Tuesday, 30 November 2010

New BNP Telephone Numbers and News from HQ

Please note the new telephone numbers for BNP membership and donations:

Our new Membership line is 0844 8094581

Our new Donation line is 0844 8094582.

The old numbers are still in operation but are being phased out.


Despite recent problems, and efforts by disgruntled ex-members and other agencies to undermine the Party and exacerbate these problems, the BNP executive reports that the internal workings of the Party are improving rapidly and the outlook is much more upbeat than formerly feared. Most members, I think, will be pleased to know that operations will once again be carried out on the mainland.
Following an Advisory Council meeting on Sunday, Nick Griffin MEP reports:-

"We have now completed the bulk of the work required in
transferring the party administration centre from Belfast back
to the Mainland. This has been quite a complex task as it
involved arranging the rental of new properties, laying in new
communications systems and moving equipment. Staff Manager, Adam
Walker, has also started the redundancy process with staff
affected by the closure of our operations in Belfast. The bulk
of the mailings, the membership and the donation processing will
now be done from a new office in Cumbria, while the Voice of
Freedom subscriptions and the enquiries department will re-locate
to Nuneaton. In Nuneaton we have moved to a slightly smaller
unit as part of our cost saving effort.
The move from Belfast will substantially reduce our running costs as
we will no longer be paying consultancy fees and staff and office
costs will be far lower.

"We have learned a lot from our past association with the Midas
Consultancy and we are very confident that we can take those
lessons and practically apply them and further develop them as a

"Despite the predictions of the doom-and-gloom merchants and
naysayers during our changes it has been ‘business as usual’. The
last three ‘Friday fundraisers’ have been produced by a new team
and the response rate has been encouragingly high."

"Membership numbers dropped predictably after the “softer” members
who joined after the 2009 European victory dropped out after
their 12 months and internal issues have not helped, but I can
inform you that reports in some quarters of our membership
dropping below 10,000 are absolutely false"

Leicestershire Regional Organiser, Geoff Dickens, reports that we have most of our property critical to the running of the Party machine (including our own Truth Truck)now here on the mainland, and he says:-

"The AC meeting was very positive. Debt is down to under 300k, the deal was done with Jim Dowson. It's looking like 2011 should be better than 2010"

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Anonymous said...

According to LU Dowson now works with the ED's, God help them!