Thursday, 29 April 2010

The pace hots up!

Yesterday saw the Truth Truck in Lutterworth, with the BBC filming and interviewing Harborough candidate, Geoff Dickens, as he chatted to local folk and gave out leaflets, most of which were received with pleasure. Look out for this on East Midlands news!

Afterwards, Geoff went to join other activists leafletting. Meanwhile, 2 Leicester members took the Truth truck to Corby; they were received warmly, both on the way there and around the town itself. Drivers tooting, thumbs-ups, and smiles were there in plenty.

Leafletting is of course progressing well around the County, NWL and Eyres Monsell in particular. Activists report a great reception wherever they go.

One of our Leicester members has spoken on the Politics show.

Cllr. Paul Preston, candidate for South Leicestershire, was interviewed on Radio Leicester's Dawne B show. Paul tells us: "They asked why black people should vote for the BNP. I said that the other parties are not fit for purpose - that was not broadcast; I told them I am mixed race, have been in the Party for 6 years and agree with all our party policies. They asked about the natfront, I said we had broken away from them in the 80s and never looked back and that Nick Griffin has moved the Party forward in a positive way."

BNP members staged a protest outside the Leicester South Hustings in protest at being excluded from the event.

The NWL Hustings went ahead as planned, much to the credit of the organisers and participants. Ian Meller, the BNP candidate, impressed the audience and did very well indeed.

No sign of a 'bigotsgate' -we leave that kind of thing to Labour hypocrites...

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