drinking session at a Westminster pub. Bridgen, the woman and another man went to his Westminster flat for further drinks after leaving the pub. Mr Bridgen has been bailed until mid July.

In recent weeks the 'modern' Conservative Party's attitude towards women has been highlighted for all to see.

It started right at the top. In the House of Commons David Cameron, in his usual patronising way, told Labour MP Angela Eagle to 'calm down dear'.

We then had Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke suggesting in a BBC radio interview that some rapes were less serious than others. Would he still feel that way if it was his wife or daughter that had been attacked?

Then East Midlands MEP Roger Helmer, writing on his blog, stated that Ken Clarke was 'basically right' and that in some cases 'the victim surely shares a part of the responsibility'.

Attitudes like this are the start of a very slippery slope and one that brings us right back to Andrew Bridgen.

Why would any woman vote for a party with such archaic attitudes?