Friday, 30 December 2011

R.I.P David North

We are sad to also have to report the death of David North of Frisby who died after a short stay in hospital on Christmas Eve. David was a BNP member, who some time ago was banned from carrying out his Church duties because of his beliefs. One of his interests was classic motor bikes and their preservation.

We send our sincere condolences and sympathy to David's family

R.I.P John Ryde

We are sad to report that John Ryde lost his battle against cancer on Thursday night. A true patriot who will be greatly missed.

John lived in Newbold Verdon for nearly fifty years and served as a parish councillor twice; it was an office he was carrying out diligently until his illness became acute. In 2003, he was presented with the Mayor's Award for Outstanding Services in the Borough of Hinckley and Bosworth.

He was a member of the BNP for the past eleven years and stood as a candidate four times. He was East Midlands Regional Press Officer and also worked tirelessly designing and printing leaflets for the East Mids and other branches around the country. His dedication and cheerful demeanor will never be forgotten.
John was presented with the British National Party, East Midlands Activist of the Year Award in 2008.

John previously worked in sales and marketing and was a well-known wrestler on the circuit in his younger days. His interests included gardening, motoring, real ale, traditional jazz, and the countryside. He leaves two children and five grandchildren.

Geoff Dickens, East Midlands RO, paid tribute to John, saying:

"I first met John around 1974, we were both active Nationalists; John had resigned from the Conservative party after the disgusting treatment of Enoch Powell by Heath. John had been a Monday Club member

"John was an active member of the Leicester NF until 1982, after which he supported the fledgling British National Party; after his family had grown up and with retirment approaching he became a super activist, Leics. and East Mids Press Officer, Training Officer, Leaflet Designer and printer, printing over 400k leaflets, never taking any expenses.

"John was a Parish Councillor, and has stood for the BNP at District, County and Parliamentary levels.

"I will always remember John`s sense of humour; no matter how bad things were he always had a quip at hand to lighten the situation."

We send heartfelt condolences and sympathy to his family.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Greetings

We wish all our readers a Very Happy Christmas and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

"Free Emma West" Petition

Would those of you who are outraged that Miss Emma West has been consigned to prison until after Christmas (without trial) and her children taken from her, while 4 violent and racist muslim women are allowed to go free after attacking a young white girl in Leicester, please sign this petition:


Your address is optional, and you can add a comment. To view signatures - coming from around the world - and read what others say, click on 'Signatures' at top right.

Update: Emma West has been granted bail. We wish her and her family a Very Happy Christmas.

Thank you to everyone who have supported and sent cards and gifts to Emma, and all of you who signed the Petition. Well done! We shall see what happens in January...

Friday, 9 December 2011

One rule for us, one rule for them

Rhea Page, while walking down High St., Leicester with her partner, was set upon and kicked unconscious by a girl gang of drunken Somali Muslims, screaming:
‘kill the white slag’:
one would have thought this would be labelled a racist incident. Ms Page
‘I honestly think they attacked me just because I was white. I can’t think of any other reason.’

But no, in the eyes of the perverse British judiciary this is not a racial
incident, of course. Even worse: Judge Robert Brown allowed them to walk free
because he accepted that as Muslims they were unused to drinking. Judge Brown
also thought the women may have felt they were the victims of unreasonable
force from Ms Page’s partner Lewis Moore, 23, who tried to defend her from the

In the wake of the Stephen Lawrence murder, the Macpherson Report
defined a racial incident very clearly:
"A racist incident is any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim
or any other person.”
Is it not a little odd that such a straightforward statement, eagerly embraced by the British police, is open to question only when the victim is white? Ms. Page clearly believes this was a racial incident, so why don’t the police or the judiciary?

And this is not a solitary case. Only last week 19-year-old Danny O’Shea had his throat slashed by a gang of black youths outside his mother’s front door in Newham, east London. The police are not treating this as racist murder. Why not?

In 2009, Christopher Folkes died from severe head injuries after he
was brutally attacked by three "Asian” males in Queen’s Park, Blackburn. This
was not treated as a racist murder. Why not?

In 2004 Christopher Yates was beaten to death by a gang of Muslim males in
Barking, east London. One of the attackers, Sajid Zulfiqar, boasted:
"We have killed the white man. That will teach an Englishman to interfere in Paki business.”
The Crown Prosecution Service makes it perfectly clear that this was a racially aggravated murder, but again the racial element was overlooked. Why?

Perhaps the most savage murder was that of Mary-Ann Leneghan in 2005. Tortured, gang raped and stabbed to death by a gang made up of Muslims and blacks, this yet again was not a racist incident. The eagerness with which the British police pounce upon white racial transgressors is matched only by their reluctance to label non-white perpetrators as racist.

There are indications that we are to become a minority in our own land within the next fifty years; will we also become an ethnic minority whilst being subjected to grossly unequal state-sponsored racial prejudice? Readers may draw their own conclusions.

- Acknowledgements to Salisbury BNP for this article -

Update; This is the video of the appalling attack on Rhea Page:
Here is the link, from This is Leicestershire

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Minutes of Joint Leicestershire Meeting, 3rd. December 2011

Minutes of the BNP Joint meeting East of Leicester 3rd December 2011.

Meeting opened and chaired by Geoff Dickens.
42 people attended.

Minutes were read and agreed

Matters arising
RO Geoff Dickens told us that Melton is no longer a separate group, James North and Keith Addison handed over in pristine order. Geof then gave us an over-view of the local groups, their financial health, and that there's a new Organiser in Erewash. Unfortunately subscription for membership of the BNP is going up, some of us renewed early to beat the price rise! When Geoff first joined in 1983 it was £4.

-Steve Denham gave us an update on Charnwood; they've put out an enormous amount of leaflets, including 5 thousand on the Euro referendum, 2 thousand 'Britain has lost it's Dignity', 3 thousand 'We want our country back' and the election leaflets for Cathy Duffy with 1000 V of Freedoms. Simon Orderly took out 1000 'We want our Country Back' leaflets on his own. The Conservatives had put on their leaflet that they had beautified the area, then on Remembrance Day the Charnwood lads took loads of muck and rubbish out of the brook. He said it was the way forward-- to be seen doing jobs to help the community got a good response from people. He finished by saying how good it was to see John Ryde with us at the meeting.


The main speaker was the Reverend West, who spoke on Islam. He told us his views on the growing numbers of Mohammedans in the West, and how it will affect Christianity, Judaism and democracy, in fact how it will affect freedom of religious expression. He had printed out his talk for anyone who wanted to take a copy home.
He then took questions from the floor.

The raffle made £45, the collection £128.13 and 1 Kenyan shilling

Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Persecution of an Englishwoman

It seems that the world has gone ballistic over a video filmed on a London tram. If there is anyone left who has not seen it here is a link.

It is a shocking outburst; the woman concerned has been condemned as much for her profane turns of phrase in front of her child as for her outspoken views on immigration Yes, immigration; she adds Polish immigrants to her complaint so is not racist. But the truly shocking thing is that she was hunted down immediately, arrested, and incarcerated in prison. Her children have been taken away from her. Not allowed bail, she is being held in custody, supposedly for her own protection. Protection from whom, you might ask; well this specimen of "British manhood" for a start:
You Tube Response

The woman concerned is Miss Emma West, a Londoner. At the moment, we know very little about her, or why her sudden outburst. The British are traditionally polite and reserved, or are we? I think people I know would call me quiet and reserved, certainly not the type to come out with the kind of language Emma used; and yet, wound up once at work by a situation that and escalated became intolerable, I lost control and publicly shouted at length a very offensive rant. Profanities galore. Afterwards of course, I was mortified and my colleagues could not believe I, of all people, had said those things. So, people are now asking what set Emma off, as the video makes it clear that something was already happening before filming started.

Of course, it might be that Emma comes from a section of the community to whom this language is commonplace; I hope I don't do her a disservice by mentioning 'Billingsgate fishwives', a common accusation for any woman shouting the odds in a rough manner. You could include 'troopers wives' in that too. For it is sure that there have always been women who have spoken their mind, albeit in terms that offend the gently reared. These women, and their menfolk too, come from a world that people would rather forget, but they are the salt of the earth, and do the jobs that their decriers would not stoop to.

Whatever the reasons for her outburst though, Emma West has been dragged before the majesty of the law for criticising immigration, and for mentioning black people. never mind the myriad of death, rape and violent threats hurled in naked hatred in comments and videos at her. They appear to be acceptable, as the police, authorities and You Tube moderators have not seen fit to stop them, or chase and arrest the authors of these threats. Why is that, I wonder?

Please also visit the British National Party, and read this article:

"It's a disgrace the way PC Britain treats the white race – it's time to FIGHT BACK!"

Thursday, 10 November 2011

For the 11th November

The following poem was written by May Hill of Lincolnshire in 1941. It refers to a local incident, but encompasses every families fear in any war. I chose this poem for Remembrance Day because the reporting of military deaths in conflicts around the world are reported almost as an afterthought on the News. casualties may be small in the great scheme of things, but to their family each loss is all the world.

“The Casualties Were Small”

When Winton Aerodrome was bombed
The “Casualties were small”
Just your son, and my son, and little widow Brown’s son,
The youngest of them all.

