Thursday, 27 May 2010

Shameful Treatment of City Soccer Star

Earlier this month, Leicester City defender, Wayne Brown, was involved in a debate with his team-mates which turned into an argument when he allegedly told them that he had voted BNP in the General Election, which appeared to anger some of them. Wayne was forced to give a 'grovelling' apology, but is now under investigation.
PFA deputy chief executive Bobby Barnes has even gone so far as to speak out on the association's official website and said he hoped it would be hard for Brown to either stay at Leicester or find another club.
When contacted by the Mercury after the event, PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor said: "Leicester City has the full support of the PFA in its handling of this situation. Leicester is a multi-cultural city and Leicester City is a multi-cultural team, and we take these allegations very seriously."

Read the LeicesterMercury article for more.

I am glad to see that, in the Daily Mail's reader comments, most people are appalled at this reaction to a citizen's right to vote for whichever legitimate Party they choose.

Where Wayne made a mistake is in that he allowed himself to be goaded by his chums outrage at him having the cheek to vote for a Party they don't like, and went on to criticise immigration. This might have been an issue taken up by LibLabCon during the election campaign in order to garner votes, but, now that the election is over, there is no need to address peoples' worries on this subject: we are back to square one, and the same old, same old screams of 'racist!' can safely now be touted by the multicultural-soaked elite.

If Wayne continues to be persecuted for his opinions, and is hounded out of his job (he has been suspended), then he must take it further and prove that his views are his human right to hold, equally with anyone else.
Adam Walker did just that, with the support of his union, Solidarity. He won his case. I rather think Wayne would too.

Monday, 24 May 2010

Leicestershire BNP; Minutes of Regional Meeting, May 2010

The Meeting began with an excellent presentation by our East Midlands BNP Regional Fundholder who guided candidates and agents through all aspects of the paperwork needing to be completed following the General Election. It was agreed that all had learned more of the procedure which will stand Party members in good stead for future elections.

BNP Regional Elections Officer, Cllr. Wayne McDermott, followed with an analysis of the Election Results. He explained the facts, and the percentages, which showed how well BNP East Midlands region had done, contrary to the pessimistic reviews of the Party performance by opponents and the media.
EM saved deposits for the 1st. time (8), while the Greens only saved 5 across the whole country; at 34, the highest number of candidates, beating UKIP in 25 of 32 seats, and beating English Democrats in every seat they stood; attendance at several Hustings; an average of 4.5% vote, against 3% in 2005; all 7 seats contested in 2005 see growth in BNP support.
In Leicestershire, 3 deposits were saved with another missing by 11 votes; Leicester West a fantastic result of 6%, with the main area of vote determined. NWL was up 3.4% on 2005 with 6. 5%. Leicester East saw the BNP candidate being asked by Asian folk where they could vote for him as they don't want Keith Vaz.

The other Counties of the EM were discussed in depth; a shock result for Grantham and Stamford at 4.7%, an enormous amount of work by the candidate had paid off here; Boston & Skegness saved their deposit in Lincolnshire; Derbyshire, a wonderful effort by Erewash - a new Branch - and Amber Valley, with 7% the 29th in the country. In Notts., Nottingham North and Ashfield were picked out for special mention.

Geoff Dickens, EM Regional Organiser, had attended an intensive 2-day AC Meeting, and he began by requesting questions from the floor concerning the current situation and online smears. These were taken after he had spoken of the enormous progress made by the Party, and the improvements which will be implemented:

We now have more members in the EM than there were in the country when Nick Griffin took over;
100s of enquiries and 300-400 to come;
Over 3.5 thousand more members than last year, with membership in 2005 tying in with percentage.
Geoff remarked that this time it was the South-West's turn to have problems (ours before, with Sadie Graham and her fellow wreckers).
He reiterated that most small Parties were squeezed out at the GE by the 'American Presidential' style Election; if Nick went, the problems would remain the same, and there is no-one who could take the pressure like him.
We own the Truth Truck, Jenny Noble has the receipt for £19,000 paid just before the RWB.
Midas is a facilitator, necessary where the BNP has been refused credit (e.g.: Barclays.
Regarding info packs, since April 1st. 10,000 had not been processed, thanks to Simon Bennett.
No longer will individuals be in sole charge of areas, the website being one; the Regional Press Officer will speak to the Press, and we do not speak to freelance journalists.

The Party will be encouraging younger, capable people, with a view to educating them into Party policies.
There will not be a RWB this year, but there will be an event. Contact your RO to find out more.
Sub-Regional Organisers will identify areas for mailshots.
A productive Question and Answer session followed. Due to the nature of the Meeting, there was no collection, raffle or teas to declare.

Geoff tells me that Mr. Dowson will be sending a (long!) article to LCV and we look forward to publishing that.

