Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Hustings at Kibworth

The Hustings originally scheduled to take place at Oadby, but cancelled due to far-left intervention by the extremist UAF, finally took place last night at Kibworth.
Many thanks to Canon Michael Rusk for determining that this democratic event would take place, and to all the candidates who felt the same.
Kuffar Haq, Lib Dem, Twittered earlier in the week that he was looking forward to debating business policies with the BNP candidate. Coincidentally this was one unasked question which Geoff Dickens was disappointed not to engage in as he knows rather a lot about business. What a shame the Chamber of Commerce didn't think to send Geoff an invitation to the Harborough Hustings organised by them...

Mr. Haq was laughed at for his party's stance on Trident when he declaimed: "We don't need it because we've never been attacked"?

The whole room, including 5 other candidates, laughed and clapped with BNP candidate, Mr. Dickens, when he came out with one of his trademark jokes-with-a-point. The 6th one fixed on a smile when he saw even the Labour candidate joining in the joke!

Labour's Kevin McKeever had the worst reception of the night as he tried to defend his party's abysmal record.

The independant candidate, Jeff Stevenson, drew gasps of shock and cries of "Shame!", in his closing address, when he told the assebly that he was only standing to put his points across, that he didn't know whether to vote Tory or Labour...then urged us all to vote Conservative!

(This event was being filmed for a 6-part series on the village of Kibworth, and a small part of it will be included in the programme. Michael Wood, the esteemed historian was present and I was lucky enough to be able to talk to him briefly afterwards. Something to look forward to at last on TV!)

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