And your son was your eldest lad,
Handsome and straight and tall.
A model for your younger sons,
Beloved by you all.

And Mrs Brown’s, her youngest boy
Her sole support, and stay.
So like his father, all her joy
Was quenched, on that dark day.

And mine, my only son and pride
So loved and dear to all.
The blast of bombs spread far and wide
Tho’ “the casualties were small”.

"Muslims Against Crusades" is banned

The hate-group who burned poppies last year and disrupted the Remembrance Day silence, calling itself Muslims Against Crusades, has at last been banned. Theresa May, the Home Secretary, announced that it is outlawed from midnight tonight. Membership or support of this group is now a criminal offence.

Sky News Report

Their demonstration this year has been cancelled, due, according to it's instigator Anjem Choudary, to the planned Protect The Poppy counter demonstration called for by the British National Party's Chairman, Nick Griffin.

Well done to the BNP and all allied groups and supporters who have put pressure on the Government which has resulted in this outcome.
I'm waiting for an update as I know many people have already left home to join the Poppy defence overnight sit-in. it is likely that those arriving will stay in London in order to pay their respects to the Fallen in any case.

Update: the Protect the Poppy vigil is going ahead See HERE for details

Friday, 4 November 2011

Syston Ridgeway By-Election results

The results of the Syston Ridgeway (Charnwood) by- election held onThursday, 3rd. November are as follows:-

Tories; 981 votes (Tory hold)
Labour: 480 votes
British National Party: 279 votes (Cathy Duffy )
Liberal Democrats: 132

The BNP percentage was 14.9.
The turnout was 22%

Well done to Cathy, her agent Steve Denham, and all those who helped in the Campaign.
And a special mention to Bob W. for his super activism.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

New EU Referendum petition

"Free and Fair referendum on the UK being in the European Union.

Responsible department: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Proposed. That in the event that a Parliamentary debate and vote (24 October 2011) does not result in a referendum of the British people on membership of the EU that that Parliament be required to debate and vote WITHOUT party whips of any kind, from any of the three main parties. If the vote goes in favour of a referendum. A referendum should be held within six months of the Parliamentary debate with cost not being an issue. The people will decide."

Please sign this petition. Link HERE

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Panorama Allegations and Answers

In the wake of the much-hyped Panorama documentary aired on Monday, we publish some of the allegations originally made against Nick Griffin and the BNP. As I was at an inaugural meeting of a new BNP Branch (which went splendidly, with interested members and members of the public overflowing the room to hear the speeches), I did not see this programme but am reading that it was something of a damp squib, and the BBC thought better than to include many of the Internet gossip based allegations.

Nick Griffin says: "Dark forces are at work trying to kill our party using every weapon at their disposal. We are fighting back, and here we publish questions put by the smearmongers of Panorama together with our answers. The propagandists at Panorama and the renegades, malcontents and agents working with them hope to demoralise and dishearten our supporters. They will fail. Read the truth before you hear the lies...
PLEASE NOTE: Panorama have sent us ten pages of questions! In this mail out we have room for three pages. The FULL document is now published on our website as promised, and also emailed to everyone with an email address. Those who do not have access to the internet and wish sight of the full document please call us on 0844 809 4581."

BNP Chairman Nick Griffin answers Panorama disinformation:

"First let me state that the British National Party does not accept that the BBC is intending to produce a balanced documentary. Even your choice of subject reveals your real motivation. We expect, given your long track record, a biased hatchet-job based on the testimony of political opponents, paid agents and those with personal grudges against me. That is why you have failed to secure a face-to-face interview. Panorama runs to the same business model as the News of the World (NOTW), using dishonest sensationalism to attract an audience and viewing the frequent pay-outs for slander as just another business cost. The only difference is that at least the NOTW used its own money, whereas you people force licence-payers to pick up your bills. You have zero credibility in our eyes.
We regard you as part of the opposition to our party. You form part of a campaign aimed at destablising the Nationalist movement at a time of great opportunity. Any 'Nationalist' co-operating with you is a traitor and a turncoat. Despite the established bias of your programme and the BBC, I shall reply to the lies and disinformation you seek to peddle with the truth and accurate information. I will publish this response on the British National Party website, as we want our members and the public to see it in full, without your editing tricks and distortions."

ALLEGATION: That the BNP fraudulently uses European money to fund national party work, in breach of European Union funding regulations. ANSWER: The British National Party does not use European Union (EU) money in this way. We are not in breach of any EU funding regulations. The allegations have been made by individuals or factions with grudges or personal financial vested interests in unseating me. The body charged with responsibility to monitor the financial compliance of the complex European regulations is OLAF. We are working well with them and fully co-operating. We are systematically answering unfounded allegations with fact and evidence. We await their deliberations and considered advice at the end of this process and expect constructive suggestions about procedural matters. It would be inappropriate and misleading for the BBC to make any statements pre-judging issues on the basis of information supplied by those with axes to grind. You should await the findings of the regulatory body tasked with such matters.

ALLEGATION: Officials employed by you at your European HQ in Wigton, Cumbria and paid for by European funds, spent the vast majority of their time/working day on national party matters. ANSWER: The allegation is untrue, and you give us no source or evidence to support it. All EU Local Assistants keep detailed work logs showing work done during their contractual hours. These logs are inspected internally and can be made available on request from any appropriate authority. Some staff have separate Party contracts for some working hours. Additionally, staff may volunteer hours for the Party outside of their contracted hours. Any staff failing to keep logs or not keeping to their contracts would be investigated under my disciplinary procedures. OLAF are the appropriate body to consider such matters, as stated above, and we are fully co-operating with them.

ALLEGATION: That the BNP submitted fraudulent election returns in respect of the 2010 General Election, in breach of electoral law. ANSWER: Our Treasurer, working closely with the Electoral Commission and the external Auditor, prepared and submitted election returns on time, using his best endeavours and in good faith on the basis of the information available to him, the records compiled by his predecessor. Subsequently, malicious allegations were made to the Electoral Commission after publication. The Commission considered these allegations and found no breach of electoral law in relation to the 2010 General Election campaign submission.

ALLEGATION: You signed the Barking constituency expenditure returns on the (sic) June 3rd 2010, which included unpaid bills which had been represented as paid. ANSWER: The declaration signed by me was in good faith on the basis of returns prepared and presented to me by my Election Agent, Richard Barnbrook. He prepared the Return in consultation with the then Treasurer of the Party, David Hannam.

ALLEGATION: Your BNP treasurer Clive Jefferson, instructed a junior member of staff Marion Thomas to falsify expenditure records for the 2010 general election which were then submitted to the Electoral Commission, in breach of election law. ANSWER: Our Treasurer, working closely with the Electoral Commission and the external Auditor, prepared and submitted election returns on time, using his best endeavours and in good faith on the basis of the information available to him. Subsequent allegations were filed with the Electoral Commission after publication. The Commission considered these allegations and found no breach of electoral law in relation to the 2010 General Election campaign submission. I understand that our Party Treasurer strenuously denies any suggestion from Marion Thomas to do anything other than represent the truth. I also dispute your description of Marion Thomas as a “junior employee” as she had supervisory responsibilities. Further, Marion Thomas, as well as being the sister-in-law of Jim Dowson, our then fundraiser, was centrally involved in the upkeep of Party invoices and payments. Marion Thomas made no mention of this allegation until she was made redundant as a consequence of the closure of the Belfast Office and after the termination of the contract with Jim Dowson. She is currently pursuing an Employment Tribunal claim against the Party but never mentioned any such allegation in the ET1 form she filed. If you intend to use any of Ms Thomas’s allegations, it is incumbent on you to point out to your viewers the fact that she now works for the Britain First fund-raising operation run by her brother-in-law, Jim Dowson, so that they can consider the possibility that she has a personal interest in trying to do the British National Party down.

ALLEGATION: That the official BNP accounts are regularly submitted late and compiled in a flawed, chaotic and unreliable manner. ANSWER: As with any rapidly expanding organisation, whether a business or a political party, we have encountered difficulties in structural adjustments. It is true that, like many other political parties, we have not always met deadlines set down by the Electoral Commission, but at each stage of our development we have sought to follow the advice of both the independent Auditor and Electoral Commission to improve our systems. The review of the Treasury Department carried out by the Financial Scrutiny Committee of the Party and incoming Treasurer have already identified previous weaknesses in our systems and moved swiftly to correct them through fundamental improvements to the way we operate. In summary, the complete separation of Regional and Central Party accounts – the removal of the Treasurer from Party bank accounts, and the employment of a retired chartered accountant whose job is the upkeep and maintenance of our financial records – solves many of the previous problems we identified. It is important to state here that the current delay in submissions to the Commission of the 2010 accounts stems from the unexpected serious illness of a contracted accountant, matters outside Party control which have been fully explained to the Commission. A breach of electoral law would only occur if a Treasurer submits late submissions "without reasonable excuse". We have provided the Electoral Commission with the full details and circumstances of the delay, and in the light of this we consider no breach of electoral law has occurred.

ALLEGATION: For two consecutive years your own auditor has not been able to describe the BNP annual accounts as, “true and fair, and in respect of the accounts for 2009, he said they cannot be classed as “true and fair” in the usual definition of that term.” This represents a possible breach of section 41 of the PPERA. ANSWER: This indicates that our Auditor is genuinely independent. Again I remind you that the Electoral Commission rules on these matters, not Panorama. The 2009 accounts have been submitted, accepted and the matter closed. I refer you back to my previous answer concerning improvements to our systems.

