Thursday, 27 May 2010

Shameful Treatment of City Soccer Star

Earlier this month, Leicester City defender, Wayne Brown, was involved in a debate with his team-mates which turned into an argument when he allegedly told them that he had voted BNP in the General Election, which appeared to anger some of them. Wayne was forced to give a 'grovelling' apology, but is now under investigation.
PFA deputy chief executive Bobby Barnes has even gone so far as to speak out on the association's official website and said he hoped it would be hard for Brown to either stay at Leicester or find another club.
When contacted by the Mercury after the event, PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor said: "Leicester City has the full support of the PFA in its handling of this situation. Leicester is a multi-cultural city and Leicester City is a multi-cultural team, and we take these allegations very seriously."

Read the LeicesterMercury article for more.

I am glad to see that, in the Daily Mail's reader comments, most people are appalled at this reaction to a citizen's right to vote for whichever legitimate Party they choose.

Where Wayne made a mistake is in that he allowed himself to be goaded by his chums outrage at him having the cheek to vote for a Party they don't like, and went on to criticise immigration. This might have been an issue taken up by LibLabCon during the election campaign in order to garner votes, but, now that the election is over, there is no need to address peoples' worries on this subject: we are back to square one, and the same old, same old screams of 'racist!' can safely now be touted by the multicultural-soaked elite.

If Wayne continues to be persecuted for his opinions, and is hounded out of his job (he has been suspended), then he must take it further and prove that his views are his human right to hold, equally with anyone else.
Adam Walker did just that, with the support of his union, Solidarity. He won his case. I rather think Wayne would too.

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