Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Minutes of the BNP Leicester Joint Meeting 20th Nov 2010

-The Meeting was opened and chaired by Geoff Dickens.
-49 people attended.

-Minutes of the last meeting were read by John Ryde and agreed.

-Matters arising- Geoff told us that as Kevan Stafford had stood down as Charnwood organiser, Steve Denham would take over the position aided by Michael Dyer. He went on to tell us that due to cutbacks the Belfast office would be closed, and that we [the BNP] are making inroads into our debt.
-Organiser's report- In the by-election in Saxondale in Blaby Gary Reynolds got 7% of the vote after putting out three leaflets. Peter Jarvis is a candidate in Blaby on Thursday.

-John Ryde gave us a press report. Of the postcards that Kevan had put through doors saying 'No To The Incinerator' 529 were posted on to the council, which was a good response, and it made it easy for people to give their view. Also they had BNP on them, telling the council we were on the case. John asked Wayne to come up and tell us about being 'in the paper'. Wherever Wayne has been since he has got very friendly feedback from people he has met. John suggested we Google to find out how many Common Purpose people there are in Leicester, in 2005 there were over 600.

-NW Leicester report-Wayne told us that Ivan Hammond is now on his Parish Council in Battram ward in Ibstock. Cromwell Dinner tonight, don't forget.


Guest speaker Chris Beverley, Yorkshire regional Organiser and PA to Andrew Brons MEP told us about his paid role as Andrew's personal assistant. He works from Leeds not Brussels, on casework arising in the area; like the problems with the EU's rules on fishing, problems with housing, and the soldier, now without legs, who's car grant is being taken away by the government. The soldier has gladly accepted a donation from the ten percent of Andrew's salary that is donated to help with problems locally . Chris's job is to promote the MEP's role, and he brought us free copies of Andrew's first annual report as an MEP .

-The raffle draw came next and the collection, then some interesting questions for the speaker.

-The collection £239.38 plus 100 pesetas plus one euro.
-The raffle made £68.

-The next meeting will be the first week in February 2011

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