Monday, 21 February 2011

Minutes of the BNP Leicester Joint Meeting,19th Feb 2011

The Meeting was opened and chaired by Geoff Dickens.
56 people attended.
Minutes of the last meeting were read by Helen Cooke and agreed.

Matters arising: Geoff told us that Peter Jarvis had polled 7.8% after putting out two separate leaflets. Apologies from the Melton Organiser James North

Charnwood Organiser, Steve Denham, gave us a breakdown of Charnwood's finances. In mid-January they held an Activists Meeting, and they have a good chance in six of the seats they are standing in the forthcoming elections. Also, there's a housing development which local people are objecting to and Steve has offered our support. Steve and Peter Jarvis are doing a sponsored walk round Rutland Water if anyone would like to sponsor them.

Cllr. Ian Mellor for North West Leics. told us how Wayne, who could not have done more for the party since the age of 18, has had to resign from the parish council along with two other good councillors because of the problems caused by a further two other councillors who in fact have been seen delivering leaflets for the UAF. They phoned to make trouble at his work, the school where he is a governor, his church and the press. Ian also told us that they had put out Christmas cards with British holidays, festivals, and other useful information on the back. Coalville has a 'green wedge', a strip of green belt which is good arable farming land on which there is a proposal to build three thousand homes. He asked us to please put ourselves forward for election to local councils, we haven't long to help this country!

Organiser's report: Geoff confirmed that it was important that we stand as candidates for parish councils, especially as decisions are being devolved down. Sell as many papers as you can. One lad in Coventry sells 400 copies each time it comes out. Finances: the East Midlands has about 24 thousand, ten thousand of which is on loan to the central party.

John Ryde thanked James Mole and Geoff for their work with central party finances. He also proposed a vote which went unopposed:
"This meeting calls for an EGM at the earliest date possible to ratify our voting on constitutional reform passed at Party Conference."


Marlene Guest, our guest speaker told us amusing tales of how she came into politics, of bad mayors and councillors on Rotherham council, of local Somalians circumcising their girls, of 800 Africans arriving, 81 of whom had AIDS, of grooming of our girls, and how she worked to help and in the end she joined our BNP, and began the Rotherham Branch of the party. She could have talked for hours and we could have listened!

The collection, including teas, raised £332.19.
The raffle raised £78.
The next meeting will be early April in North West Leicestershire.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Call Centre Request

One of our supporters in the East Midlands sent us the following suggestion by email; it's worth trying, to promote British jobs for British people.

Did you know that you have the right to speak to a UK person when you
call a company for a service or whatever.

Here is a proactive way of bringing jobs back to the UK. Do the following when you phone any customer service operation that is based in a foreign country.

Any time you call a company about a problem with a credit card, bank account, computer product, etc, and you are answered by a person in a call centre abroad, eg. in India, try this:

As soon as you realise that the customer service person is not in the UK (you can always ask if you are not sure about the accent), very politely please (very politely - this is not about trashing other cultures) say,

"I'd like to speak to a customer service person in the United Kingdom."

The rep might suggest talking to his/her manager, but, again, politely say,

"Thank you, but I'd like to speak to a customer service person in the UK ."

YOU WILL BE IMMEDIATELY CONNECTED to a rep in the UK .. It only takes a few seconds to have your call re-directed to the UK .

Tonight when I got redirected to a UK rep, I asked again to make sure -
and yes, she was in Swansea.

Imagine if tomorrow, every UK citizen requests a UK rep, how that would
impact the number of extra UK jobs needed.

Imagine what would happen if every UK citizen insisted on talking to only UK
phone reps from this day on.

Remember - the goal is to restore jobs back here at home - not to be abrupt
or rude to a foreigner.
If you agree, please tell 10 people you know and tell them to tell 10
people they know.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Financial Review 2010

The Leicestershire branch of the British National Party has just published it's annual financial review. So that all of their local supporters can see where the money that they donate is being spent we have been asked to publish the review on this blog and are happy to do so.
Please note that these accounts do not include North West Leicestershire, Charnwood and Melton branches.

Financial Review for the year ending 2010

Our branch turnover was £7,071.83

The biggest part of the income was:

Printing raised £662.40.
Donations were £1289.76. £1050.65 was in cash (of which £65.42 was bags of 20p’s or penny boxes and £180 in standing orders) and £239.11 in goods.
Freedom newspaper sales raised £886.60. Of this £795.60 was from bulk sales (40p per copy) and £102.40 from standard sales (60p per copy).
Collections raised £888.22. Total meeting collections raised £2260.40 (4 of the 6 meeting were joint so the collection was split between the 4 county groups.)
Merchandise Sales were £434.92. Of this £132.17 was profit.
Identity sales raised £27.
Sales of raffle tickets raised £427. Of which £146.74 was profit for Leicestershire branch. (4 of the raffles were at joint meetings so the money raised was split between the 4 county groups and 1 was a head office raffle where profits were split equally between our branch and head office)
Other income came from a sale of rosettes and an auction.