ALLEGATION: Last August the Advisory Council of the party was informed in a “Treasury report” that it had “current liabilities” of £575, 330.90. What is your position on the “current liabilities” of the BNP? ANSWER: Our current liabilities are in some cases disputed or the subject of possible counter claims. In other cases, payment agreements have been reached. I am confident that the Party is able to meet all our much-reduced genuine liabilities. Reports are given to the appropriate authorities and to Party officials. The Treasurer informs me that a detailed financial report stating exact liabilities and accounts for the first three quarters of 2011 will be presented to British National Party members at our next Annual Conference in October. Members will be given the opportunity to examine the books and ask questions of our Treasury Department. The good news in our constantly improving finical situation will be presented to our members at conference and not to a Panorama witch hunt.
ALLEGATION: The BNP, including current and former officers of the party are contesting or can anticipate being involved in a number of legal cases, exposing the party and/or the officials, to liabilities of approximately £300,000. ANSWER: Your figure is pure speculation. Your figure is based on the highly unlikely scenario that we would lose not only each of the cases currently against us but also potential cases that may not even be brought, and that we would be unable to take effective counter measures, to argue costs down as per normal procedure, or to win a forthcoming claim for professional negligence. Given our previous record in winning cases, not least against the Equality Commission, such blanket failure is highly unlikely. Time will tell, but we can rely on Panorama not to inform the public when such cases go in our favour.

ALLEGATION: You have authorised the bugging of people in your party. ANSWER: Panorama used covert recording equipment in its failed attempt to have me jailed for raising the scandal of Muslim gang grooming of young girls. Panorama staff are the buggers, not us.

ALLEGATION: During a trip to Belfast on or about Friday 26th November 2010 to recover BNP property from the former BNP offices in Dundonald, Ms Marion Thomas was held against her will by senior BNP officials pending the delivery of the equipment owned by the BNP. We have been told that you were aware of this as it was happening. ANSWER: The officials that you have alleged were involved have told me Marion Thomas is lying and that they strongly deny her defamatory allegations. I was not present in Belfast on that date and was not aware that any such allegation had been made. Ms Thomas was made redundant by the Party and has made a claim to an Employment Tribunal. Curiously, she has made no mention of this in her ET1 form. Nor am I aware of any complaint ever having been made to the Police. She has certainly never complained to me. If such a complaint was made, it seems bizarre that no one was ever approached about it. It really beggars belief that it is mentioned only now in the context of your smear programme.

ALLEGATION: Libelous leaflets were distributed in the home town of your former web master Simon Bennett, after he left the BNP. ANSWER: I have read reports of this. Perhaps he should take legal action against those responsible. Many people have mentioned the names of Jim Dowson and Paul Golding in connection with these alleged events, but I have no way of knowing whether this is true. You could perhaps ask them, as they are collaborating with you in your hatchet job. The Party was not involved.

ALLEGATION: That under your leadership the party has suffered a collapse in support over the last eighteen months. ANSWER: Under my leadership I have taken the British National Party from an unelectable fringe group with a few hundred members to (in your own words) a “major political party” and a household name which has taken two EU parliamentary seats. We currently have 10,000 members. We have been under sustained attack since winning our two European seats. With my team, I am confident, however, that the ConDem regime will grow ever more discredited as their austerity measures begin to bite. I believe that events will prove that the British National Party has been right all along on issue after issue. The issues that led people to vote for us and join us are not going away, and neither are we.
Clive Jefferson answers Panorama smears 

ALLEGATION: During a trip to Belfast on or about Friday 26th November 2010 to recover BNP property from the former BNP offices in Dundonald, Ms Marion Thomas was held against her will by you and two other senior BNP officials pending the delivery of the equipment owned by the BNP. ANSWER: Marion Thomas is the sister-in-law of Jim Dowson.  The allegations she and he have made are ridiculous and beggar belief.  The answer provided by Nick Griffin is accurate and reflects my personal view also. I would like to add, however, that I was in the company of two of my colleagues throughout negotiations concerning the return of property belonging to the British National Party. They share my disgust and disappointment that a disgruntled former employee has resorted to such obvious and easily disproved lies. Mr Griffin was at no point involved in events that day. I was very pleased that property belonging to our party was eventually returned.

ALLEGATION: Mr Jim Dowson says that at a meeting with you in 2010 he was asked by you to help obtain forged documents and refused. Specifically to persuade Romac Press to provide forged invoices in order to place party debts personally upon GLA member Richard Barnbrook and bankrupt him. ANSWER: Mr Dowson has no credibility with members of the British National Party. He is widely despised and regarded as a snake-oil salesman who is motivated only by money. Mr Dowson wishes to harm the British National Party in the hope that his new money making scam 'Britain First' will reap the benefit. I hope that you have not paid him a fee, Dowson, his sister-in-law, Paul Golding and the rest of the chancres you have as “whiteness” in this witch hunt are only interested in one thing: making money and they are using Panorama as a means to that end. I deny any wrongdoing in relation to Richard Barnbrook. Please do not contact me or any of my staff again in relation to this non-story.

Linda Kitchen answers Panorama:
ALLEGATION: You may feature in the programme because of newspaper reports (and other material available on the internet) alleging you, though a BNP election candidate, have performed and starred in pornographic videos. ANSWER: You raise old gossip already published, as you say, in the low-brow tabloid press and on the Internet. I have apologised to the Party for any embarrassment any of my actions may have caused them. Anything I have done is my personal responsibility and does not reflect on other members of the Party. Me and my husband, Ian, have resigned from any positions we held in the British National Party. I have made it clear that I will not seek office within the Party or put myself forward for public candidacy. I will remain a Party member as I believe that events prove that the British National Party is right about immigration, social and economic decline and a wide range of other issues. For the full list of questions and answers visit

Monday, 5 September 2011

Leicestershire BNP meeting

Report from the BNP Leicestershire Joint Meeting, 3rd September 2011

-Meeting opened and chaired by James North

-Minutes of the last meeting were read and agreed

-East Midlands Regional Organiser Geoff Dickens spoke first about the leadership election, in which he was the returning officer, and then about the concerted attempt to destroy us as a party. Where we should be making progress because of what's going on in the country, the negativity is stopping us. 'Keep recruiting and remain active' he said. The BNP is the only hope we have for a better future for this country. He told us that North West Leicestershire is no longer a separate group but is re-joining the much bigger Leicestershire branch, Charnwood is doing well, and Melton is functioning. He also told us that in Lincolnshire they have been selling entry tickets to a forthcoming meeting in which the party leader is to speak and have now reached the venue capacity.

-Parish Councillor for Leicester Forest East Paul Preston told us about his amusing conversation with the local vicar who asked him what he felt about the wonderful diversity in Leicester! She talked about loyalty to one's family and friends. Paul told us his loyalty is to this party.

-Ian Mellor spoke for the last time as North West Leicestershire group organiser because that area is coming back within the main Leicestershire branch. The area will now have access to a much bigger source of funds with which to finance future campaigns. He told us that Ivan Hammond and Graham Partner, who were standing as local election candidates, had been told by voters that they would vote for them if they stood as independents not BNP, but when they did their percentage of the vote halved. Ian also lost his seat quite unexpectedly.


-Paul Hilliard, sub Regional Organiser for Derbyshire agreed with Geoff that there was a big problem with negative posts and comments on the internet, so that what's taken years to build is being attacked and people are getting discouraged. If we do nothing for 4 years until the next leadership election we'll have no party left, so keep it positive he said; new activists are joining! He also explained about his recent visit by the police at 5.30 in the morning over a dispute between some of his neighbours, his only involvement was to try and calm things down, and about the police interest in the BNP stall where they were getting signatures on petitions in Derbyshire. His informal report was quite an eye opener; and he finished by telling of the next two speakers at their planned meetings in Derbyshire, it sounded as if they would be really interesting speakers to listen to.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Double Standards, Bias, Hypocrisy

Now comes the aftermath of the riots; Cameron, Clegg, and even Mililband have deigned to cut short their sunbathing in order to act big and declaim what should be done now. A pity that none of them thought to listen to wiser heads over many years who have warned that this would happen, that their multicultural dream was a thing of rags and patches.

But they couldn't lose face, none of them; the politicians, the liberal types, the media. So, we are faced with 'what to do now'.

Well, the first clarion call was 'police brutality'. I think the police have got questions to answer here, but we should remember that the black rioters' hero in this case was a known dangerous criminal. Quickly following this came 'the cuts are to blame'. Ignoring the fact that the cuts haven't really bitten yet, and we're all affected by them. But why then have we not seen rioting and blatant looting in every area of the land? Then we got the old chestnut 'these are deprived areas, they need our help'. So deprived that a teacher, and a social worker both joined in, so deprived that they could afford Blackberrys. So deprived that they thought it 'fun' to burn down peoples' businesses and homes, strip people naked in daylight,murder a man for trying to put their fire out, mow down young men defending their neighbourhood, rob an injured lad after appearing to help him.

This then, and much more, happened in what used to be decent places, and there are many decent people still living there. These we applaud wholeheartedly, all of them.

