Friday, 23 April 2010

First, X-Factor Style Debates: Now Bollywood Glitz

Hopefully, voters will see through the 'Reality Show' hype of the TV debates, where audiences are encouraged to pick the next Prime Minister on style and presentation. We vote for the Party, and policies, not the nicest, or coolest looking chap on the podium!

However, Keith Vaz, the Labour candidate for Leicester East, has obviously decided that the glitz and glamour path is the way to go, and to that end is delighted that Shilpa Shetty is coming over from Mumbai to dazzle his constituents into voting him back as MP.

Miss Shetty found fame when she was a contestant on tacky Celebrity Big Brother. No stranger to scandalous rumours back home, Shilpa married long-standing boyfriend, divorce Raj Kundra, an Indian business tycoon.
Their wedding reception was held at the House of Commons, hosted by Mr. Vaz, though I can't find the occasion mentioned in the British papers, only Asian sites. Keith himself describes the occasion as a dinner; I rather think Indian wedding receptions consist of a bit more than something like prawn cocktail and steak and chips but maybe Keith skimped on the catering. I wonder how many guests were invited? But, more to the point, who paid for the bash? As we know, Keith is not above flipping homes on his expenses, nor wallowing in silk cushions, also paid for courtesy of the taxpayer.
But maybe this was his wedding present to the happy couple, so he wouldn't have expected said taxpayers to stump up. Whatever, what a terrific inducement for Shilpa to return the favour, on a 'I've scratched your back, now you scratch mine' basis. Let's hope she doesn't return to Mumbai this time with scandal attached...

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