Friday, 20 May 2011

Coming soon to a city near you

A leading member of a group of Islamic extremists based in North London is to be moved to the Midlands by order of the High Court.

The man, who can only be referred to as 'CD', has dual British and Nigerian nationality and has made several attempts to obtain firearms for a terrorist attack, according to the security services.

The High Court judge stated that there were concerns over "his ability to evade the attentions of those who have a duty to prevent him putting his plans into effect".

He was reported as having attended a training camp in Cumbria in 2004 organised by Mohammed Hamid, who was convicted of training terrorists for the unsuccessful 21 July 2005 London bombing.

He had also undertaken extremist training in Syria in late 2005 and returned to the UK in April 2009.

Mr Justice Simon backed the Home Office case that CD's removal to an undisclosed address "in a Midland city" was necessary to protect the public.

The judge said: "CD has a background and training which would lead to a justifiably held fear that he would engage in terrorist-related activity."

And now he could be living near you!

Mohammed Hamid at the camp in Cumbria

The Midlands city has not been named but obvious candidates are Birmingham, Nottingham and Leicester.

The judge also stated that CD's wife and two children are entitled to obtain a travel allowance to visit him. All paid for by you, the British taxpayer.

Instead of moving him to the Midlands we say deport him to Nigeria, then the British public would be properly protected.

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