Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter egg-on-face

The Sun comic had egg on it's face - alas, not the chocolate variety - on Friday when it published the "sensational news" that Nick Griffin had been stripped of his law degree by Cambridge University.

Unfortunately, the rather less than intelligent journalists employed by this rag neglected to notice the date on which this story was originally published - April 1st.
Overcome with their holy zeal of decrying Mr. Griffin and the BNP at any cost, these gutter scribblers launched the story into print and on the internet...on April 2nd., so they couldn't even claim it as their joke. The item was hurriedly taken down later when the gaffe was pointed out to them, but it was too late. The Guardian took up the story with great delight, sniggering at the red faces of their rivals, and revealing where the Sun had pinched their "exclusive" from.

It appears that this was an April Fool's joke, albeit one in bad taste, thought up by students at Cambridge and published in theirTab magazine. (A little problem for them, by the way, is that April Fool jokes end at mid-day on the 1st, and if carried on, the joke rebounds on the joker; the article is still up online!)

Because it was published on a normal day, a lot of people were taken in by the Sun's story. But when their puerile reporting was uncovered, many more were disgusted, not least by the fact that one of our most read papers cribs it's news from daffy student online mags.

The Sun isn't alone in printing lies to suit their agenda of course. This is just one of the more ludicrous examples. But it should hopefully make people stop and think about our national Press, and whether their reporting should be taken with a large pinch of salt.
Anyway, make my egg a chocolate one: eggs laid by rags like the Sun are just plain rotten.

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