Tuesday, 1 June 2010

New Hope For Our Green Belt Land

On Monday, the BBC News site reported that NuLabour's insane house-building targets will be smashed:

Coalition government to scrap house building targets
Page last updated at 14:15 GMT, Monday, 31 May 2010 15:15 UK
E-mail this to a friend Printable version The last government had wanted an extra 3m homes built Housebuilding targets set by central government are be scrapped to protect the green belt around towns in England.
There had been plans to build on green belt land in 30 towns, as councils tried to meet regional targets.
Communities Secretary Eric Pickles said councils would now be given the freedom to make their own decisions, not be "bossed around" by central government.
He has told councils they can ignore the targets in making decisions before the legislation is formally introdued.
He said: "The previous government gave a green light for the destruction of the Green Belt across the country and we are determined to stop it.

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This is good news for campaigners who have been fighting to stop the feeding-frenzy of greedy developers taking the opportunity to make a fast buck on the coat tails of Labour's desire to concrete over our green fields. Too many developments have already gone ahead, and are already causing misery to existing residents, whose objections were brushed aside.

But the danger is not yet past; even though Councils are well aware of the upset and fury felt by the majority of the people they serve, some can be lured by the legal bribes euphemistically known as 106 money. This is money paid by the developer to the Council for the purpose of 'gifting' a wanted resource to the Parish concerned. They don't always get it, but remain naively expectant of the tempting goodies!

In Leicestershire, Action Groups have been heroically fighting proposals to build on green field sites in Thurmaston and Barkby, LeicesterForest East, Coalville, Loughborough, Countesthorpe and Blaby. There are no doubt more.
Please, please continue to send in your letters to the relevant Case Officer at your local Planning Department, every letter really does make a vital difference. Even if the qualifying date for objections has passed your letter will still be taken into consideration.

The Groups below are doing a grand job of defending our green belt. Together we can win!
LFE Residents Action Group. (South Leicestershire District Council)
Countesthorpe Action Group. (South Leicestershire District Council)
Whitwick Action Group. (NWL District Council)
Barkby and Barkby Thorpe Action Group. (Charnwood Borough Council)

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