But there was something insidious from the start, and it has gathered momentum.
It was glaringly obvious from the pictures, the film footage, and the eyewitness accounts, that the vast majority of the rioters and looters were black youths. There is no doubt about that. A trickle of their white ebonised hangers-on and lefty anarchists were indeed spotted if you looked hard and didn't blink.

So why did the BBC and ITV home in on the odd white reprobate, interviewing those no longer recognisably English but gabbling in a strange foreign patois? I am sickened at how the media are spinning this.

The BBC; the Telegraph article with some journalistic harridan going into raptures over the immigrant vigilantes while sneering that the native Britons never left their homes to defend themselves. Oh, but we know that they did!

Sikhs were defending their temple with swords. Great, well done!
Moslems were defending their neighbourhood - wonderful, well done!
Turkish grocers "this is how we do it in Turkey and we're doing it here" - admiration overflow, well done!


...the native English are spotted with brooms, cleaning up and comforting victims - Blank 'em out quick, zoom in on the odd black face, interview them.

The white residents come out to defend their neighbourhoods and businesses -racists!
Millwall supporters joining with rival clubs to patrol the streets - racists!
The police let the looters run riot - but kettle the white youths who want to help stop the rioting.

Manchester magistrates' court, and here again, the media home in on the one or two white youngsters charged. It is perverse.

Even the Archbishop of York joins the clamour to squash the native Britons' contribution to the fight-back and defence - that the police signally and deliberately failed to do - by praising Turkish grocers vigilanteism, but loudly deploring the same thing by the EDL.
All whites who defended our streets were labelled 'far-right groups', and 'extremists'.

This aspect of biased reporting has to stop now. The hurt, the unfairness, the double standards have been noted throughout the Internet, and it has become the biggest topic among people I have spoken to 'in real life' No doubt we shall be called racists for having noticed the hypocrisy, the anomaly. But it is actually those that jumped straight into decrying the English, the native British; those who try to excuse the majority of the criminals by making it appear that they are majority white - these are the true racists.

And, just like Katrina when they tried the same evil propaganda, it won't wash. They have been well and truly rumbled.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Nick Griffin Urges Our People To Stick Together

The BNP is organising volunteers to give practical help to people caught up in the riots, Nick Griffin, MEP, writes:

" 'We’ve had a lot of calls from terrified and lonely people, especially pensioners, trapped in inner city hell-holes today,' says Dawn, who heads our Head Office phone team.

'They’re so scared, and they feel so let down. It’s really upsetting talking to them, but it’s also very rewarding knowing that they feel better after being able to speak to a friendly person who understands.'

"Dawn sends this message of hope out to all our members: 'Anyone who needs to talk to us or who would like to request assistance during the riots, please call us on 0844 809 4581, and we will do all we can to have a British National Party member or supporter help you. We cannot guarantee that we have volunteers in every area, but we are here, just a phone call away, and we want to help.'

"Having heard about this development, I've asked that a member of the party’s Call Centre team be allocated to making reassurance calls to elderly members in inner London and central Birmingham.

"I’ve also spoken with our London Regional Organiser, Steve Squire. He has got a small but very reliable team on standby to visit any of the elderly members we contact who actually need someone to go.

"Whether they need evacuating, supplies bringing in, or just want someone to go and sit with them over a cuppa, Steve and the others will be there to help.

"We have to look for ways to bring good out of the appalling mess that the collapse of the old parties’ disastrous multi-cult ‘experiment’ has created. Obviously, the help it’s already giving us in moving the party forward is one thing, but giving us the chance to show that we are essentially one big family is another.

"I urge all local British National Party organisers in other areas hit by rioting to follow suit and contact elderly and vulnerable members in their own patches as well. Now, more than ever before, we must all stand together.

"Self-defence is no offence – we will protect our communities
Our first priority is to make sure our people are safe and are not left alone during this terrible time. That done, the more able of our activists and all officers of the Party must step forward and take the lead in organising a pro-active defence for our communities and a political campaign for the British National Party.

"If your community has been abandoned by the authorities and, with quiet determination and community spirit, you want to do something about it, we are pleased to help.

"While the politically correct left-wing media and the spineless government refuse to acknowledge what is really happening in our communities, and the police do nothing, it is up to us all to defend our streets.

"We are providing these simple and effective downloadable resources because, unlike the others, we understand exactly what is happening and exactly what needs to be done. What's more, we've had enough, just like you.

"Self-defence is no offence, and it's no crime to be proud of who you are and where you come from.

"Please contact the Organiser of your local branch to obtain special posters and leaflets.
Everyone can play their part in this fight back by printing off as many of these leaflets as possible and giving them to friends, family and by posting them through letterboxes in your area.

"Please pass this message on to friends.

"I am advising people not to get angry – get politically active and join the British Resistance. Join our country’s only hope, the British National Party by ringing our membership and donation hotline on 0844 809 4581.
Joining a political party or being a volunteer is not an option open to everyone, so if you are as outraged with the current disaster as I am and really want to make a difference and fight back you can do that by donating to the British National Party and helping us be here for those who rely on us."

Yours sincerely,

Nick Griffin, MEP
Leader, British National Party

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

England in Meltdown: Riots reach Leicester

From BBC Events early this morning (Wednesday, 10th August):

0123: James Cockerill in Leicester
texts: Swarms of hooded youths in their twenties and some as young as 12 are being hounded out of Leicester city centre. Massive police presence near the train station, Charles St and the main shopping area. Shops have had windows smashed and been looted.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

London Burning After 3 Days Of Race Riots

The weekends devastating riots in Tottenham has shocked many, the crimes are just the latest in a series of tragic events that would never have happened if the left had not decided to subject the people of this country to ‘multiculturalism’.

Saturday night’s violence saw 26 police officers injured – with eight admitted to hospital – when 300 people attacked police in north London on Saturday night and into the early hours of Sunday.

Shops were looted, police cars and a double- decker bus set alight, and petrol bombs thrown at officers.

Although the news channels are hard at work portraying the perpetrators of these crimes as the victims, wheeling out black ‘community representatives’ who blame the ‘racist’ white police for black violence, the truth is that this is just the latest battle in the immigrant-on-indigenous war forced upon this country by those who aid and abet mass immigration.

The area that witnessed last night’s horrific scenes was very close to that of one of Britain’s most notorious riots, just over 25 years ago. In 1985, PC Keith Blakelock was hacked to death by men with knives and machetes on a rundown housing estate in Tottenham when around 500 mainly black youths rampaged through the streets, attacking police, looting and setting fires.

Both Tottenham riots are just two in a series of such events in Britain over the last 30 years.

Thirty years of hate: Britain's worst race riots
1981: More than 300 people are injured, including 279 police officers, as black men hurl petrol bombs in Brixton, south London. The two-day clash causes £6.5m damage. Later in the year there is another riot in Brixton, as well as riots in Manchester, Southall and Toxteth, Liverpool, where a man is killed.

1985: Trouble flares up again in Handsworth, Birmingham. Black rioting leaves two people dead and dozens of buildings gutted by firebombs. More than 50 cars are set alight and two shops gutted.

1985: Broadwater Farm. White PC Keith Blakelock is hacked to death in a racist murder by men with knives and machetes.

1995: A policeman is almost kicked to death after being pulled off his motorcycle during a second immigrant riot in Brixton.

1995: Three nights of fighting causes more than £1m worth of damage after gangs of Asian youths run wild in Manningham, Bradford.

1998: A group of 100 youths throw bottles, cans and stones at police as the five suspects of the murder of teenager Stephen Lawrence arrive at the inquiry.

2001: Bradford, Oldham, Leeds, Burnley. Muslim Asian youths fight on the streets of northern towns, hurling petrol bombs and stones. Eighty police officers are injured in Bradford alone.

2005: ‘Black British’ and ‘black Asians’ riot for two consecutive nights, with both groups committing a string of violent crimes against each other, including two murders.

2011: The race war has entered its most dangerous phase yet with gangs attacking hospitals and looting in broad daylight in scenes that look more like a US disaster zone every day.

Police attacked as rioting spreads

As fire hoses continue pumping water onto smouldering buildings in Tottenham, emergency services have been dealing with disturbances across London as fresh bouts of rioting and looting have broken out across the capital.
Police officers were being deployed to respond to "copycat criminal activity" across the capital.

Disturbances erupted on Sunday in several boroughs in North, South and East London, with reports of trouble in Brixton, Enfield, Walthamstow and Islington.

Three officers were taken to hospital after being hit by a fast-moving vehicle at 12.45 a.m. on Monday, a Metropolitan Police spokesman said. The officers had been in the process of making arrests in Chingford Mount, Waltham Forest, after a shop was looted by youths.

Meanwhile, a fight broke out when rival gangs attended King's College Hospital after two victims of minor stabbings were admitted, police said.

The hospital has brought in extra security for the rest of the night and officers remain on scene dealing with the initial stabbings, the spokesman added.

Six fire engines were dispatched to deal with a blaze at a Foot Locker shop in Brixton, south London, and witnesses saw riot police clash with looters at a Currys store nearby.

"A couple of hundred youths were rioting and looting. Riot police went in to get them out and there was a big fight in the street. Youths were throwing rocks and bottles and there was a bin on fire. They used a fire extinguisher to push the police back so they could get back into Currys and continue taking things out."

