Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Battle of Britain, 1940

Date: 2nd September 1940
Weather: Continuing fine and warm. Early-morning mist and fog patches.
Day: Once again, four main phases of airfield attacks.
Night: Scattered raids on Liverpool, the Midlands and South Wales.

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A poem, remembering the Few:

Time passes, generations come and go,
Full seventy years can melt into a day,
But we will not be able to repay
The timeless debt we will forever owe.

The sky their battlefield, a dazzling blue,
Its airy silence shattered by the noise
Of fighters flown by men no longer boys,
Whose youth passed in a day - The gallant Few.

These old young men, exhausted, battle spent,
Whose will to stay alert, to live, to fight,
Held them unfaltering in their fearsome flight
Above the blossoming summer fields of Kent.

They fought their fear, they kept their courage still,
The friends they lost must be no more than names,
They put from mind the blood and death and flames,
And dreamed, in hope, of life, as young men will.

The years flown on, September passes by
And sometimes, in these tranquil golden days,
My memory glimpses still the drifting haze
Of faded vapour trails across the sky.

- Audrey Grealy -

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