Monday, 9 August 2010

Revd. West's Sunday 9. o'clock Sermon on Radio RWB

We are pleased to announce that a recorded sermon by Revd. Robert West of Lincolnshire is now available to listen to. 'Liberals', including the Archbishops and Trevor Phillip's Iniquity and Foreign Rights Commission might not like it but we would recommend that they too listen - they might learn something. .

The link to the recording is HERE

Robert says:

"If your own church is anti-BNP or anti-Bible you can now tune in to a friendly and biblical service, courtesy of John Walker and the BNP's RWB radio. John approached me to give sermons every Sunday and that is what I will, God-willing, be doing. They last about twenty minutes and give food for thought from an evangelical and patriotic perspective.

Best wishes, Robert West"


Anonymous said...

No thanks religion should be kept out of party politics.

Anonymous said...

100s of people have been suspended for signing a nomination form this blog and Leicestershire BNP must make an statement and stand for our party before its too late this can't carry on!

Keats said...

"No thanks religion should be kept out of party politics."

Religion is about politics, always has been. When religious leaders such as the Arch of Cant and the Bishops stop their meddling then we'll cease countering their wet liberality.
Go on, listen to Revd. West, you might be surprised!

Keats said...

I'm not sure about 'hundreds', I think that might be an exaggeration, but any would be wrong. The East Midlands has refrained from any smearing of either side and you will see our stance under 'Leadership Challenge' in our Bulletin.
Our RO has been scrupulously fair to all our members; he has gone out of his way to facilitate the nomination procedure as per constitutional rules, but has requested to remain neutral at this time.
Leicestershire officials are working hard behind the scenes and will be involved with the meetings this coming weekend.
Meanwhile, EM members and supporters are carrying on as usual. We hope to see you at the meeting.

Anonymous said...

The figure given is about 50 so far but half of them are organiser including have of London and others are former councillors and activists. This is 2007 again apart from this time this challenge is perfectly legal and within the constitution.