Elsewhere, more than 30 youths, many in masks, vandalised and looted shops in Walthamstow Central, including BHS. "Officers attended the area, and the situation is currently under control. Groups of youths are continuing to target shops in Waltham Forest, and officers are on scene," the spokesman said.

Police Commander Christine Jones said: "Officers responding to sporadic disorder in a number of boroughs made more than 100 arrests throughout last night and early this morning. This is in addition to the 61 arrests made on Saturday night and Sunday morning."

She went on: "Officers are shocked at the outrageous level of violence directed against them. At least nine officers were injured overnight in addition to the 26 injured on Saturday night. We will not tolerate this disgraceful violence. The investigation continues to bring these criminals to justice."

On the front line
London British National Party Organiser Steve Squire, who stood for the party in an Enfield by-election the Thursday before last, has been in Enfield, talking to police and concerned local residents.

He said: “Around 100 enrichers from outside of Enfield descended on our town to take advantage of the easygoing, laidback attitude and give it the wakeup call it deserves a week after the Bush Hill Park by-election, but the police did an excellent job and ran them off.”

London British National Party organiser Steve Squire at the scene in Enfield said: “You get what you vote for! It’s time the people of London woke up to the reality of living in this tinderbox. We have a serious situation building here and our only hope is to stop this madness politically…. And time is fast running out as scenes this week have shown us”

Only the British National Party is there to stand up for the rights of the British people.

Not only do we stand against the unlimited uncontrolled mass immigration that has led to these race riots in the first place, we would also take the PC handcuffs of the police and let them take the action needed to restore order to our streets.

Please donate TODAY to our cause and give us the fighting fund we need to be able to mount an effective political opposition to the disastrous policies of consecutive Governments.

Adam Walker,

National Organiser

Copycat mobs have sprung up in Handsworth and other cities, including Nottingham, burning and looting. There are complaints that the police have stood around watching the violence and looters, and that the army should have been brought in.

We send our commiserations to the victims of this savagery and our thanks to the emergency services.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Leadership Election: East Midlands Hustings Report

E.Mids.Hustings meeting, held near Leicester on 9th July 2011.

About 75 E.Mids members, m/ship carefully checked by membership card, attended.

On the table EMRO/Returning Officer, Geoff Dickens, BNP Leader Mr.Nick Griffin MEP, Mr. Andrew Brons MEP and Paul Hilliard of Derbyshire, Supervisor of meeting.

Mr. Dickens announced the terms of the meeting, giving ample time for both applicants to express their views, then departed, leaving the hall in the capable hands of Mr. Hilliard.

A coin was spun, giving Mr. Brons the first chance to speak, which he then did for 25 mins, according to the Chairman`s Rules. Mr.Brons told us he was reasonably happy with the results of the General Election (2010) and subsequent local elections (2011). He thought we came out better than did the Greens and UKIP (candidates we don`t often fight against in Leics.) He stressed that, due to the make-up of the present (Cons./Lib)govt., there was always the threat of a sudden General Election, if the Coalition suddenly fell apart. Our party must try to become a LARGE party, similar to the so-called `3 major parties`, and that old members, recently having left the party, must be won back, along with new ones as well. Modernisation and more democracy in the party was also necessary, as well as Freedom of Speech, said Andrew. No pressure must be applied for factional purposes through the newspaper "Freedom`; this to be used/distributed absolutely non-factionally. Party resources belong TO THE PARTY and NOT to the elected Chairman. Mr. Brons speech delivered, sadly from a seated position on the stage, was well received.

Party Leader Nick Griffin, out front on the floor of the hall, spoke of the success of his 12 years of leadership.`BNP issues now in the centre of British politics -our ideas, not theirs! A large step forward from 1999, he told us. He agreed it was now time for a new leader, but that `it would take him 4 years to train one, He admitted the party`s debts, saying however that they`d dropped from nearly £3/4 million to ONLY £52,000. He thanked Geoff Dickens for all that he`s done over the years (which goes without saying) and that, sadly, membership had fallen by about 30%, but was now rising again. He ended with much ado about Andrew`s recently-printed criticisms - much of which Andrew denied his association with.

In a `Reply` situation, both threw a lot of `flak` at each other, mostly about what their respective employed staffs had done, or said. A bit boring, this! Under question from the Members, Andrew admitted he didn`t intend to be Leader (if elected) for more than 4 years. Both applicants agreed that new members should NOT be allowed to vote for 24 months. This was a real error, we were told, committed by the N.Front some years ago.

Nick told the Members present that it was necessary to get involved on local public affairs; politics, petitions, needs of pensioners,etc -to `put ourselves about` and get known to the public. He also made us aware of the fact that the E.U. was now accepting BNP advice and imput on the matter of racial attacks on other racial groups in the E.U.,(incl. Britons)and including racist language, a fact that had, until recently, eluded these gentlemen. Both agreed that all must come together after the election result had been declared, and to `buck in` behind the new Leader.

Meeting ended at 20:15.
A final collection, to pay for the hall, raised the sum of £217.98. Any suplus to be paid into the Peacock Club (East Midlands Regional Fund).

-Mike Robinson

Friday, 1 July 2011

East Midlands RO to be Returning Officer

Leicestershire Community Voice is pleased to see that our East Midlands RO, Geoff Dickens, will be the Returning Officer in the forthcoming election of British National Party Chairman.

At the GMM held last week, Geoff took over the chairmanship of the meeting at the last minute and did, in the words of an article on the main BNP site, 'a tremendous job'. He was afterwards thanked for his handling of the job and impartiality by other members, including a well-respected founder member.

Geoff, along with other East Midland members, has called for unity among members, reminding us that we are all Nationalists. We may differ in our choice for Chairman, but this should not fatally divide us; divisions have happened in the past, it is nothing new, and we have always regrouped. We must remember our wider goals.

We can be assured that the Count will be conducted with the utmost fairness and neutrality under Geoff's direction. Accordingly, LCV and it's commenters will also adhere to that neutrality. We invite all members and supporters to carry on sending comments, but we ask you please to respect the rules and not post comments which could breach that neutrality.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Severn Trent to meter 10,000 homes

The following is a guest contribution from a concerned Leicestershire resident:

"Please read as a matter of urgency. This company wants to introduce water meters for social and private sector rented housing, the aim is not water conservation but screwing the working class on a basic human right.
This policy is being tested in Leicester and then rolled out in the Severn Trent region.
This policy is attacking our housing stock and the low paid.
The typical relet figure for any housing is high last year we had 1872, new lettings and transfer....all would get water meters
Typical cost per month is around £73 for a family of five.
They will also introduce sliding scales of charges, Wessex Water have higher charges in the summer. BBC East Midlands will be in Leicester tomorrow June 29th

Nick, please can you aid people who need a political voice."

Leicester Mercury article: Water meters to be put in 10,000 homes

Severn Trent plans to install 10,000 compulsory water meters in the homes of people who move house in Leicestershire over the next four years.
The water firm says it needs to reduce demand in the face of a growing population and drier weather and launched its Meters 4 Movers scheme yesterday.

It will affect properties across Leicester and the county, in the LE1 to LE19 and LE65 to LE67 postcode areas.

Under the scheme, anyone who moves into a private, council-owned or housing association home will have a meter installed to record the amount of water being used, and bills can be worked out.

Homes without a water meter have bills with a fixed charge each year based on the property's rateable value.

Some estate agents have expressed concerns about the scheme. Jan Lancaster, manager of Berkley estate agents of Hinckley Road, said: "It's not going to be welcome news for people who share houses, whether it is students or families. It's going to affect people in big properties who are going to be charged for what they use."

James Court, director of Readings Property Group, in Granby Street, Leicester, said:
"There has always been a resistance to water meters by owners with families.
It's likely to have an impact on buyers with large families as the costs can be very high. If the scheme was being carried out over a smaller area, it could have an effect on the number of people wanting to move to that area."

A spokesman for Severn Trent Water said: "With a meter, you only pay for what you use so it could mean smaller bills in the long run. It's the fairest way to pay.
If you're in a larger family and water consumption is high, you can find out how much you're using and hopefully reduce the amount."

About 30 per cent of UK households have a fixed water meter.

According to water regulator Ofwat, homes with one or two occupants with a Severn Trent meter save an average of 31 per cent on their bill, but homes with more than two occupants pay an average of 13 per cent more.

To continue reading, or adding a comment, go to the Leicester Mercury article (tuesday 28th June)HERE

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A Satire Laced With Truth

As the Internet blogs and forums boil with acrimony, lies, accusations and some grains of truth over the goings-on in the BNP, I thought you might all like to sit back and read this amusing piece. While political, and yes, the first part at least could have happened in Leicester thus justifying it's inclusion here, I'd like everyone to smile, but also to remember why we joined the BNP, and why now, rather than throw personal insults at all and sundry in the Party and distort facts, we can recover that sense of unity, our shared British sense of humour, and our determination that, even though we are going through a rough patch at the moment, we are Nationalists. We have the same goals and would be silly to let ourselves be fatally divided.

This article is by Albion, and I send him my appreciation for his allowing me to reproduce it here.