Friday, 7 May 2010

BNP Leicestershire Election Results

Eyres Monsell by-election
Leicester City Council

Labour 1466
Conservative 999
Lib Dem 908
BNP 745 - 18.1%

General Election

Leicestershire South
(Con hold)

Paul Preston: 2721. 5%. +1.5%. Turnout 71.2%.

Leicestershire North-West
(Con gain from Labour)

Ian Meller: 3396. 6.5% +3.4%. Turnout 72.9%. Deposit saved.

Harborough, Oadby & Wigston
(Con hold, 4.8% swing Lib Dem to Con)

Geoff Dickens: 1715. 3.1%. +3.1% Turnout 70.4%.

Bosworth (1st. time standing)
(Con hold, 5.9% swing Con to Lib Dem)

John Ryde: 2458. 4.5%. +4.5%. Turnout 70.2%.

Leicester East
(Lab hold, -5% reduced majority)

Colin Gilmore: 1700. 3.5%. +3.5%. Turnout 65.8%.

Leicester West
(Lab hold, -12.4% reduced majority)

Gary Reynolds: 2158. 6.0%. +6.0%. Turnout 55.20%. Deposit saved.

Leicester South
Lab hold, Lib Dem -3.7%)

Adrian Waudby: 1418. 3.0%. +3.0%. Turnout 55.2%.

(Con hold)

Cathy Duffy: 3116. 5.8%. +2.2%. Turnout 71.9%. Deposit saved.

(Con gain from Lab)

Kevan Stafford: 2040. 3.9%. +3.9%. Turnout 68.2%.

Rutland and Melton (1st. time standing)
(Con hold)

Keith Addison: 1757. 3.2%. +3.2%. Turnout 71.5%.

Election 2010

BNP candidates across the county of Leicestershire recorded their best ever general election results last night.

In 2005 no BNP candidates locally received more than 1800 votes or more than 3.5% of the poll.

This time three deposits were saved with votes in North West Leicestershire more than doubling.

Top of the pile was Ian Meller in North West Leicestershire with 3396 votes (6.54%) up 130.5% on the last general election in 2005.

Next was Gary Reynolds in Leicester West with 2158 votes (6.02%). This was an increase of 614.5% on the last time this seat was contested by the BNP in 1997.

Cathy Duffy in Charnwood received 3116 votes (5.82%) up 79.5% on the last general election.

All three saved their deposits.

The unluckiest man of the night was Paul Preston in South Leicestershire who missed out on saving his deposit by a mere 11 votes. He scored 2721 votes (4.99%) which was an increase of 60% on the last general election.

John Ryde in Bosworth, which was contested for the first time, gained 2458 votes (4.53%).

In Loughborough Kevan Stafford received 2040 votes (3.86%) up 795% on the last time the seat was contested in 1983.

In Leicester East Colin Gilmore gained 1700 votes (3.54%) an increase of 120% on the 2001 result which was the last time the BNP contested the seat.

In Rutland & Melton Keith Addison, contesting the seat for the first time, scored 1757 votes (3.18%).

In Harborough Geoff Dickens received 1715 votes (3.12%) up 513% compared to the last time the BNP contested the seat in 1983.

Finally, in Leicester South Adrian Waudby gained 1418 votes (3.01%). This was an increase of 407% on the last time the seat was contested in 1983.

Congratulations to all the BNP candidates on such excellent results.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

6th. May: Good Luck, BNP

Leicestershire Community Voice sends very best wishes to all BNP candidates and the activists and supporters today. You've all worked so hard, often in the teeth of smears and intimidation that would disgrace a 3rd. World nation. Your determination and loyalty shine through and put to shame the actions of establishment lackeys such as UAF, the Unions and even the Bishops, who interefere with democracy and the Parliamentary process. You have risen above these; stand proud, you've earned your right to be part of the Elections, both General and Council.
Good Luck, and God bless you all.

Here is the list of our East Midlands candidates for the General Election:

Leicester East: Colin Gilmore
Leicester South: Adrian Waudby
Leicester West: Gary Reynolds
South Leicestershire: Paul Preston
Bosworth: John Ryde
Charnwood: Cathy Duffy
Harborough: Geoffrey Dickens
Loughborough: Kevan Stafford
Amber Valley: Michael Clarke
Ashfield: Edward Holmes
Bolsover: Martin Radford
Derby North: Peter Cheeseman
Louth & Horncastle: Julia Green
Broxtowe: Michael Shore
Gainsborough: Malcolm Porter
Mansfield: Rachel Hill
Mid Derbyshire: Lewis Allsebrook
Sherwood: James North
Erewash: Mark Bailey
Boston & Skegness: David Owens
Rutland & Melton: Keith Addison
North West Leicestershire: Ian Meller
Kettering: Clive Skinner
Northampton North Ray Beasley
Corby: Roy Davis
Wellingborough: Robert Walker
Gedling: Stephen Adcock
Nottingham North: Bob Brindley
Lincoln: Revd. Robert West
Nottingham South: Anthony Woodward
South Derbyshire: Peter Jarvis
South Holland: & The Deepings Roy Harban
Grantham & Stamford: Chris Robinson
Sleaford & North Hykeham: Mike Clayton

Go HERE to see BNP results as they come in.

