Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Arriving Home

I don't like chain-emails usually, but I thought this one was well worth notice.

Two planes landed in England the other day :

One carried a group of grotesquely over paid, immature, under achievers who complained they were tired and missed their families after two weeks in five star accommodation.

The other carried the coffins of 7 fallen soldiers who had spent months away from
loved ones living in tents in a war zone, they couldn't complain.

These soldiers earn £15k to £30k a year not a day.

If you believe that the England team should donate two weeks wages to Help for Heroes then please forward this on.


2010 marks the 70th. anniversary of the Battle of Britain. The battle raged throughout August and September, 1940. We remember with gratitude the brave actions of the RAF pilots in this crucial battle.
Below, we reproduce an article, written in 2009, by County Councillor Graham Partner, which sets out the true reasons for going to war with Germany.

"On the eve of the Battle of Britain in 1940, when the fate of our nation hung in balance, Spitfire pilot Bill Millington wrote to his parents, “Being British, I am proud of my country and its peoples, proud to serve under the Union Jack and regard it as an Englishman’s privilege to fight for all those things that make life worth living: freedom, honour and fair play.”

Like so many in the RAF, Millington made the ultimate sacrifice in the heroic, victorious struggle against the Luftwaffe, as his plane was shot down over the southern coast. Yet his words beautifully encapsulate the spirit of patriotism that galvanised the British people during the Second World War.

It was the same deep love of our island home which inspired the soaring rhetoric of Winston Churchill, drove men to fight on the beaches of Normandy and the deserts of North Africa, compelled exhausted bomber crews to fly on missions for night after night over Germany, and enabled the British public to survive the Blitz so stoically. Patriotism is one of mankind’s most noble ideals, an extension of the natural loyalty we feel to our families, friends and neighbourhood. In its highest form, it requires us to lay down our lives to protect others, just as a devoted husband might risk all to defend his wife or children.

But in our modern age, patriotism is despised rather than admired. For the Marxist ideologues who now run Britain, love of country is a vice, not a virtue. As a result we are now encouraged to learn entirely the wrong lessons from the Second World War. Instead of being presented as a magnificent defence of our native land against a savage aggressor, the conflict is now portrayed as a triumph for the forces of political correctness against right-wing extremism.

In this warped narrative the Second World War has been transformed into a gigantic crusade against xenophobia, while our soldiers, sailors and airmen are regarded as armed outreach workers in a vast anti- racism project. It is a bizarre paradox of our times that, thanks to the predominance of multi-cultural dogma, the patriotic instinct that led to national salvation in 1945 is now treated as a thought crime.

The sense of unifying national identity that once motivated millions of Britons to defend their homeland is held to be suspect by a political elite obsessed with cultural diversity. We are told that opposition to mass immigration is the equivalent of siding with the Nazis.

Next month marks the 70th anniversary of the German invasion of Poland, which sparked the Second World War. In fact, Adolf Hitler had originally planned to begin the invasion on August 26, 1939, but at the last minute had hesitated, partly because of British and French guarantees to support the integrity of Poland, and partly because of the decision of Mussolini’s Italian fascist regime to remain neutral.

As it turned out, when Germany attacked on September 1, Britain did precious little to come to Poland’s aid. It was only after the nazis advanced through western Europe in May 1940 that Britain, under the new leadership of Winston Churchill, began to fight in earnest. But the vigour of 1940, compared to the lassitude of 1939, proves that the war was really about national defence, not an ideological campaign.

It is impossible to imagine the Britain of 2009 enjoying the same sense of patriotic cohesion that existed in 1940 if our very existence came under threat. In official circles, the concept of Britishness is a source of embarrassment and shame. We are a nation whose sovereignty has been surrendered to Brussels and whose unity has been destroyed by the collapse of our borders.

The Second World War has been dragooned into service by the political zealots as a battering ram against our national identity. The Government’s own educational quango, the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, boasts that history teaching should be a tool for “valuing diversity and challenging racism” by gaining insights “into issues around human rights, equality and migration.”

Every museum related to the Second World War focuses obsessively on the role of ethnic minorities in the conflict, every EU bureaucrat stresses the importance of the European integration as a means of overcoming dangerous nationalist sentiments. One perverse aspect of this modern rewriting of history is the reluctance to blame Germany for the Second World War. All the blame is heaped on Hitler and the Nazis, while the German nation is exonerated.

