Saturday, 28 August 2010


John Ryde from Leicestershire BNP was interviewed recently by Radio RWB. You can hear the interview below.

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Monday, 16 August 2010

Leicester Does It Again

BNP News has released a report following the AC Meeting on Saturday, 14th August. The full transcript can be seen on the main BNP website.

Blunt talking and decisive action on finances, the appointment of a new regional treasurer, Richard Barnbrook’s situation, important structural reorganisation and plans for a new anti-Afghan war campaign dominated today’s BNP Advisory Council meeting.
"The main part of the meeting focussed on discussing finances," BNP chairman Nick Griffin told BNP News this evening.
"There was a very full discussion of how the current financial situation had arisen," Mr Griffin said.
"More importantly, the meeting discussed what was necessary to put it right and what was necessary to avoid this situation arising again.
"The core of the problem was identified as a matter of the party growing faster than our systems could cope.

"New controls have been put in place, but in addition to that, we have created a new national scrutiny committee consisting of East Midlands regional organiser Geoff Dickens, Wales regional organiser Brian Mahoney, *East Midlands regional treasurer James Mole, and one more non-AC member whose name will be announced shortly," Mr Griffin continued.
"Mr Dickens and Mr Mahoney have decades of experience in managing business with bigger turnovers with the BNP and will bring their expertise to bear on the committee."

The new scrutiny committee has been tasked with examining the structure of the treasury department and making concrete moves to ensure that there is a clear division between those who manage the accounts and those who authorise outlays.
The committee had its first meeting immediately after the AC meeting and will continue over the rest of the weekend, with the instruction to prepare a final report within a week.
"This committee has been given the mission to transparently study everything so that the national treasurer can be completely protected from malicious allegations," Mr Griffin said.
Next on the agenda was the issue of the regional treasury work. It was agreed that there was far too much work for one man to do both national and regional treasury work and that new scrutiny committee member Mr Mole would be appointed new Regional Treasurer with immediate effect.
Mr Mole has run the treasury of the East Midlands region for several years to great success and is the logical person to take control of the finances for those regions that do not yet control their own accounts.
" Mr Griffin said.

Next on the agenda was the recent decision by Richard Barnbrook to lay down the BNP whip in the Greater London Assembly.
Mr Griffin said the meeting had discussed the matter in full and had unanimously agreed to ask Mr Barnbrook to reconsider his decision. A further statement on the matter will be issued in due course.

*Update: Mr. Mole will be removed from the scrutiny committee in due course as regional as well as HO finances will be scrutinised, and therefore Mr. Mole will not be able to scrutinise himself.
Errata: David Hannam is not on the scrutiny committee, for the same reason as above. Mr. Mole will not be doing training at Summer School. These items have been deleted from the report.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Revd. West's Sunday 9. o'clock Sermon on Radio RWB

We are pleased to announce that a recorded sermon by Revd. Robert West of Lincolnshire is now available to listen to. 'Liberals', including the Archbishops and Trevor Phillip's Iniquity and Foreign Rights Commission might not like it but we would recommend that they too listen - they might learn something. .

The link to the recording is HERE

Robert says:

"If your own church is anti-BNP or anti-Bible you can now tune in to a friendly and biblical service, courtesy of John Walker and the BNP's RWB radio. John approached me to give sermons every Sunday and that is what I will, God-willing, be doing. They last about twenty minutes and give food for thought from an evangelical and patriotic perspective.

Best wishes, Robert West"