Thursday, 3 February 2011

Your Council's Spending at is an online source for people to look up their Council's spending. Not all councils are yet publishing their spending, but the Government have made it compulsory so those that are not yet on this site will be soon.

The link is here: openlylocal

Leicester City Council will be interesting, when it is published. I have been made aware, for instance, that since Councils have been publishing their spending of over £500 that Leicester City council have spent £3,345,000.00 on Asylum seekers!

Blaby District is the only local Council appearing on the site so far. By far the largest item disclosed is for Hallam Contracts; under the heading Finance and Efficiency we find that Blaby spent an average of £89,523.00 per month on this firm, a total of £268,569.00 between April and June, 2010.

The page dealing with 'Hallam Contracts' states: "No information known about this supplier. Help us identify this company/supplier"
I think I know; I believe this to be Hallam Land Management Ltd. Countesthorpe residents will be unhappily aware of this firm as it was them who pushed through the unwanted development on Leicester Road in the village, acting for Boot Homes. And if you look on thhe gates of Blaby Hall, you will see that Hallam Land Management either own it or lease it. I wonder what Blaby is paying these people for?

Do look up your Council, and keep an eye on it if your Council does not appear yet. After all, it's our money they're spending, so it's right that we should be aware of where our money's going.

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