In truth, it was the Germans who voted Hitler into power, who eagerly supported the war in its early years, and who ferociously resisted the Allies right until May 1945. Nazism could never have flourished without German enthusiasm for this vile creed, something that is now airbrushed from history in the drive to create a United States of Europe. The supreme irony is that we fought in 1940 to defend our national independence from German aggression, yet almost 70 years later we are now subsumed within a German-dominated continental bureaucracy.

Recently a D-Day veteran from the West Midlands spoke with anger and regret, stating that he did not fight in order to end up as an alien in his own country. Even more insulting, he said, was being told by politicians that the destruction of his society was the ideal for which he had gone into battle. His despair shows how deep has been the betrayal of his brave generation of patriots."

Sunday, 18 July 2010

"Banning the burka is un-British"

Following overwhelming votes in the Belgian and French parliaments to ban the wearing of the burka in public, Philip Hollobone, Tory MP for Kettering, introduced the Face Coverings (Regulation) Bill, which would regulate the use of certain facial coverings, including the burka, in public. ( Mr. Hollobone was found to be the thriftiest MP when troughers from all Parties were revealed during the recent expenses scandal. He also has anti-EU views and has refused to meet constituents who insist on wearing the face veil.)

However, Damian Green, Tory MP for Ashford, and the Immigration Minister, has turned down Mr. Hollobone's proposal -which is echoed by the majority of people in Britain - saying that it would be 'undesirable' for Parliament to try to pass such a law, which would be at odds with the UK's 'tolerant and mutually respectful society', and that it would be "rather un-British".

Well, Mr. Green, consider this:

It's rather Un-British to protest against our returning troops
It's rather Un-British to s**t in a hole in the ground and wipe your backside with your hand.
It's rather Un-British to call for the murder of anyone who happens to disagree with your religious beliefs.
It's rather Un-British to practise female genital mutilation (yes, it does happen here).
It's rather Un-British for gangs to target children of other ethnicities for sexual grooming and prostitution.
It's rather Un-British to practise marriage to young children (citing your Holy Book).
It's rather Un-British to reduce women to the level of domestic slaves seen only as your property.
It's rather un-British to flout UK animal slaughter law (halal).

Perhaps Mr. Green could reconsider his stance? Or have we simply exchanged one set of limp-wristed, ardent multiculturalists for another? For heaven's sake Mr. Cameron, have a word with your Immigration Minister, grow a backbone and start standing up for the people of Britain; that's what your voters were hoping for. It isn't only the disdained white people of this country who want a ban, there are also Sikhs, Hindus and yes, many muslims who don't want Wahabi-inspired, pro-Sharia type clothing and masks being flaunted on our streets and public places. It's intimidating, and dangerous too; highwaymen in the past wore masks. Robbers and terrorists do today. Ask yourselves why anyone feels the need to cover their face -no, the answer isn't 'religion'. It might be 'culture', but if so...that's rather un-British, don't you think?

This article in The Telegraph is worth reading.

* The British National Party will ban the burka, ritual slaughter and the building of further mosques in Britain (BNP Manifesto, 2010)

Friday, 16 July 2010

Holiday Crime Prevention Advice

As the children will be finishing school tomorrow for the summer
holidays and many people will be setting off on their summer holiday, we
would like to offer some tips to help you make your home more secure
while you are away.

Make your home look occupied by asking a trusted neighbour or friend to
collect mail and water plants etc.
Don’t leave curtains closed in the daytime as this shows the house is
Use automatic timer switches to turn your lights on when it is dark
Cancel regular deliveries such as newspapers and milk.
Avoid discussing holiday plans where you may be overheard by strangers.
Cut your lawn before you go.
Consider leaving important documents and valuable items with other
family members or a bank or a safe.
Don’t put your home address on your luggage on your outward journey to
your holiday destination.
Consider leaving valuable items kept in your shed in the house.
Put all your tools away including ladders so these can’t be used to
break into your house.
Finally, don’t forget to lock all external doors, windows, and gates and
set the burglar alarm if you have one.

Have a great time – and don’t forget your passport and tickets!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

12 Illegals Caught Working At City Firms

A team from the UK Border Agency discovered 12 illegal immigrants after they raided two businesses in Leicester: Rewalk Clothing and Sanjiri Mouldings, both based in Linden Street, Spinney Hills.

After sealing the exits, 31 workers were interviewed and their identity documents checked. 11 men and 1 woman, all Indian nationals, were found to be here illegally. Border Agency officials searched 10 houses for evidence to use in sending them back to India; two are being held in custody, but ten were released on bail.

