Saturday, 18 December 2010

The ECHR Case - We Won!

A statement from Nick Griffin MEP on the judgement of the ECHR case, handed down on Friday 17th December:

"Against all odds
You help us beat the ‘Equalities’ bullies
Daily Mail calls it a ‘Propaganda Victory’ for the
British National Party

"Today I am delighted to inform you that the Race Gestapo has failed to kill the British National Party; The misnamed and Orwellian 'Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) have tasted bitter defeat.

"A ruling in the Royal Courts of Justice this morning found against the ECHR which was seeking to have Tanya Lumby, Simon Darby and I declared in contempt of court.

"Robin Allen QC, appearing for the Race Gestapo, said the British National Party was "playing with" the commission and its officials instead of obeying an earlier court judgment. But Lord Justice Moore-Bick and Mr Justice Ramsey dismissed this absurd claim.

"The British National Party had already fully complied with the earlier court order. The action of the Race Gestapo was motivated by political malice. They wanted to destroy the British National Party. They persecuted Tanya Lumby, Simon Darby and I. Their treatment of Tanya Lumby was particularly cruel. They wanted to break her and heartlessly subjected her to great strain. We all stood firm.

"The Race Gestapo carefully set snares for us but they have fallen into their own traps. The headline in the Daily Mail said it all: "Propaganda victory for BNP leader Nick Griffin". The case has been a Public Relations disaster for the 'Equalities' Commission which is seen by many to have squandered public money to pursue a political vendetta.

"We won significant victories in this case.

"This case forced the EHRC to acknowledge the existence of the native people of our islands as a distinct ethnic group, with the result that all members of that group are at last entitled to the full protection of anti-discrimination laws.
The English people especially are now no longer a non-people in their own country.
Further, who can now accuse the British National Party of being 'racist?
Our Constitution has, in effect, been officially approved!

"I want to thank the legal team which helped us win; more important than that I want to thank you because without all the small donations, without the cards and messages of encouragement we could not have won. You are winners with me today. You are what encourages and sustains me. Any victory I have is yours too. Together we have won a David and Goliath victory today.

"The British National Party will be seeking a full costs order against the EHRC for this vexatious action. It’s time to try and collect from the Race Gestapo. Our legal team is confident that we can get Justice on costs. Let’s send them back in to finish the job. I need your help once again so please send what you can."

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