Some of our biggest spending was on:

Election campaigns £7380.84. One deposit was saved bringing spending down to £6880.84.

Bosworth Constituency £500 deposit, £800 election address
Harborough Constituency £500 deposit, £800 election address
Leicester East Constituency £500 deposit, £400 election address
Leicester South Constituency £500 deposit, £400 election address
Leicester West Constituency £500 deposit, £800 election address (deposit retained)
South Leicestershire Constituency £500 deposit, £800 election address
Eyres Monsell council by-election £167.50
Saxondale council by-election £175.50
Blaby South council by-election £37.84

Freedom & Identity £520
Paper, Envelopes and Address Labels £275.86
Ink £399.99
Merchandise £182.88
Stamps £854.56
Meeting Halls £121.90
Servicing the folding machine £105.75
Purchase of leaflets from head office £67.50

Other expenditure was for raffle tickets and prizes, renewal of P O Box, speaker fuel expenses and rosettes.

2010 was an expensive year for the Leicestershire branch due to the General Election. For the first time ever all ten parliamentary seats in the county were contested, six of them in our branch area.

Our biggest profits continue to come from our regular donors. As noted above, this year they gave £1289.76 and I would like to once again give my thanks to everyone who has made a donation to the branch this year, whether cash or goods.

Sales of the party newspaper Voice of Freedom and Identity magazine made us an annual profit of £393.60. We would like to increase the number of papers we sell each month so if you’d like a copy delivering to your home please get in touch with your local contact.

The total income from meeting collections increased by £583.90 due to bigger turnouts from joint meetings with the other three Leicestershire groups and total raffle ticket sales at meetings increased by £121.70.

Leicestershire’s financial position remains healthy even after the large expense of the general election. We do, however, need to increase our number of regular donors so that we are in a position to contest any future parliamentary by-elections or, should the coalition collapse, another full general election.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

John Peacock and the Peacock Club

'John Peacock was a stalwart of the British Nationalist Party in the days when British Nationalism had imploded post 1979-80 when the promising nationalist party of the day had ended through infighting and collapse in morale after their defeat in the General Election of 1979.

He fought doggedly on to promote the cause of the newly formed British National Party and to keep alive the flame which was to blossom into the party we know today. During those dark days his industry in attending activities, standing in elections and flying the flag for the party when all seemed lost is his legacy of tenacity and a beacon to us all.

Hostility was particularly pernicious from the far left and it was necessary for John to park his works vehicle remote from his residence to avoid it being attacked. Undeterred, John showed his mettle and to continue the fight stood twice in the Blaby parliamentary constituency, once in 1992 polling 521 votes or 0.8 percent and again in 1997 polling 523 increasing his percentage by 0.2 to 1 per cent.

John Peacock was amiable and got along well with those he came into contact with – never a betrayer of their trust and a bulwark of support to those loyal to the cause. John had served as a regular soldier in the Royal Leicestershire Regiment and this had stood him in good stead for the road he had taken, into his quest to work for British Nationalism.

Sadly John Peacock lost his final battle to an untimely illness and he would be sadly missed by those who followed and picked up his standard. As a tribute to him, the fund raising club for the East Midlands British National Party was, quite rightly, given his name, The Peacock Club. A finer tribute could not be given to a stalwart who blazed a trail across two decades, the 80s and 90s, when all seemed lost and recovery seemed totally improbable.'

The Peacock Club is a diner's club which supports Contacts in areas in order that they may grow into Groups, and supports new Groups by giving them Voice of Freedoms and leaflets free of charge.

We have built on John Peacock's foundations; for example, in Blaby constituency,
2001 Edward Scott gained 1357 votes (2.8%).
2005 Mike Robinson increased this to 1704 votes (3.45%).
2010 (Blaby changed to Leicestershire South) Paul Preston gained 2721 votes (4.99%).

The Peacock Club helped fund our last Euro campaign, it's members
raising just under half of the total costs.

You are cordially invited to join us. If you would like to become a member, please email:

Membership payment is by standing order, minimum £10.00 per month or a one-off annual payment of £120.00. This includes a free annual function at a quality venue.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

...And a rather different view of Leicester

From the previous Daily Mirror article, cooing over the joys of multiculturalism in Leicester, and the rapid decline of white Britons in our English city, we turn to another view, this time uncovered by Wikileaks. The article was published by the Daily Telegraph. It begins:

“Girls as young as four years old were completely covered.

“At a local book store, texts… seemed designed to segregate Muslims from their wider community, urging women to cover themselves and remain in their homes, playing up the differences between Islam and other religions, seeking to isolate Muslims from community, and feeding hate of Jews to the young.”

