Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Arriving Home

I don't like chain-emails usually, but I thought this one was well worth notice.

Two planes landed in England the other day :

One carried a group of grotesquely over paid, immature, under achievers who complained they were tired and missed their families after two weeks in five star accommodation.

The other carried the coffins of 7 fallen soldiers who had spent months away from
loved ones living in tents in a war zone, they couldn't complain.

These soldiers earn £15k to £30k a year not a day.

If you believe that the England team should donate two weeks wages to Help for Heroes then please forward this on.


Anonymous said...

This e-mail originated from a former Chairman of NWL Conservative Party,I don`t know how he would feel about It ending up on this site.I will let him know that you appreciated this one.Iwill also make sure you get future e-mails direct without using an intermediary.I think the Tories will be pleased to know of your interest,perhaps you should join them.

Keats said...

Thank you. I hope he feels as I do that his point should be seen by anybody concerned by the anomaly. As an ex-Conservative,I'm pleased to hear he feels the same as us. May I return your courteous invitation and suggest that he, and you join the BNP?

Best Wishes.