Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Breaking News!

It is of course the news that Prince William has announced his engagement to live-in girl friend, Kate Middleton.I bet you're as excited as the BBC over this; it's the most important piece of news on their website and no doubt the media are already jostling to interview everybody the couple have ever known (with pics). David Cameron says:" Me and Samantha are overjoyed" (so much for a public school education). The Dress, the Ring, Are they Really In Love?, all aspects of The Royal Love Story will be feverishly explored, it's very hard to think of any other topic today!

Other trivial bits of nothingness tacked on at the end of the News:

*Suspected terrorists held at Guantonamo Bay are to be paid millions in compensation by the UK Government (Otherwise known as British taxpayers' money).

*Unemployment hits 3 million today. (Bumped up by Twings moving their plant to Poland on 'Regeneration' money?)

A good day for burying bad news isn't it...

Oh, and David Cameron's quietly dropped his personal photographer (he couldn't find Cameron's good side presumably). That is trivial, but at least it'll save us a few pence. Let's hope it makes Euro MPs feel guilty enough to cut their expenses, that would save us millions.

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