Friday, 30 April 2010

Election Debates

On Wednesday 14 April the South Leicestershire Conservative association arranged a public meeting where constituents could 'question your local candidates'.

As you can see from the advert above only three of the candidates were due to attend. I contacted the BNP candidate for South Leicestershire constituency, Paul Preston, to ask why he wasn't attending. He replied that he had no idea the meeting was taking place and had not been invited but would have been happy to have been on the panel and answer questions from local people.

On Tuesday 4 May at Lutterworth Town Hall there will be another 'question your local candidates' public meeting also arranged by the Conservatives.

This time you are invited to meet 'your main local candidates', which sounds like a way to exclude any candidate with an alternative point of view to that of the LibLabCon, and only the same three candidates are advertised as attending. Sure enough when I once again contacted Paul Preston he told me he has not received any invitation to this meeting either.

I have to ask myself if the Conservatives are frightened to debate with the BNP?
-- Leicester Boy

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