Praying for a Saif Return

It was at the age of thirty five Destinee Gubbins from the Cockcroft estate met the tall, curly haired stranger, a dusky gentleman from Coconut Island, a palm fringed atoll just south of Trinidad and Tobago. This fatal chance happening occurred after the inaugural meeting of the Cockcroft Estate Friends of Multi-Culturism Society (CEFOMS) held at the Stephen Lawrence Cockcroft Estate Community Cohesion Centre (SLCECCC) where she reluctantly admitted she foolishly and impetuously first surrendered her reputation and sullied her unblemished record of celibacy under the cover of darkness behind the ‘Black Swan’ to the said ebon stranger in exchange for a few brief moments of carnal pleasure only to find a couple of months later to her horror she was carrying something other than a worrying bank card debt.

My mother always used to say ‘Stress Kills’ and so it was with my father who smoked roll-your-owns from his early teens until his untimely death, hastened I might add by my mother feeding him a diet exceedingly rich in animal fats. Incidentally he died prematurely under stress at age 97. ….well actually 97 1/2. Talking of stress Destinee’s mother Valerie-Ann had stressed continually and forcefully to her daughter if you cannot see the whites of their eyes turn on the lights.

Unfortunately for Destinee she did not heed her mother’s parental warning. There were no lights alit behind the ‘Black Swan’ that evening.

This was the first page of a radio script I submitted to the BBC radio drama department for evaluation. Miss Begum Khalida Zaman replied my script would be discussed at the next radio drama meeting.

…that was over two years ago. I pondered whether or not it was the case that the main character of my script Destinee was neither an illegal Iraqi immigrant a feminist nor a Lesbian. Who knows! Be that as it may I am kept busy at present writing 6 historical novels. My most recent script a drama written for TV tells the story of a BBC executive, Benjamin Coeur de Lion Courtney a past student of the London School of Economics. In my story he was a great friend of Saif al-Islam, a son of Gaddifi.

You may remember it was while at the London School of Economics Saif was maliciously and scurrilously accused of plagiarism after submitting his thesis entitled “The Mathematical calculations of String theory and its algebraic equations with the Principles of Dark Matter and Multiple universes”. This magnificent piece of scientific research was submitted immediately after Saif had completed an accredited course of Period Furniture Restoration in Whitechapel.

The story goes it was at the London School of Economics they first met while Saif was studying for a Masters degree in ‘Democracy for Dummies’ and young Benjamin was studying the basic principles of Marxism. A small stipend received as a result of a fellowship at Oxford College had enabled Benjamin to rent cheap rooms above the Student Union branch of ‘The Friends of Venezuela’ in Duke Street. As a matter of interest it was Benjamin’s 20 page booklet ‘Trotting with Trotsky” that sold over 11 copies on its first day of publication that launched his career with the BBC and as they say, the rest is history.

Benjamin had a meteoric rise throughout the departments of the National Broadcaster quickly attaining his executive position and remained a close chum of Saif’s until his recent sudden disappearance. Previously questions regarding Benjamin’s gender preferences surfaced with libellous personal accusations on Face-book. This rumour was possibly triggered when he was sighted buying a red dress a hat and matching red shoes from a small exclusive boutique in Knightsbridge but was later confirmed he was paying for and collecting said items for his sister and the insinuation that he bought them for himself was quashed.

Nevertheless the troublesome rumours still persisted. Saif meanwhile was successful in his application for political asylum and disappeared from the scene.

Benjamin’s disappearance took the Police and Lady Policeman's important investigative time away from concentrating on critical social problems like hate crimes, suspicion of hate crimes, crimes that may or may not be construed as hate crimes and crimes that could possibly be perceived as crimes of hate but not necessarily so, but more importantly race crimes, suspicion of race crimes, crimes that can be perceived as race crimes and thought crimes that threatened social cohesiveness, frivolous accusations of a thought crime, and….…er, you get the general idea.

There is a mysterious conclusion to this story. A British Sunday Ragloid published an exclusive story that both of them had been sighted at the Simôn Bolivar Areopuerto Internacional in Caracas, Venezuela disembarking from a Condor Airlines Boeing 737-200.

This was a deliberately fabricated story for the consumption of their Sunday readers and a sensationalist story one might expect from the British gutter press.

As an epilogue the only other passengers to arrive that day, who disembarked at the far end of the airport from a Gulfstream G550 executive jet was a man of a Middle Eastern appearance and a lady wearing a bright red dress, hat and matching red shoes.

That is a short précis of my latest novel which I have been instructed to send to the head of BBC’s TV English drama department for the attention of a Ms. Madushami Samarasinghe.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Minutes of Leicestershire BNP Meeting, held on Saturday 18th June

The meeting was opened and chaired by the Charnwood Organiser Steve Denham.
There were 40 people in attendance.

Minutes of the last meeting were read and agreed.

Geoff Dickens (East Mids. RO) in his regional report said that the region was now virtually self supporting. During the recent council elections all leaflets in the East Midlands had been designed locally and that the Derby developed leaflet “We Want Our Country Back” had now been adapted nationally.

As a member of the national finance scrutiny committee Geoff reported that the income of the party now exceeded its out outgoings and that party membership at 17th June 2011 was 9628 (East Mids. membership is now over 1100 and growing).

There is to be a relaunch of the Peacock Club.

In Leicestershire the emphasis was once again on branch and group building with recruiting and leafleting.

Steve Denham (Charnwood Organiser) congratulated Cllr. Cathy Duffy on her re-election to Charnwood Borough Council in spite of the vicious hate campaign by the left. Steve thanked Jim Taylor and Mick Dyer for standing in Anstey and Syston in the elections which has brought us new members.

Steve also asked for volunteers and sponsors for a “Round Rutland Water” fundraising event to take place on August 8th.

Cllr. James North (Melton Organiser) said that Melton had become a hub for support network in the East Midlands. James was heavily involved in building and publicising the growing Radio RWB which is daily updating with the stories that the national media ignore. Melton too was the centre during the recent elections for the design of glossy leaflets both national and local.

Cllr. John Ryde expressed his thanks to James for the considerable work he had done during the election.

Cllr. Peter Jarvis spoke after a brief interval. He outlined the problems that our country faces and the British National Party’s policies to deal with them. Peter said that that there was only room for one nationalist party in Britain and that was the BNP. He said that all true nationalists should put aside differences and unite to fight not only the mainstream parties, but also the fake nationalist parties like UKIP.

The raffle raised £42 and the collection was £186.76

Friday, 10 June 2011

Leicestershire MP arrested

Northwest Leicestershire MP Andrew Bridgen has been released on bail following his arrest in Central London in the early hours of Thursday morning (9 June).

Scotland Yard said in a statement that a 46 year old man had been arrested 'on suspicion of sexual assault against a 29 year old woman at an address in SW1'.

It has been claimed that the alleged incident involved a former political aide and followed a marathon drinking session at a Westminster pub. Bridgen, the woman and another man went to his Westminster flat for further drinks after leaving the pub. Mr Bridgen has been bailed until mid July.

In recent weeks the 'modern' Conservative Party's attitude towards women has been highlighted for all to see.

It started right at the top. In the House of Commons David Cameron, in his usual patronising way, told Labour MP Angela Eagle to 'calm down dear'.

We then had Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke suggesting in a BBC radio interview that some rapes were less serious than others. Would he still feel that way if it was his wife or daughter that had been attacked?

Then East Midlands MEP Roger Helmer, writing on his blog, stated that Ken Clarke was 'basically right' and that in some cases 'the victim surely shares a part of the responsibility'.

Attitudes like this are the start of a very slippery slope and one that brings us right back to Andrew Bridgen.

Why would any woman vote for a party with such archaic attitudes?

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Reply regarding Hope not Hate leaflet

In the run-up to the May elections, residents of East Goscote Ward received a distasteful leaflet impugning the BNP candidate, Cathy Duffy by deceitful insinuation. Cathy duly complained about this, and received the following reply:-

Complaint from Cllr Catherine Duffy
RE the Hope not Hate campaign leaflet

I understand that the complaint was made by Cllr Duffy regarding a leaflet and a letter which was sent to a Ms Pizer but not Cllr Duffy.

Having examined the items, my advice is that no illegal practices /offences or breach of rules have occurred as a result of the publication and circulation of the Hope not Hate leaflet. That advice is base on the following research:

Representation of the Peoples Act 1983

Sections 106 and 110 of the RPA 1983 are the appropriate sections of the act dealing with circumstances where election material contains false statements about a candidate and the prescribe rules relating to the publication of election material designed to promote candidates.
s106 – creates an offence if a person makes untrue statements about the conduct or character of a candidate for office in the elections. The Hope not Hate leaflet is not published by or on behalf of a political party standing in opposition to a candidate but by a campaign/lobby group with no political allegiance. It does not mention Cllr Duffy by name nor does it make any statements which could be said to be about her character or conduct specifically. In my view is not about Cllr Duffy but what Hope not Hate considers the BNP stands for generally. In terms of s106 therefore since it does not mention her by name nor say anything that could be said to be a statement about her character or conduct no offence has been committed under Section 106. This section refers to false statements concerning a candidate’s character or conduct and seek to protect candidates from being the subject of such statements. It does not confer any such protection on a party of which a candidate may be a member. My view is that s106 does not apply to the Hope not Hate leaflet.