What country do you think the Americans were talking about in their cables, just released by WikiLeaks? Afghanistan? Saudi? Pakistan?

Actually Leicester, motto Semper Eadem, “always the same”, which the US State Department’s senior adviser for Muslim engagement, Farah Pandith, said was home to “the most conservative Islamic community she had seen anywhere in Europe”.

A confidential cable detailing the trip stated: “Despite the many positive programs in Leicester, the isolation of some parts of the Muslim community was striking"

The author quotes Leicester Council's 'One Leicester' guide...
Leicester has a reputation for welcoming and celebrating diversity” and “the residents of Leicester recognise that the city is both multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-faith”.
...and remarks that it is an odd thing to 'celebrate'.

He goes on:
It’s an interesting fact that only cities with strained community relations adopt the “one” slogan, Luton being another prime example. Ken Livingstone put up posters proclaiming “one London” after the 7/7 attacks, the equivalent of the air hostess saying “don’t panic, we’ve still got one engine left!”

In good times, in wealthy areas, in top schools and universities, diversity is an advantage that allows the transference of new ideas; in bad times and in poor areas it can be a serious weakness. Leicester has not only above average rates of unemployment but also very high rates of illiteracy, and is one of the worst five authorities in England for education; it is not a playground of the rich.

Leicester is now a 'poor area' then. How times have changed! When and how did this come about?

The author, talking about America, concludes:
But even since adopting multiculturalism, America’s ruthless capitalism system still forces immigrants to work, learn English and become American; in contrast Britain’s welfare state promotes separation, self-pity, resentment and radicalism.

And whereas the United States had the American dream, we’ve ended up with the British nightmare. Where did it all go wrong?

Well, you could blame the lefties, the Marxists, the hippies with their their drug-sozzled brains, chasing rainbows. Some, or all of them. What none of them bore in mind was that rainbows are ephemeral, they disappear into thin air. And there's no crock of gold waiting at the end. Just muddy earth.

The complete article may be read HERE

Leicester's joyful multiculturalism

The Daily Mirror yesterday ran an article extolling the virtues of multiculturalism in Leicester. Two people were interviewed; one was an elderly Sikh, Sukhdev Sangha. The article writes of Mr. Sangha:

Every day for the last 40 years, Sukhdev Sangha has watched the world go by from the window of his corner shop in Leicester.
And as he looks out onto the busy street today, the 67-year-old can hardly believe how things have changed.
One of the first immigrants to arrive in the city after coming from the Punjab in 1967, the Sikh stood out as one of the only faces of colour in a sea of white.
He and his wife were stared at as they walked down the street and he was barred from the first job he applied for – as a bus conductor – because he wore a turban.

But today people of every hue, every religion, pass by his shop window – and in every 10 faces, maybe one is white.

“And I believe multiculturalism has made Leicester a better place,” he says.

One has to wonder if a white person might not encounter 'a sea of brown' in his native India? Perhaps he couldn't get a job as a bus conductor because they wore regulation headgear; why did Mr. Sangha insist on wearing a turban, which was not part of the uniform?

Only 1 person in 10 is white, and Mr. Sangha appears to believe this has made Leicester "a better place"? Wouldn't there be consternation if the reverse were so in India, African countries, or Israel? Mind you, his shop is in Belgrave Rd. - an Indian enclave. I wonder why white Britons deserted the area, most weren't exactly affluent.

Mr. Sangha believes Leicester is better for multiculturalism; does he not know that the city was the second richest in Europe in the 50s. Look at it now. Everyone I know avoids the place; they find the atmosphere threatening and hostile, and dirty and crumbling too. Quite unlike the smart, friendly and industrious city we once knew and loved.

The Mirror remarks:

New estimates suggest children from white families are now in a minority in the city, making up only 47% of the under-16 population.

Leicester is set to become Britain’s first plural city, where no ethnic group will form a majority, by 2019, with Birmingham expected to follow five years later.

It is something Leicester East Labour MP Keith Vaz welcomes.

He said: “Leicester’s diversity and successful integration is a mark of its confidence in itself. Our communities have always got along with one another.”

Why does Keith Vaz (who is heartily disliked even by many in his own constituency) welcome the decline of a white majority in a white country, for that is what it amounts to? And once upon a time, we were a community, Mr. Vaz. Not disparate communities. One community. Disproving your contention of integration.

Stan Samuel is the second resident to have his say.

Stan Samuel, 48, runs the One Voice Young People’s Centre, a meeting place for the city’s youth of any ethnic group which – ironically given Cameron’s speech calling for greater integration of different groups – is under threat because of Government cuts.

Stan says Leicester folk are proud of how people of so many different backgrounds co-exist, although he believes the city has a long way to go before it can boast of being truly integrated.

