Monday, 21 February 2011

Minutes of the BNP Leicester Joint Meeting,19th Feb 2011

The Meeting was opened and chaired by Geoff Dickens.
56 people attended.
Minutes of the last meeting were read by Helen Cooke and agreed.

Matters arising: Geoff told us that Peter Jarvis had polled 7.8% after putting out two separate leaflets. Apologies from the Melton Organiser James North

Charnwood Organiser, Steve Denham, gave us a breakdown of Charnwood's finances. In mid-January they held an Activists Meeting, and they have a good chance in six of the seats they are standing in the forthcoming elections. Also, there's a housing development which local people are objecting to and Steve has offered our support. Steve and Peter Jarvis are doing a sponsored walk round Rutland Water if anyone would like to sponsor them.

Cllr. Ian Mellor for North West Leics. told us how Wayne, who could not have done more for the party since the age of 18, has had to resign from the parish council along with two other good councillors because of the problems caused by a further two other councillors who in fact have been seen delivering leaflets for the UAF. They phoned to make trouble at his work, the school where he is a governor, his church and the press. Ian also told us that they had put out Christmas cards with British holidays, festivals, and other useful information on the back. Coalville has a 'green wedge', a strip of green belt which is good arable farming land on which there is a proposal to build three thousand homes. He asked us to please put ourselves forward for election to local councils, we haven't long to help this country!

Organiser's report: Geoff confirmed that it was important that we stand as candidates for parish councils, especially as decisions are being devolved down. Sell as many papers as you can. One lad in Coventry sells 400 copies each time it comes out. Finances: the East Midlands has about 24 thousand, ten thousand of which is on loan to the central party.

John Ryde thanked James Mole and Geoff for their work with central party finances. He also proposed a vote which went unopposed:
"This meeting calls for an EGM at the earliest date possible to ratify our voting on constitutional reform passed at Party Conference."


Marlene Guest, our guest speaker told us amusing tales of how she came into politics, of bad mayors and councillors on Rotherham council, of local Somalians circumcising their girls, of 800 Africans arriving, 81 of whom had AIDS, of grooming of our girls, and how she worked to help and in the end she joined our BNP, and began the Rotherham Branch of the party. She could have talked for hours and we could have listened!

The collection, including teas, raised £332.19.
The raffle raised £78.
The next meeting will be early April in North West Leicestershire.

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