Wednesday, 21 April 2010

UAF Closes Down Democracy Again

It was with considerable pleasure that the BNP candidate for Harborough, Geoffrey Dickens, accepted the kind invitation to join the other candidates at a local Hustings organised by the Rector of Oadby, Canon Michael Rusk, on Tuesday evening:
The Rector of Oadby, Canon Michael Rusk, is organising a hustings on Tuesday 20th April at 7.30pm at Trinity Methodist Church, Harborough Road, Oadby and would like to invite Geoff Dickens, the BNP candidate for Harborough to attend.”

There was a hitch when the venue was changed from Trinity Methodist Church to Manor High School. It is to be hoped that this was because they needed a larger venue, and not down to being intimidated by UAF’s violent thugs. A person directly concerned with these Hustings opined that it was probably not a good move to re-direct the venue to a multi-racial area. We agree with that.

However, participants in the Hustings were contacted on Tuesday evening to inform them that the event had been cancelled:
“It is with considerable regret that the proposed Political Hustings Event planned for tonight at Manor High School has to be cancelled. Genuine concerns have emerged about holding such an event at Manor High School Oadby. It has been impossible at this stage to find a suitable alternative venue. The Hustings therefore are cancelled.
The reason for this was due to threats to the organisers by establishment lackeys, the odious UAF, who are well known for their violence against persons and property. They organised it via a Facebook campaign. I really wonder what their Tory backer and supporter, David Cameron, thinks of their disgusting anti-democratic behaviour? It is purported that the NUT were also involved; they have an ongoing hate campaign against the BNP in schools during the election campaign. They should be ashamed.
Locally, people have asked whether the Liberal, Tory and Labour candidates might have felt that they were going to have to answer some uncomfortable questions on MPs’ expenses, 3 threatened large supermarkets...and some rather odd business and Charity dealings for one of them – more will be revealed about the latter in due course.

It is shocking that after Canon Rusk and his team had gone to so much trouble to organise these Hustings, that a discredited group who include many arrested, some charged, with violence against persons, incitement to violence, acts of disorderly conduct and vandalism, can be allowed to disrupt democracy in this way. Do they not have the intelligence to realise that it wasn’t only the BNP candidate whom they inconvenienced? It impinged on all the candidates invited, who were looking forward to the debate; and also the audience, who were deprived of hearing what the candidates had to say, and putting questions to them. Not to mention those who didn’t know of the cancellation and turned up anyway.

I have had a delightful conversation this morning with people at the sharp end of this business (not the Parish Office whose phones were dead today, nor anyone connected with the BNP), as I was worried that they had been intimidated. They reassured me that everyone was fine, but that it had been very tense yesterday, disrupting their work. I was told that about 8 members of the Anti-Fascist League arrived at the venue, who expected about 30 of their cronies to come, no doubt to disrupt the debate.The other candidates, and people denied the chance to participate, have expressed their view that all are entitled to be heard, that any legitimate Party should be able to put forward their views.
This seems to be the concensus on all sides, even those who do not necessarily agree with the BNP. That is how democracy works.

I know that it would have been a good, lively debate; that everybody would have been polite and pleasant to each other, regardless of what Party they represented, if it hadn’t been for the seedy machinations of establishment lackeys interfering in the Parliamentary process, and closing down democratic debate. UAF might be crowing that they claimed a victory over the BNP last night, but given the other candidates’ view and the public’s reaction to their actions, it would seem that their fascist, anti-democratic action has backfired. That, at the very least, should be one point that all of us will rejoice at, no matter who our democratic choice of Party may be.

Update. Report in the Harborough Mail.

The Mail alleges that there was 'a swell of protest against Geoff Dickens appearing on the platform,; who exactly would this protest be coming from? UAF on Facebook. And '30 letters and phone calls' matches the 30 UAF protesters due to turn up. See the article above, where candidates and the public did not object to the BNP appearing. On the contrary, they were looking forward to hearing and debating his views.
I will reiterate that the persons I spoke to were at the heart of this furore.

Update: The fiasco was also reported in the Leicester Mercury.

Edward Garnier, the Conservative candidate fairly states that the BNP is a registered Party and that this was a denial of democracy; and indeed, he was very friendly towards Geoff Dickens and his agent when they met at Oadby Council Offices. Which makes it odd that he agrees with the Marxist, anti-democratic UAF's views. In fact, he agrees with these extreme leftists so much that he is a signatory on their list of backers/supporters, along with his boss, David Cameron.
[Details of Edward Garnier's expenses may be downloaded from this site]


Anonymous said...

So, now, only days before the next General Election, a Debate -similar to the recent one on BBC TV- was arranged to be held in Oadby. All 7 candidates for the Harboro seat were invited to attend, including BNP`s Geoff Dickens, and to speak on behalf of their various parties. On the day of the Debate, which was arranged to allow each candidate 2 minutes to put his case, followed by Questions from the public audience, I find, when wishing my good friend Geoff "Bonne Chance", that it`s been cancelled. Cancelled ? Yes for fear of activity by our friends the U.A.F. and other, unruly and undemocratic (`loony`) elements. If anyone reading this really and truly believes in Democracy, then this is the sort of thing which SHOULD guide your hand when making your X on Voting Day May 6th. Why ? `Cos all the so-called `major parties` support U.A.F.
P.S. these are the same guys, by the way, who attacked our 2 M.E.P.s last June outside Westminster, London , in front of a bunch of "London`s Finest"; needless to say, our own BNP Security guys had to deal with it, as the cops ` feet seemed concreted to the pavement.


Keats said...

I know, it's disgraceful, Mike.

Still, Geoff wasn't idle last evening. We used the time to do the VoF paper round - and spread the news of what had happened to the local folk...

Anonymous said...

I would say the journalist Brian Dodds is a lazy sod and just took the reasons for the cancellation off UAF site


Keats said...

To Charles,
Thanks for sending your comment abd links, very useful.
We shall be writing about this on LCV.
Keep the information and links coming, people!

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see New Parks Labour cllr Colin Hall is a follower of Leicester UAF twitter site and supports such threats and hammer attacks something we will be pointing out to the voters in New Parks