Monday, 7 February 2011

David Cameron - a wolf in British National Party clothing..!

In a letter to members and supporters, British National Party Chairman, Nick Griffin MEP, writes on David Cameron's latest pronouncements:

"The multi-cultural society has been a disaster” – not just my words anymore, but now also the words of Prime Minister David Cameron. In a speech made in Germany, the Prime Minister has at last admitted what the British National Party has said since the very beginning: that multi-culturalism encourages Islamic extremism.

"David Cameron... a wolf in British National Party clothing

"At first glance, this wolf in British National Party clothing appears to be condemning the multi-cultural society that he and his predecessors worked so hard to achieve.
"Look again, and you will realise that, although Mr Cameron is making a few of the right noises, this is thanks entirely to the donors and activists of the British National Party – you and people just like you, who have forced his hand. He has only made this speech because our efforts over the years have speeded the coming of the time when no-one believes multi-cult lies any more.

"Cameron has had to admit a bit of the truth, in the hope of stopping the tide of British people turning to us, the British National Party. By opening this debate, however, Mr Cameron has raised expectations that he cannot possibly meet. He won’t deliver any effective action – all he will really achieve in the end is to further annoy the very easily annoyed Muslim community, and to propel our message further into the political mainstream.

"We force them to tell the truth…

"A few years ago we had the then-Labour Home Secretary David Blunkett admitting that ‘multiculturalism has failed’. Then Gordon Brown used and legitimised our call for ‘British Jobs for British Workers’. Just last month we heard Jack Straw stealing whole chunks of speeches I made back in 2005 about the sick racist paedophilia of Muslim drug-rape gangs. And now we have the Prime Minister admitting that the British National Party is right again in our 30-year campaign against the unworkable folly of multiculturalism.

"In acknowledging that the multi-cult theory has encouraged racial and cultural divisions that have in turn fuelled the flames of Islamic extremism and contributed to the growth of home-grown Muslim terrorism, Mr. Cameron is stating an obvious truth – and one that my colleagues and I have been viciously attacked for daring to speak out about before it became ‘respectable’ to do so.

"The decision is in YOUR hands... right now, today!
It’s up to you what happens next. Do we sit back and complain about the snake-oil salesman Cameron stealing our message, or do we organise ourselves for when the ordinary people see that he won’t deliver? Our time is coming – we must be sure to be ready!
"With David Cameron’s speech, yet another block has been taken out of the psychological Berlin Wall of lies and propaganda that has been built over decades to silence the British people as our country has been turned into a foreign place. Help us to continue tearing it down."
Nick Griffin, MEP
Leader, British National Party

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