Monday, 14 February 2011

Financial Review 2010

The Leicestershire branch of the British National Party has just published it's annual financial review. So that all of their local supporters can see where the money that they donate is being spent we have been asked to publish the review on this blog and are happy to do so.
Please note that these accounts do not include North West Leicestershire, Charnwood and Melton branches.

Financial Review for the year ending 2010

Our branch turnover was £7,071.83

The biggest part of the income was:

Printing raised £662.40.
Donations were £1289.76. £1050.65 was in cash (of which £65.42 was bags of 20p’s or penny boxes and £180 in standing orders) and £239.11 in goods.
Freedom newspaper sales raised £886.60. Of this £795.60 was from bulk sales (40p per copy) and £102.40 from standard sales (60p per copy).
Collections raised £888.22. Total meeting collections raised £2260.40 (4 of the 6 meeting were joint so the collection was split between the 4 county groups.)
Merchandise Sales were £434.92. Of this £132.17 was profit.
Identity sales raised £27.
Sales of raffle tickets raised £427. Of which £146.74 was profit for Leicestershire branch. (4 of the raffles were at joint meetings so the money raised was split between the 4 county groups and 1 was a head office raffle where profits were split equally between our branch and head office)
Other income came from a sale of rosettes and an auction.

Some of our biggest spending was on:

Election campaigns £7380.84. One deposit was saved bringing spending down to £6880.84.

Bosworth Constituency £500 deposit, £800 election address
Harborough Constituency £500 deposit, £800 election address
Leicester East Constituency £500 deposit, £400 election address
Leicester South Constituency £500 deposit, £400 election address
Leicester West Constituency £500 deposit, £800 election address (deposit retained)
South Leicestershire Constituency £500 deposit, £800 election address
Eyres Monsell council by-election £167.50
Saxondale council by-election £175.50
Blaby South council by-election £37.84

Freedom & Identity £520
Paper, Envelopes and Address Labels £275.86
Ink £399.99
Merchandise £182.88
Stamps £854.56
Meeting Halls £121.90
Servicing the folding machine £105.75
Purchase of leaflets from head office £67.50

Other expenditure was for raffle tickets and prizes, renewal of P O Box, speaker fuel expenses and rosettes.

2010 was an expensive year for the Leicestershire branch due to the General Election. For the first time ever all ten parliamentary seats in the county were contested, six of them in our branch area.

Our biggest profits continue to come from our regular donors. As noted above, this year they gave £1289.76 and I would like to once again give my thanks to everyone who has made a donation to the branch this year, whether cash or goods.

Sales of the party newspaper Voice of Freedom and Identity magazine made us an annual profit of £393.60. We would like to increase the number of papers we sell each month so if you’d like a copy delivering to your home please get in touch with your local contact.

The total income from meeting collections increased by £583.90 due to bigger turnouts from joint meetings with the other three Leicestershire groups and total raffle ticket sales at meetings increased by £121.70.

Leicestershire’s financial position remains healthy even after the large expense of the general election. We do, however, need to increase our number of regular donors so that we are in a position to contest any future parliamentary by-elections or, should the coalition collapse, another full general election.

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