Friday, 24 September 2010

Letter from Cllr. Partner

The Coalville Times has published a letter (September 24th.2010) from Cllr. Graham Partner. Unlike the churlish Hinckley Times, who didn't publish a polite letter from Cllr John Ryde thanking constituents for voting for him in the recent Elections.

In it, Graham ably refutes the accusations of Cllrs Dave Everitt and Penny Wakefield, who are evidently getting their propaganda in early in anticipation of next year's Council elections. Thankfully, there is one local paper prepared to publish letters from all sides of the political spectrum. It is a shame others cannot follow suit.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Minutes of the BNP Joint Leicestershire Meeting September 2010

The Meeting was opened and chaired by Kevan Stafford. 92 people attended.

--Kevan showed us post cards which his group had printed instead of a leaflet saying 'no to the incinerator' and suggested other local groups might want to do the same. He also asked whether anyone would be prepared to take on his role as Charnwood Branch Officer.

--Geoff Dickens, Leicester and East Midlands Organiser, told us that the inefficient central running of the Party was a big vote loser, as well as the fact that Mr. Griffin will be stepping down sometime in the next few years. He and James Mole and Brian Mahoney had been asked to look at Party finances as a business to see what needed doing to improve things. Cut-backs will be made and people removed from posts to save money, some offices may be closed and our debts will quickly be reduced. There are problems, they are not insurmountable. A British Heritage regional account will be opened tomorrow, and the ultimate aim will be for all regions to run as the East Midlands does.
--John Ryde asked people to consider becoming Parish Councillors in the local election next May, even borough or county councillors! Wayne McDermott has done such a good job as Parish Councillor in Ellistown that as well as helping the town it has given him and the party a good standing locally.
--Kevan took comments and questions.


--Guest Speaker Arthur Kemp reminded us that we've been fighting in Afghanistan for nearly ten years, much longer than World War Two, on the wrong assumption that Al Qaeda were based mainly there. In fact the 'men' who flew into the Twin Towers were from Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Our soldiers have died; one point three million Iraqis have died he told us, because the mob in Westminster invented a pack of lies to wage an aggressive war. The head of M15 said that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were the primary cause of terrorism in Britain. The huge immigration of Muslims to this country ensures we have a large pool of Radical Islamists here.
A war for the existence of our nation and our identity is the only war to fight he said, and reminded us that in twenty years time the indigenous people of this country will have the minority of live births. Imagine saying that to Japan, that they would be in the minority, or to Nigeria or India, they would say it was wrong. What we do will decide if our children and grand-children grow up in a country which is recognisable to us, what you do will determine whether we save this nation or not.

Collection which raised £407.93 Raffle raised £142

Kevan closed the meeting which was followed by a meeting of The Crusaders.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Letter from Lincolnshire

Today, Tuesday 7th September, Nick Griffin and 2 more members of the BNP will be in Court yet again in respect of the EHRC's tedious case against the Party's constitution. I won't go into the whys and wherefores of Trevor Philip's anti-British vendetta, members will be well aware of them. But here we re-print an excellent letter which a BNP member in our sister county wrote to his MP. It's food for thought, and hopefully will encourage others to write to their MPs about this.

"Dear Mr Osborne,

This is the third time of writing to you (one letter and one e mail) and to date, no answer has been received.

I am complaining about the waste of my money by Trevor Phillips of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission on his pursuing a personal vendetta against the British National Party. We, the public, are paying for seventy top lawyers and barristers plus, of course, all the costs of running this department – to what end? All of their trumped up charges against the BNP will not benefit the British public one iota.

If ever there was a disgraceful waste of tax payers money, Trevor Phillips and his EHRC are prime examples. How long are you going to let this rampant communist misuse our money, when the rest of us are having to tighten our purse strings?

I look forward to your answer.

Yours sincerely

Malcolm Bouchier"

The original publication, and reply to Mr. Bouchier, can be seen at
Lincolnshire Voice

Monday, 6 September 2010

Has Your Property Been Targeted By Thieves?

The travelling community has used symbols and signs as markers for centuries, to tell their fellow travellers following points of interest about a certain house, the area, etc.A rag tied to a tree, a twig bent a certain way for instance, can tell following families which way to go. Mostly, these are harmless, though can cause puzzlement; my grandmother couldn't understand why a steady stream of tramps, en route from Billesdon Union to Leicester, called at the house. The explanation was that she could not turn a beggar away without giving him bread and cheese. A more savvy neighbour pointed out the sign scratched on the gatepost which had signalled to his fellows that this was a 'good house'!

It's important to note the above, but not all these signs are innocent. Police in Lincolnshire recently issued diagrams of travellers signs which marked those properties which were ripe for crime, or even those were not worth thieving from. It's worth checking the boundaries of your property for any odd marks or broken twigs which could tell you what thieves think of you, your house, and what they might be planning.
Below are the symbols you should look out for. If you find one it would be wise to tell the police - and check your security.

From top to bottom they stand for:

'Nervous and Afraid'
'Not Worth Stealing'
'Too Risky '

'Alarmed House'
'Already Been Burgled'
'Good Target'
'Vulnerable Female Easily Conned'

Tug o' War at Ellistown Gala

A day of fun was organised at Ellistown Gala at the weekend, organised by local residents and councillors, including Cllrs Wayne McDermott, Graham Partner and Ian Meller.

The picture below shows the Leicester BNP team (Bungle's Boys) competing in a heat of the Tug o' War. Sadly, they lost, thnough managed a creditable 3rd. place, and the final was won by the New Ellistown Pub team. (Word is, that the BB's also took part in the Maypole Dancing!) Well done to everybody who took part!

Never mind, there's always next year; they're already in training, with hours of leafletting and canvassing which will get our lads strong and healthy enough to beat the opposition then!

Friday, 3 September 2010

Leicester BNP man 'on the mend'

Veteran Leicestershire BNP member, Mike Robinson, has contacted us to say that he has had a minor stroke, accounting for the problems he has suffered recently. Mike tells us that, under his new health regime, he is feeling a lot better.
"Expect to see me about again before long, although perhaps NOT so long-winded, out there on the streets!", he tells us.
Mike wishes to thank, through LCV, all his friends and colleagues who have expressed concern. On their behalf, we say: "Get well soon, Mike!"

Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Battle of Britain, 1940

Date: 2nd September 1940
Weather: Continuing fine and warm. Early-morning mist and fog patches.
Day: Once again, four main phases of airfield attacks.
Night: Scattered raids on Liverpool, the Midlands and South Wales.

Follow the Battle of Britain Daily Reports HERE

A poem, remembering the Few:

Time passes, generations come and go,
Full seventy years can melt into a day,
But we will not be able to repay
The timeless debt we will forever owe.

The sky their battlefield, a dazzling blue,
Its airy silence shattered by the noise
Of fighters flown by men no longer boys,
Whose youth passed in a day - The gallant Few.

These old young men, exhausted, battle spent,
Whose will to stay alert, to live, to fight,
Held them unfaltering in their fearsome flight
Above the blossoming summer fields of Kent.

They fought their fear, they kept their courage still,
The friends they lost must be no more than names,
They put from mind the blood and death and flames,
And dreamed, in hope, of life, as young men will.

The years flown on, September passes by
And sometimes, in these tranquil golden days,
My memory glimpses still the drifting haze
Of faded vapour trails across the sky.

- Audrey Grealy -