In terms of s110 this focuses on publicity material designed to promote a candidate with a view to procuring their election. It sets out the prescribed information that all such material must contain. The Hope not Hate leaflet does not seek to promote any candidate at all and therefore in my view does not appear to be covered by s110.

I cannot see that there is any breach of any rules or any offence committed by those who have circulated this Hope not Hate leaflet.

Christine Taylor LLB Hons Solicitor
Deputy Returning Officer

Cllr. Duffy's complaint was made on behalf of ladies in her ward, as they were particularly targeted; some informed Cllr. Duffy as the targetting made them feel vulnerable and upset, while others contacted Hope not Hate to express their disgust.

The result of this particular leafletting did not have the desired effect, and must have left a sour taste in the mouths of Hate not Hope. Due to this hate mail, and because the residents know and admire her, Cllr. Duffy received an increased vote and was returned to the seat. Never underestimate the sympathy of the sisterhood!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Coming soon to a city near you

A leading member of a group of Islamic extremists based in North London is to be moved to the Midlands by order of the High Court.

The man, who can only be referred to as 'CD', has dual British and Nigerian nationality and has made several attempts to obtain firearms for a terrorist attack, according to the security services.

The High Court judge stated that there were concerns over "his ability to evade the attentions of those who have a duty to prevent him putting his plans into effect".

He was reported as having attended a training camp in Cumbria in 2004 organised by Mohammed Hamid, who was convicted of training terrorists for the unsuccessful 21 July 2005 London bombing.

He had also undertaken extremist training in Syria in late 2005 and returned to the UK in April 2009.

Mr Justice Simon backed the Home Office case that CD's removal to an undisclosed address "in a Midland city" was necessary to protect the public.

The judge said: "CD has a background and training which would lead to a justifiably held fear that he would engage in terrorist-related activity."

And now he could be living near you!

Mohammed Hamid at the camp in Cumbria

The Midlands city has not been named but obvious candidates are Birmingham, Nottingham and Leicester.

The judge also stated that CD's wife and two children are entitled to obtain a travel allowance to visit him. All paid for by you, the British taxpayer.

Instead of moving him to the Midlands we say deport him to Nigeria, then the British public would be properly protected.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

General Teaching Council: Freedom of Information letter

Mr. Smith, a Leicester resident recently sent an enquiry to the GTC, referring to a Freedom of Information request. His letter reads:-

"Dear Sir,

I have just been made aware of a Freedom of Information request where a member of the teaching profession has been actively been pursued by yourselves to be banned from teaching because of his legitimate political beliefs.

Apparently, your organisation spent around £72,000 attempting to get Mr Adam Walker out of the teaching profession because he is a member of the British National Party.

Please can you tell me why you feel that you can justify spending this amount of money on a frivolous persecution when we are all expected to accept cuts in far more needy areas of public requirements."

S. Smith

He has received a reply, which reads:-

" Dear Mr Smith,

Thank you for your email dated 12 April.

In response we hope that you will find it helpful if we set out the Government’s intentions for addressing extremism where it occurs amongst the teaching profession, although we should make clear that the Government has not taken steps to introduce a ban on teachers who are members of any group or organisation.

The Government’s position is clear, that behaviour that is of an extremist tenor is not compatible with being a teacher. This position is not particular to any group or organisation. What we are doing is working to make sure that the necessary and appropriate powers are in place to ensure that head teachers and governing bodies are able to deal appropriately with any individuals who promote inappropriate views, behaviour or discrimination within our schools.

It is not our intention to introduce centrally managed or prescriptive arrangements in support of this. Rather, we expect that behaviour that is inappropriate will be addressed within new arrangements to regulate those teachers whose behaviour falls significantly below acceptable professional standards. Nor is it our intention to provide guidelines or lists of organisations.

As a first step, we have asked the independent Review of Teachers Standards, which the Secretary of State set up in March this year, to consider how new standards might guard against those who seek to undermine UK values. We will consider next steps later in the year once we have considered the conclusions of the Review.

We do hope this clarifies the Government's intentions in this area.

Yours sincerely

Public Communications Unit"

On receiving this baffling reply,Mr. S- writes:-

This reply seems to try to back up any persecution that the
establishment seems fit to persue.
It talks of extremism - but does not say what what this is.
It talks of inappropriate views - but does not say what these are.
Doesnt want to set out guidelines etc - all so they can avoid specific
persecution (eg BNP) comebacks.
And the best/worst - '.. guard against those who seek to undermine UK
values.' Are they for real??

We welcome sensible comments from LCV readers. What do you think?

Friday, 6 May 2011


Leicestershire Community Voice would like to give it's congratulations to Cllr Cathy Duffy on being re-elected to Charnwood Borough Council.

Cathy was re-elected in the ward of East Goscote with an increased vote.

Full result:

Cathy Duffy BNP 401
Yvonne Smith Conservative 396
Gill McLoughlin Labour 150

Saturday, 23 April 2011

St. George; Patron Saint of England

Born: ?
Died: 23-Apr-303 AD
Cause of death: unspecified

Gender: Male
Religion: Roman Catholic
Race or Ethnicity: White
Occupation: Religion

Nationality: Ancient Rome
Executive summary:Patron saint of England

St. George, the patron saint of England, Aragon and Portugal. According to the legend given by Metaphrastes the Byzantine hagiologist, and substantially repeated in the Roman Acta sanctorum and in the Spanish breviary, he was born in Cappadocia of noble Christian parents, from whom he received a careful religious training. Other accounts place his birth at Lydda, but preserve his Cappadocian parentage. Having embraced the profession of a soldier, he rapidly rose under Diocletian to high military rank. In Persian Armenia he organized and energized the Christian community at Urmi (Urumiah), and even visited Britain on an imperial expedition. When Diocletian had begun to manifest a pronounced hostility towards Christianity, George sought a personal interview with him, in which he made deliberate profession of his faith, and, earnestly remonstrating against the persecution which had begun, resigned his commission. He was immediately laid under arrest, and after various tortures, finally put to death at Nicomedia (his body being afterwards taken to Lydda) on the 23rd of April 303. His festival is observed on that anniversary by the entire Roman Catholic Church as a semi-duplex, and by the Spanish Catholics as a duplex of the first class with an octave. The day is also celebrated as a principal feast in the Orthodox Eastern Church.

The historical basis of the tradition is particularly unsound, there being two claimants to the name and honor. Eusebius writes: "Immediately on the promulgation of the edict (of Diocletian) a certain man of no mean origin, but highly esteemed for his temporal dignities, as soon as the decree was published against the churches in Nicomedia, stimulated by a divine zeal and excited by an ardent faith, took it as it was openly placed and posted up for public inspection, and tore it to shreds as a most profane and wicked act. This, too, was done when the two Caesars were in the city, the first of whom was the eldest and chief of all and the other held fourth grade of the imperial dignity after him. But this man, as the first that was distinguished there in this manner, after enduring what was likely to follow an act so daring, preserved his mind, calm and serene, until the moment when his spirit fled." Rivalling this anonymous martyr, who is often supposed to have been St. George, is an earlier martyr briefly mentioned in the Chronicon Pascale: "In the year 225 of the Ascension of our Lord a persecution of the Christians took place, and many suffered martyrdom, among whom also the Holy George was martyred."

Two Syrian church inscriptions bearing the name, one at Ezr'a and the other at Shaka, found by Burckhardt and Porter, and discussed by J. Hogg in the Transactions of the Royal Literary Society, may with some probability be assigned to the middle of the 4th century. John Calvin impunged the saint's existence altogether, and Edward Reynolds (1599-1676), Bishop of Norwich, like Edward Gibbon a century later, made him one with George of Laodicea, called "the Cappadocian", the Arian bishop of Alexandria.

Modern criticism, while rejecting this identification, is not unwilling to accept the main fact that an officer named Georgios, of high rank in the army, suffered martyrdom probably under Diocletian. In the canon of Pope Gelasius (494) George is mentioned in a list of those "whose names are justly reverenced among men, but whose acts are known only to God", a statement which implies that legends had already grown up around his name. The caution of Gelasius was not long preserved; Gregory of Tours, for example, asserts that the saint's relics actually existed in the French village of Le Maine, where many miracles were wrought by means fo them; and Bede, while still explaining that the Gesta Georgii are reckoned apocryphal, commits himself to the statement that the martyr was beheaded under Dacian, king of Persia, whose wife Alexander, however, adhered to the Christian faith. The great fame of George, who is reverenced alike by Eastern and Western Christendom and by Mahommedans, is due to many causes. He was martyred on the eve of the triumph of Christianity, his shrine was reared near the scene of a great Greek legend (Perseus and Andromeda), and his relics were removed from Lydda, where many pilgrims had visited them, to Zorava in the Hauran served to impress his fame not only on the Syrian population, but on their Moslem conquerors, and again on the Crusaders, who in grateful memory of the saint's intervention on their behalf at Antioch built a new cathedral at Lydda to take the place of the church destroyed by the Saracens. This cathedral was in turn destroyed by Saladin.

The connection of St. George with a dragon, familiar since the Golden Legend of Jacobus de Voragine, can be traced to the close of the 6th century. At Arsuf or Joppa -- neither of them far from Lydda -- Perseus had slain the sea monster that threatened the virgin Andromeda, and George, like many another Christian saint, entered into the inheritance of veneration previously enjoyed by a pagan hero. The exploit thus attaches itself to the very common Aryan myth of the sun-god as the conqueror of the powers of darkness.

