Wednesday, 5 May 2010

BNP on The Politics Show

The Day started well, a nice drive to Derby to meet my agent and his guests prior to the event. We drove to the event quite expecting that there were going to be demonstrators from David Cameron’s sponsored UAF.

We arrived early and made our way to the entrance where we were greeted by the BBC, politely and courteous towards us all. We were shown around the hall and explained how the show was going to be run. Not only did the director and producer come for a personal chat but so did the presenter. Even though the audience was an all Labour one the atmosphere was not intimidating towards the BNP. My thoughts were that in their hearts they knew we are the only answer.

The show started and the questions rolled out. Then a question from a coloured taxi driver was put to me and the rest made a television show. Even though I was not given free speech or air time on all our policies I did my best for the Party.

After the filming we made our way outside and were approached by the BBC local radio and asked for a interview, We explained that we have always been given bad press and biased questions; he said he would only ask a couple of local issue questions so I did the interview for him. Unfortunately I have not heard the interview and would love a link to it if anyone has heard it. I would like to thank Paul Hilliard for his support, and his guests for making it a memorable afternoon and hope that my point was made.

Peter Cheeseman

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