Stan, whose parents came here from the West Indies in the 1960s, says: “You may come to the city centre and see an equally balanced mixture of every different group, but most will live almost exclusively with their own people.”

Stan's group, though admirable, is probably under threat because the Rates, now called Council Tax, were never meant to pay for all these groups. Volunteers, doing it for free, were the order of the day once. But I wouldn't worry, it's far more likely that the cuts will fall on libraries and old folks' centres.
Actually, Stan sounds a bit more grounded in his views. He obviously gets around a bit more than Mr. Sangha, though at least Sikhs, Hindus and West Indians will go for a pint and most seem to have a sense of humour.

What really puzzles me about this article is that no muslim was interviewed. Did they all refuse to speak to the journalist? Would it have contradicted the essence of the article maybe? Surely the reporter could have found one muslim prepared to speak of his joy at integrating with the Leicester community? No? Fancy that.

The complete article may be read HERE

Monday, 7 February 2011

David Cameron - a wolf in British National Party clothing..!

In a letter to members and supporters, British National Party Chairman, Nick Griffin MEP, writes on David Cameron's latest pronouncements:

"The multi-cultural society has been a disaster” – not just my words anymore, but now also the words of Prime Minister David Cameron. In a speech made in Germany, the Prime Minister has at last admitted what the British National Party has said since the very beginning: that multi-culturalism encourages Islamic extremism.

"David Cameron... a wolf in British National Party clothing

"At first glance, this wolf in British National Party clothing appears to be condemning the multi-cultural society that he and his predecessors worked so hard to achieve.
"Look again, and you will realise that, although Mr Cameron is making a few of the right noises, this is thanks entirely to the donors and activists of the British National Party – you and people just like you, who have forced his hand. He has only made this speech because our efforts over the years have speeded the coming of the time when no-one believes multi-cult lies any more.

"Cameron has had to admit a bit of the truth, in the hope of stopping the tide of British people turning to us, the British National Party. By opening this debate, however, Mr Cameron has raised expectations that he cannot possibly meet. He won’t deliver any effective action – all he will really achieve in the end is to further annoy the very easily annoyed Muslim community, and to propel our message further into the political mainstream.

"We force them to tell the truth…

"A few years ago we had the then-Labour Home Secretary David Blunkett admitting that ‘multiculturalism has failed’. Then Gordon Brown used and legitimised our call for ‘British Jobs for British Workers’. Just last month we heard Jack Straw stealing whole chunks of speeches I made back in 2005 about the sick racist paedophilia of Muslim drug-rape gangs. And now we have the Prime Minister admitting that the British National Party is right again in our 30-year campaign against the unworkable folly of multiculturalism.

"In acknowledging that the multi-cult theory has encouraged racial and cultural divisions that have in turn fuelled the flames of Islamic extremism and contributed to the growth of home-grown Muslim terrorism, Mr. Cameron is stating an obvious truth – and one that my colleagues and I have been viciously attacked for daring to speak out about before it became ‘respectable’ to do so.

"The decision is in YOUR hands... right now, today!
It’s up to you what happens next. Do we sit back and complain about the snake-oil salesman Cameron stealing our message, or do we organise ourselves for when the ordinary people see that he won’t deliver? Our time is coming – we must be sure to be ready!
"With David Cameron’s speech, yet another block has been taken out of the psychological Berlin Wall of lies and propaganda that has been built over decades to silence the British people as our country has been turned into a foreign place. Help us to continue tearing it down."
Nick Griffin, MEP
Leader, British National Party

*Read also, the hard-hitting article: "Chameleon Cameron's Pronouncements on Islam" HERE

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Your Council's Spending at is an online source for people to look up their Council's spending. Not all councils are yet publishing their spending, but the Government have made it compulsory so those that are not yet on this site will be soon.

The link is here: openlylocal

Leicester City Council will be interesting, when it is published. I have been made aware, for instance, that since Councils have been publishing their spending of over £500 that Leicester City council have spent £3,345,000.00 on Asylum seekers!

Blaby District is the only local Council appearing on the site so far. By far the largest item disclosed is for Hallam Contracts; under the heading Finance and Efficiency we find that Blaby spent an average of £89,523.00 per month on this firm, a total of £268,569.00 between April and June, 2010.

The page dealing with 'Hallam Contracts' states: "No information known about this supplier. Help us identify this company/supplier"
I think I know; I believe this to be Hallam Land Management Ltd. Countesthorpe residents will be unhappily aware of this firm as it was them who pushed through the unwanted development on Leicester Road in the village, acting for Boot Homes. And if you look on thhe gates of Blaby Hall, you will see that Hallam Land Management either own it or lease it. I wonder what Blaby is paying these people for?

Do look up your Council, and keep an eye on it if your Council does not appear yet. After all, it's our money they're spending, so it's right that we should be aware of where our money's going.