Go HERE to see approximate declaration times (bear in mind there might be recounts)

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

BNP on The Politics Show

The Day started well, a nice drive to Derby to meet my agent and his guests prior to the event. We drove to the event quite expecting that there were going to be demonstrators from David Cameron’s sponsored UAF.

We arrived early and made our way to the entrance where we were greeted by the BBC, politely and courteous towards us all. We were shown around the hall and explained how the show was going to be run. Not only did the director and producer come for a personal chat but so did the presenter. Even though the audience was an all Labour one the atmosphere was not intimidating towards the BNP. My thoughts were that in their hearts they knew we are the only answer.

The show started and the questions rolled out. Then a question from a coloured taxi driver was put to me and the rest made a television show. Even though I was not given free speech or air time on all our policies I did my best for the Party.

After the filming we made our way outside and were approached by the BBC local radio and asked for a interview, We explained that we have always been given bad press and biased questions; he said he would only ask a couple of local issue questions so I did the interview for him. Unfortunately I have not heard the interview and would love a link to it if anyone has heard it. I would like to thank Paul Hilliard for his support, and his guests for making it a memorable afternoon and hope that my point was made.

Peter Cheeseman

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Hustings at Kibworth

The Hustings originally scheduled to take place at Oadby, but cancelled due to far-left intervention by the extremist UAF, finally took place last night at Kibworth.
Many thanks to Canon Michael Rusk for determining that this democratic event would take place, and to all the candidates who felt the same.
Kuffar Haq, Lib Dem, Twittered earlier in the week that he was looking forward to debating business policies with the BNP candidate. Coincidentally this was one unasked question which Geoff Dickens was disappointed not to engage in as he knows rather a lot about business. What a shame the Chamber of Commerce didn't think to send Geoff an invitation to the Harborough Hustings organised by them...

Mr. Haq was laughed at for his party's stance on Trident when he declaimed: "We don't need it because we've never been attacked"?

The whole room, including 5 other candidates, laughed and clapped with BNP candidate, Mr. Dickens, when he came out with one of his trademark jokes-with-a-point. The 6th one fixed on a smile when he saw even the Labour candidate joining in the joke!

Labour's Kevin McKeever had the worst reception of the night as he tried to defend his party's abysmal record.

The independant candidate, Jeff Stevenson, drew gasps of shock and cries of "Shame!", in his closing address, when he told the assebly that he was only standing to put his points across, that he didn't know whether to vote Tory or Labour...then urged us all to vote Conservative!

(This event was being filmed for a 6-part series on the village of Kibworth, and a small part of it will be included in the programme. Michael Wood, the esteemed historian was present and I was lucky enough to be able to talk to him briefly afterwards. Something to look forward to at last on TV!)

Monday, 3 May 2010

BNP Parliamentary Candidates, 2010

We are delighted to present here all the British National Party's Parliamentary candidates in Leicestershire and send our very best wishes to them for success this week. Good luck, everybody!


The candidate for Bosworth is Cllr. JOHN RYDE.

John has lived in Newbold Verdon for nearly fifty years and has served as a parish councillor on two separate occasions, the most recent being for the past three years. In 2003, he was presented with the Mayor's Award for Outstanding Services in the Borough of Hinckley & Bosworth.

He has been a member of the BNP for ten years and has stood as a candidate four times, the most recent time being at the 2009 county council elections when he stood for the Mallory division.
John was presented with the British National Party, East Midlands Activist of the Year Award in 2008.

John is a father of two and a grandfather of five. He is retired, and previously worked in sales and management. His interests include gardening, motoring, real ale, traditional Jazz and the countryside.

John has sent us this personal message:

"By standing as a candidate in this election, I and the other candidates standing across the country will establish the British National Party as a credible, grass roots, mainstream, political party capable of bringing about change for the benefit of Great Britain.

I joined the British National Party because I believed it to be the only party with credible and relevant policies to restore this country to her rightful status as a world leader, and with the leadership and will to achieve this.

As a candidate for the Bosworth constituency I can provide a rallying point for voters across the constituency who seek trust and honesty in those who represent them, and to replace those in Westminster who by their greed and uselessness have destroyed our country and disillusioned so many.

If elected I shall spend my time working with all the grass roots agencies to deal with local issues and local problems for the residents of the Bosworth constituency of all political affiliation, colour and creed."

The candidate for South Leicestershire, formerly Blaby, is Cllr PAUL PRESTON.

