Thursday, 10 February 2011

John Peacock and the Peacock Club

'John Peacock was a stalwart of the British Nationalist Party in the days when British Nationalism had imploded post 1979-80 when the promising nationalist party of the day had ended through infighting and collapse in morale after their defeat in the General Election of 1979.

He fought doggedly on to promote the cause of the newly formed British National Party and to keep alive the flame which was to blossom into the party we know today. During those dark days his industry in attending activities, standing in elections and flying the flag for the party when all seemed lost is his legacy of tenacity and a beacon to us all.

Hostility was particularly pernicious from the far left and it was necessary for John to park his works vehicle remote from his residence to avoid it being attacked. Undeterred, John showed his mettle and to continue the fight stood twice in the Blaby parliamentary constituency, once in 1992 polling 521 votes or 0.8 percent and again in 1997 polling 523 increasing his percentage by 0.2 to 1 per cent.

John Peacock was amiable and got along well with those he came into contact with – never a betrayer of their trust and a bulwark of support to those loyal to the cause. John had served as a regular soldier in the Royal Leicestershire Regiment and this had stood him in good stead for the road he had taken, into his quest to work for British Nationalism.

Sadly John Peacock lost his final battle to an untimely illness and he would be sadly missed by those who followed and picked up his standard. As a tribute to him, the fund raising club for the East Midlands British National Party was, quite rightly, given his name, The Peacock Club. A finer tribute could not be given to a stalwart who blazed a trail across two decades, the 80s and 90s, when all seemed lost and recovery seemed totally improbable.'

The Peacock Club is a diner's club which supports Contacts in areas in order that they may grow into Groups, and supports new Groups by giving them Voice of Freedoms and leaflets free of charge.

We have built on John Peacock's foundations; for example, in Blaby constituency,
2001 Edward Scott gained 1357 votes (2.8%).
2005 Mike Robinson increased this to 1704 votes (3.45%).
2010 (Blaby changed to Leicestershire South) Paul Preston gained 2721 votes (4.99%).

The Peacock Club helped fund our last Euro campaign, it's members
raising just under half of the total costs.

You are cordially invited to join us. If you would like to become a member, please email:

Membership payment is by standing order, minimum £10.00 per month or a one-off annual payment of £120.00. This includes a free annual function at a quality venue.

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