Both firms could be fined up to £10,000 per illegal worker. A spokesman for Sanjiri Mouldings said that they had lost 3 of their 6 workers; he had no idea that they were illegals, and they didn't expect the raid. Phil Dyer, assistant director of the UK Border Agency said:
" We will not tolerate immigration abuse and will punish those who break the law. Illegal working is unfair on honest employers who recruit staff with the right to work in the UK and who pay them a proper salary."

Anyone who suspects illegal workers are being employed in Leicestershire should call Crimestoppers on: 0800555111

Friday, 2 July 2010

A laughing stock around the world

The new Lord Mayor of Leicester certainly knows how to make the headlines.

Cllr Colin Hall is a Labour councillor who represents the New Parks ward. He received the chains of office at a Town Hall ceremony on May 27. He was first elected to Leicester City Council in 1991, as councillor for the Belgrave Ward. In 2007 he was elected as one of three councillors for New Parks.

And what skills and improvements can our new Lord Mayor bring to the role?

First of all he decided that he would not attend a cathedral service which traditionally takes place to welcome the Lord Mayor to his new role. A traditional civic service is held every year at Leicester Cathedral but Councillor Colin Hall informed officials he would not take part. The Bishop of Leicester's office said it was unaware of any Lord Mayor declining the invitation in recent years, including Hindus, Sikhs and atheists who all took part.

Cllr Hall had asked for the service to be more inclusive of other faiths, and of humanism; he wanted the Lady Mayoress (Eleanor Davidson, who conducts humanist celebrations) to read a humanist text, and his chaplain (Allan Hayes, president of Leicester's secular society) to give an address. When the bishop asked to see the sermon in advance, the mayor and his sidekicks pulled out.

Clearly tradition means very little to Cllr Hall. After taking office as mayor the Leicester City councillor decided not to continue the tradition of having prayers said before monthly full council meetings. A short prayer, rotating between different faiths, has been said at the meetings since 1997. Mr Hall has previously called the practice "outdated, unnecessary and intrusive".

And only days ago our Lord Mayor, the man chosen to represent the city of Leicester, hit the headlines again and this time he went worldwide!

Carry On Mayor - Leicester leader's trousers fall down

Council fatty's trousers fall down during speech (The Sun)

UK mayor apologies after trousers fall down during library visit (Sydney Morning Herald, Australia)

UK mayor drops pants before kids (The Times Of India)

Mayor's pants fall down in front of kids (IOL South Africa)

UK Mayor Apologizes after Pants Fall Down in Front of Schoolchildren (myfox USA)

Mayor apologises after trousers fall off (Gulf News)

Lord mayor apologizes for tumbling trousers (The Chronicle Herald, Nova Scotia, Canada)

Councillor Colin Hall was at Southfields library in the city to take part in a Global Education function. When he stood to give a vote of thanks at the event his trousers came loose and fell. Mr Hall was a guest at a Summer Showcase organised by Global Education Leicester, a network which works with teachers to promote greater understanding of global perspectives. Pupils from three local schools were present.

One pupil is quoted as saying: "It was like watching something out of a Carry On film. You half expected him to be wearing a big pair of comedy bloomers but as soon as he realised what had happened he pulled his trousers back up."

While another is quoted as commenting: "It was like something from Benny Hill. No-one knew where to look. There were a few laughs from the children, but it was a pretty toe-curling moment. Surely he should've been wearing a belt? It was a pretty basic error. He looked embarrassed and quickly pulled his trousers up, but by then it was too late. The damage was done. It’s not the kind of thing you expect to see happen to a Lord Mayor."

A Lord Mayor who doesn’t even have the skills to do up his trousers properly, just what Leicester needs!

Not only has he made himself a laughing stock but, by association, the office of Lord Mayor and the city of Leicester.

It will come as no surprise to anyone that Cllr Colin Hall, previously High Bailiff Of Leicester, is a signatory on an anti BNP letter published on the website of the Searchlight front organisation Hope not hate. One buffoon amongst many!

What may not be known is that Cllr Hall was forced to apologise by a House of Commons select committee.

“Mr Colin Hall, Chairman of the Leicester East CLP, threatened a witness with possible disciplinary and legal action because of allegations the witness had made to the Commissioner. We took the view that in putting improper pressure on a witness Mr Hall had committed a serious contempt, and asked him to appear before us to explain his actions. Mr Hall apologised unreservedly for any contempt that had been committed and undertook not to commit any further such actions in the future.”

(COMPLAINTS AGAINST MR KEITH VAZ. House of Commons Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Third Report. The published report was ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 9 March 2001.)

Do the people of New Parks really want this person representing them?