The popularity of St. George in England has never reached the height attained by St. Andrew in Scotland, St. David in Wales, or St. Patrick in Ireland. The council of Oxford in 1222 ordered that his feast should be kept as a national festival, but it was not until the time of King Edward III that he was made patron of the kingdom. The republics of Genoa and Venice were also under his protection.

Acknowledgements to Birmingham Patriot from which this article is copied.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Minutes of the Leicestershire meeting, April 2011

Minutes of the BNP meeting, held in North West Leicestershire on 2nd April 2011

The meeting was opened and chaired by Geoff Dickens.

Minutes of the last meeting were read and agreed.

Geoff first gave us a critical explanation of our monetary situation centrally and locally, then called upon Councillor Ian Meller to begin on today's subject of elections.

Ian, councillor in NW Leic., told us about the planning application in Coalville for a superstore, where the local people want Asda on one site, the Conservative councillors want to put a Tesco's on another site for what seem to be private reasons.

Cathy Duffy, Borough Councillor in Charnwood and East Goscote;
Cathy told us that we must concentrate on keeping the seats we hold, as we are much appreciated in the areas where we work by the public and by other councillors.

Councillor James North (Melton & Rutland) then gave us a presentation on the Localism Bill which is on it's second reading in Parliament. The bill gives power away from the government to local councils.
He summarised at the end:
Councils to decide who goes on their housing waiting lists,
Referendums on any local issue,
An open book for councils,
Decentralisation of services...and said that if we are aware of the bill we can use it.
Q and A:
Ian asked when the bill would be passed and James told us that it would be a few months after the elections.
Councillor John Ryde (Hinckley & Bosworth) told us the bill was part of Cameron's big society but that we can use their tools to fight our fights.
On being asked how to vote on AV James suggested we oppose it.

The collection made £145.20
The raffle made £36.

The next meeting will be in early June in NW Leics.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Leicester: The Most Islamic City In Europe

This report comes from Hudson New York
By Soeren Kern, written on March 24, 2011.

Leicester, an industrial city in central England, is home to the most conservative Islamic population anywhere in Europe, according to American diplomatic cables that were obtained and recently released by the website, Wikileaks. Leicester is also on track to become the first majority non-white city in British history.

The politically incorrect observation was made by a senior US State Department official who visited the city as part of an effort to engage Muslim communities in Europe. It reflects how Leicester's long-ballyhooed experiment with multiculturalism is being challenged by Muslim separatism and assertiveness.

A leaked diplomatic cable recounts the October 2007 visit of Farah Pandith, the US State Department's Senior Advisor for Muslim Engagement, to Leicester, a mid-sized city some 70 minutes north of London. The stated purpose of the visit was for the US government to find ways to help Britain "update and improve" its approach to stopping "home-grown" Islamic extremists. The document says Pandith found the lack of integration of the Muslim community in Leicester to be "striking."

The cable says, among other observations, Pandith was shocked to find "girls as young as four years old were completely covered." The document continues: "At a local book store, texts… seemed designed to segregate Muslims from their wider community, urging women to cover themselves and remain in their homes, playing up the differences between Islam and other religions, seeking to isolate Muslims from community, and feeding hate of Jews to the young."

The cable also recounts a discussion Pandith had with religious and community leaders at an Ahmadiyya [an Asian Islamic sect] mosque: "Yaqub Khan, General Secretary of a local organization called the Pakistan Association, insisted that he had to teach young people in Urdu. When Pandith challenged him as to why he would use Urdu with children who were growing up with English as their first language, Khan insisted that there were no good books on the Koran in English."

After World War II, the British government encouraged immigration to the country to alleviate an economic crisis, and that trend accelerated dramatically in recent years due to left-wing immigration policies seeking to foster multiculturalism. A new study by the think-tank Migration Watch UK shows that during the thirteen years that the last Labour government was in power (1997-2010), immigrants arrived in Britain at a rate of almost one a minute .

A fair number of those immigrants settled in Leicester -- once known as a center for manufacturing shoes and textiles -- where immigrant groups now make up nearly half that city's total population of 280,000. Many of the immigrants are of South Asian origin; the city is now known for its many Hindu, Sikh and Muslim places of worship.
The sharp rise in Muslim immigration, however, is upsetting Leicester's ethnic balance, and casting doubt upon the city's multicultural future. After Christians and Hindus, Muslims are the third-largest faith group in Leicester. The city's Muslim population is estimated at between 11% and 14% (or somewhere between 30,000 and 40,000 Muslims), which is well above the percentage (4.6) of Muslims in Britain as a whole. The Muslim population in Leicester is made up mainly of Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis, as well as Turks, Somalis, Kenyans and Ugandans. According to the Ummah Forum , "you'd really like Leicester if you want to be around a large population of Muslims."

Muslim immigration has led to the proliferation of mosques in Leicester, which now has more than 200 mosques and madrassas [Islamic religious schools]. The city is also home to several mega-mosques. The Leicester Central Mosque complex has a capacity for nearly 3,000 worshippers. It also has a school, a community hall, a residence hall for imams, a mortuary and a guest house. The huge Masjid Umar mosque has four towering minarets and a grand dome that displays Arabic calligraphy from the Koran.
The most influential Muslim in Leicester is Shaykh Abu Yusuf Riyadh-ul-Haq , a hard-line Muslim cleric who runs the Al Kawthar Academy , an Islamic school in the city. Ul-Haq, 40, is also the leader of a new generation of "home-grown" British Islamists who loathe Western values, support armed jihad and preach contempt for Christians, Jews and Hindus.

Ul-Haq, who preaches in mosques across Britain, outlaws television and music, and says football is "a cancer that has infected our youth." He is appalled by young women who want to get educated and go to university. He regularly praises the work of the Taliban and their attacks against British troops in Afghanistan.
In a typical sermon entitled " Imitating the Disbelievers ," ul-Haq warns British Muslims of the danger of being corrupted by the "evil influence" of Western culture. He also heaps scorn on Muslims who say they are "proud to be British," and argues that friendship with a Christian or a Jew makes "a mockery of Allah's religion." Ul-Haq sermons are broadcast on Radio Ramadhan Leicester in Urdu, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, Somali, Arabic and English.

Other Islamic separatists have been linked to the University of Leicester, according to the recent report, " Radical Islam on UK Campuses ".

In 2002, British police initiated a crackdown on supporters of Osama bin Laden's terror network in Leicester. A police swoop on predominantly Muslim areas of the city led to the arrest of eight Islamic jihadists, who were accused of belonging to al-Qaeda and conspiring to raise money to fund terrorism.

Meanwhile, Leicester has the fourth-highest rate of unemployment in Britain. The city also has very high rates of illiteracy, and ranks as one of the worst five municipalities in England for education.
An April 2010 survey titled " Muslims in Leicester " says that Muslims in the city are especially prone to underachievement and unemployment. The report says the inner city Spinney Hills neighbourhood, which has the highest percentage of Muslims in the city, is also the ward with the lowest rate of full-time employment, the highest rate of unemployment, the highest level of economic inactivity, the highest percentage of "no qualifications" for work and the highest level of social housing.

Muslims are now demanding political power within the Leicester city council, as well as the freedom to wear their religious dress at work and to have halal food in the city hospitals. They are also seeking their own faith-based schools.
One such school, the Leicester Islamic Academy -- where female students wear the full-length dress and head-covering and the boys wear black robes and skullcaps -- has been accused by the British government of promoting Islamic separatism. Another state-run Islamic school in Leicester, the Madani High School , has run afoul of government regulators for reneging on its promise that 10% of its pupils would be non-Muslim. A government official has warned that Britain is "sleepwalking to segregation." He said: "Segregation is now so extreme in some schools that there is not much farther it can go. It does not help to prepare children in these schools for the real world."

The British government has tried -- unsuccessfully -- to reverse the tide of Islamic separatism in Leicester. In June 2008, for example, the city hosted the first in a series of road shows designed to tackle the problem of honour-based violence . Leicester has been plagued by forced marriages, kidnappings, physical and mental abuse of women, and other honour-based violence crimes against those who have not, according to family and local community members, conformed to religious or cultural expectations.

Muslim assertiveness is also turning Leicester into a lightening rod for those who oppose radical Islam. In October 2010, for example, Leicester was the site of a demonstration organized by the English Defense League, a far-right group which emerged after Muslim extremists disrupted a homecoming parade in Luton in March 2009 for British soldiers returning from Iraq. EDL protesters in Leicester carried banners with slogans such as, "Sharia laws will destroy Britain and all our British values."
Alluding to the transformation of cities like Leicester, Michael Nazir-Ali, a bishop of the Church of England, has lamented that Islamic extremists have turned parts of Britain into no-go areas for non-Muslims . Lashing out at the spread of religious separatism and the damage caused by the doctrine of multiculturalism, Nazir-Ali warned against the acceptance of Islamic Sharia law in Britain, and added that amplified calls to prayer from mosques are imposing an Islamic character on many British towns and cities.

It is a rather strange irony that Leicester's motto is Semper Eadem : "Always the Same"