Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Middle Class Voters are Liars and Hypocrites

A Labour frontbencher has launched an astonishing attack on middle-class voters, branding them liars, racists, drunkards and even paedophiles, revealed in an article in the Daily Mail HERE

Eric Joyce, the party’s Northern Ireland spokesman, condemned the public for attacking lying politicians when they themselves may be ‘living lies’ at home.
In his rant, Mr Joyce condemned ‘articulate and intelligent’ parents for putting the interests of their own children over those of the poor.

(All decent parents will put their children first, Mr. Joyce)

He accused parents of hypocrisy for condemning drug use while drinking too much and said that MPs were right to appeal to the worst instincts of voters, including racism.
Mr Joyce even condemned attitudes to the danger of paedophiles, pointing out that most sex offenders target young victims within their own families.

(Instinct is not confined to one class, Mr. Joyce. Neither is hypocrisy. But most people are decent and abhor paedophilia and excess so stop trying to put guilt where it doesn't belong)

He spoke out after shamed former minister Phil Woolas was ousted by an election court for whipping up racial tensions with false claims about his opponent.
Mr Joyce said: ‘Here’s the truth. It’s hard to lie as a politician because everything we say is subject to enormous scrutiny.
‘But politicians know the lies a lot of people live and they pitch to you accordingly.
‘There’s a lot of lying going on, for sure. But [critics] might want to reflect on who is really doing the lying.’

(One big reason why voters woke up and chucked your Party out, Mr. Joyce)

The outburst backs up Tory claims that Labour is not the party of aspiration and has a lax attitude toward hard drugs.

Michael Fallon, the party’s deputy chairman, said: "This extraordinary online rant demonstrates contempt for the electorate. Yet again, it calls Ed Miliband’s judgment into question. Only a few weeks ago he appointed Eric Joyce to Labour’s front bench."

(Careful, Mr. Fallon. How many election promises have been broken by David Cameron)

Mr Joyce goes on to accuse parents of condemning drug use among the young while drinking heavily themselves.
"Alcohol does immeasurably more societal and personal damage than ecstasy; but it’s available on tap,literally, while ecstasy’s an A-class drug. Many people support “the war on drugs” knowing that it’s completely ineffectual, while doing their own impressive bit for the Treasury down at the pub. So they feel OK for their pain-free opposition to “bad” substance abuse by the generation behind them while indulging themselves on the stuff their own generation deems OK." he wrote.

(They're really laying into alcohol, while praising hard drugs, aren't they. No prizes for guessing why.)

Outraged Tory Party chairman Michael Fallon described Mr Joyce's comments as an 'extraordinary online rant'

Tacitly accusing voters, like those who backed Mr Woolas, of racism, Mr Joyce said: "When desperate politicians in some tightly-fought marginals are tempted into grey areas of language and insinuation, they’re barking up the wrong tree. But on the other hand, perhaps they’re not."

(Is it the public who are obsessed with racism, and tell lies about their opponents, Mr. Joyce? No, it's politicians and their pet media, isn't it; stop looking for scapegoats among normal people.)

Sources close to the Opposition leader revealed that Mr Joyce will be disciplined by party whips. A Labour spokesman said: "Our top priority is to look out for the people of Britain. We have the highest respect for every voter – no matter who they support."

(Really? Whoever they support? We'll remember that the next time you lambast BNP supporters)

A chastened Mr Joyce sought to backtrack last night. He said: ‘I was simply saying that issues are not always as straightforward as they seem. I have the highest respect for the public and I would never insult voters.’

(You just did, Mr. Joyce, and I'm sure your constituency voters have taken note of it. You're right in one thing though: all is not as straightforward in politics as it seems.)

Mr Joyce was elected to Parliament in 2005 and achieved notoriety as the MP with the largest expenses.

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