Friday, 6 May 2011


Leicestershire Community Voice would like to give it's congratulations to Cllr Cathy Duffy on being re-elected to Charnwood Borough Council.

Cathy was re-elected in the ward of East Goscote with an increased vote.

Full result:

Cathy Duffy BNP 401
Yvonne Smith Conservative 396
Gill McLoughlin Labour 150


Anonymous said...

Well done!

Anonymous said...

Good result for Cathy and the BNP in East Goscote.
But what about the appalling results across Leicestershire with the loss of BNP Cllrs and former BNP-cum-Independents (that is, if you can count the number of actual BNP candidates in Leicestershire on one hand)?
Where exactly were all the BNP candidates? Why the silence? Seems like censorship and standing up for the truth is not just an affliction with the mainstream parties and media...

Keats said...

Thank you both on behalf of Cathy for your good wishes.

'Anonymous', we were shocked at Ian not retaining his seat, as he also has an excellent record of work.
Your further remarks are, I feel, disingenuous as you are well aware of the problems, which in no way have been occasioned by the East Midlands.