Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Vehicle Crime Avoidance Advice

As the weather improves, more people are out and about, enjoying days out away from home. Many others will be travelling more due to the run-up and impending elections; they'll be parking their cars (motor bikes too) in unfamiliar locations while they leaflet or canvass the area, and will also be leaving their vehicles parked while at Polling stations. and during the long night hours at the counts. It pays to spare some time to ensure your vehicle is safe, and Neighbourhood Watch has published advice from the police on what to do to avoid vehicle/contents theft and vandalism.

Car crime accounts for nearly 20 per cent of all recorded crimes in England and Wales. It can be distressing, annoying and can cause a lot of inconvenience for the owner.
· Make sure that doors are locked and windows are closed when you leave the car even if it’s only for a moment.
· Leaving items on display in the car, for example handbags, jackets and mobile phones, are an appealing target for thieves. Take them with you, or put them out of view whenever possible.
· Consider having the windows etched with the car’s vehicle registration number and keep a note of the chassis number somewhere safe.
· Installing a 'Thatcham' approved immobiliser or investing in a steering lock can deter thieves.
· Car stereos are attractive to thieves, if possible remove them whenever you leave your car. Retract car aerials and tuck in wing mirrors to discourage vandals.
· If you have a garage at home, make sure you can lock it and use it. When using public car parks, try to park in an attended car park and look for signs that say ‘Secured Car Parks’. If you can’t find a car park, try to avoid parking in places that are unlit, have easy access and are hidden from public view.
Motorbikes and scooters are also targets for thieves and more motorbikes and scooters are stolen than cars. Make it difficult for them by applying some basic security techniques.
· A lock for your motorbike is a must - a good disc lock or a U-lock applied correctly should always be used when you leave your motorbike unattended.
· Get a combined alarm and electronic immobiliser fitted professionally and make sure you set the alarm everytime you leave your motorbike.

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