Sunday, 19 September 2010

Minutes of the BNP Joint Leicestershire Meeting September 2010

The Meeting was opened and chaired by Kevan Stafford. 92 people attended.

--Kevan showed us post cards which his group had printed instead of a leaflet saying 'no to the incinerator' and suggested other local groups might want to do the same. He also asked whether anyone would be prepared to take on his role as Charnwood Branch Officer.

--Geoff Dickens, Leicester and East Midlands Organiser, told us that the inefficient central running of the Party was a big vote loser, as well as the fact that Mr. Griffin will be stepping down sometime in the next few years. He and James Mole and Brian Mahoney had been asked to look at Party finances as a business to see what needed doing to improve things. Cut-backs will be made and people removed from posts to save money, some offices may be closed and our debts will quickly be reduced. There are problems, they are not insurmountable. A British Heritage regional account will be opened tomorrow, and the ultimate aim will be for all regions to run as the East Midlands does.
--John Ryde asked people to consider becoming Parish Councillors in the local election next May, even borough or county councillors! Wayne McDermott has done such a good job as Parish Councillor in Ellistown that as well as helping the town it has given him and the party a good standing locally.
--Kevan took comments and questions.


--Guest Speaker Arthur Kemp reminded us that we've been fighting in Afghanistan for nearly ten years, much longer than World War Two, on the wrong assumption that Al Qaeda were based mainly there. In fact the 'men' who flew into the Twin Towers were from Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Our soldiers have died; one point three million Iraqis have died he told us, because the mob in Westminster invented a pack of lies to wage an aggressive war. The head of M15 said that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were the primary cause of terrorism in Britain. The huge immigration of Muslims to this country ensures we have a large pool of Radical Islamists here.
A war for the existence of our nation and our identity is the only war to fight he said, and reminded us that in twenty years time the indigenous people of this country will have the minority of live births. Imagine saying that to Japan, that they would be in the minority, or to Nigeria or India, they would say it was wrong. What we do will decide if our children and grand-children grow up in a country which is recognisable to us, what you do will determine whether we save this nation or not.

Collection which raised £407.93 Raffle raised £142

Kevan closed the meeting which was followed by a meeting of The Crusaders.

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