Paul has lived in Leicester Forest East for twenty years and has served as a parish councillor for the past two years. He also serves on Braunstone West council for social services, a charity based organisation, and is a trustee of the university hospitals of Leicester.

Paul has been married for twenty years and is a father of two, a grandfather of four and a great-grand father of two. He has been a member of the BNP for five years. Paul joined the BNP because he was discontented with politics and politicians in this country.

He has stood as a candidate twice before, the most recent time being in the 2009 County Council elections when he stood for the Leicester Forest East and Kirby Muxloe division. He made the decision to stand as a candidate because he wants to make a positive difference to peoples lives and believes he can do a better, more honest job than our current MP's.

Paul is a retired mechanical engineer whose interests include science and physics (astro and quantum) and he is a musician with a love for playing the blues.

If elected he hopes to try to put right some of the many wrongs that our current crop of politicians have committed against the British people. He's strongly committed to 'British jobs for British workers' and believes that local people should always be put first by employers. He would like to scrap the human rights act and replace it with a British constitution and wants to see a vastly improved education system based around the three R's.

The candidate for Leicester West is GARY REYNOLDS.

Gary was born and grew up in Braunstone and attended the King Richard III school. For the past five years he has lived in Braunstone Town.

Gary is a father of two and has been a member of the BNP for six years. Gary was previously a lifelong Labour voter but ten years ago started questioning whether they really represented the true interests of working people and started to look for a more patriotic alternative. He now believes that the BNP is the only party that can provide a better future for all our children and protect the environment.

He has stood as a candidate once before in the 2009 county council elections when he stood for the Braunstone Town division. He made the decision to stand as a candidate because he believes that the policies of the BNP are in the best interests of all local people and decided it was time to stand up and be counted. He has recently become a parish councillor for Leicester Forest East.

Gary is an electrician whose interests include motorcycling, playing the guitar, science and technology and reading history and politics.

If elected he hopes to properly serve the views of the people of Leicester West, unlike our current MP's who only serve themselves, find out the needs of local people and promote them for the betterment of them all.

The candidate for Harborough, Oadby & Wigston is GEOFF DICKENS.

Geoff has lived in the Harborough District Council area for 33 years. He was Chairman of Shawell parish council from 1979 until 1986. He is married with 3 children and 4 grandchildren.

Geoff joined the BNP in 1983 and is both the Leicestershire organiser and the East Midlands regional organiser. He joined the party because he was totally disillusioned with the old parties and wanted to help provide an alternative choice for the British people.

He last stood as a candidate in September 2009 at a district council by-election in Market Harborough Welland Ward.

Geoff is a sheet metal worker by trade; he ran his own business employing over 40 people for 20 years, retiring in the year 2000. He started working again on a part time basis in 2005. His interests, aside from politics, include gardening and enjoying the countryside.

If elected he would work hard to put in place a sound financial system for the benefit of the nation and endeavour to provide full gainful employment for all.

The candidate for Leicester East is COLIN GILMORE.

Colin is married, with 2 children and was born and bred in Leicester. He now lives locally, in Ratby. His interests are conservation and supporting and sponsoring local sport. He is a Financial Consultant, so is well placed to keep spending under scrutiny, thus ensuring that constituents' hard-earned taxes are not wasted, and local issues are vigorously pursued.

In 2008, Colin stood for the BNP in the Stanton Field Head & Markfield by-election, where he polled nearly 15% of the vote. One of his main concerns was the toxic incinerator proposed in NW Leicestershire, which would have threatened local residents' health.

An ex-Conservative, Colin joined the BNP when he found that neither the Tories, nor the other 2 main parties represented the man and woman in the street.
He believes that it is the British National Party, and only the British National Party, who have the policies and the will to regenerate Britain for further generations.

The candidate for Leicester South is ADRIAN WAUDBY.

Adrian is 46 years old and a driving instructor. He has lived all his life in Leicester and holds a B.Sc. in computing.

He enjoy politics and has the enthusiasm and drive to voice your opinions, making sure that your voice is heard in parliament. Unlike the other parties he will put your interests first.

He joined the British National Party because he believes it is the only political party that can make a difference.

He has stood as a candidate twice before and is currently standing as the candidate in the forthcoming by-election for Leicester City Council in Eyres Monsell ward.

He would like to see more cash and resources put into Leicester South to fund projects for young people in the area and more schemes to reduce anti-social behaviour

Like all of you, he is appalled at the numbers of migrant workers coming to the UK, pushing local people to the back of the queue in housing and jobs.
"It is not fair and it must stop. Labour is not listening to you - The British National Party is."

Candidates in the other parts of Leicestershire will be:

Leicestershire North West: Cllr. IAN MELLER.
Loughborough: KEVAN STAFFORD.
Charnwood: Cllr. CATHY DUFFY.
Rutland & Melton: KEITH ADDISON.