Sunday, 21 March 2010

Results From Bolton: UAF Thugs 55 EDL 9

At an anti-muslim extremist demonstration in Bolton yesterday, 55 violent, Marxist UAF thugs were arrested, with 9 from the EDL.

Riot police moved in swiftly as the violence from UAF protesters escalated out of control. An extract from the statement by GMP Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan reads:
"We, the council and the communities of Bolton have worked hard over recent weeks in order to facilitate these protests in a safe and responsible manner.

"Today in Bolton we have seen some small evidence of this protest in the form of flag waving and vitriolic name calling - but we have also seen groups of people, predominantly associated with the UAF, engaging in violent confrontation.

"It is clear to me that a large number have attended today with the sole intention of committing disorder and their actions have been wholly unacceptable. Turning their anger onto police officers they acted with, at times, extreme violence and their actions led to injuries to police officers, protestors and members of the public.

"The police are not and should not be the target of such violence and anger and this protest and the actions of some of the protestors is roundly condemned by GMP and by Bolton Council. Were it not for the professionalism and bravery of police officers many others would have been seriously injured. I would also like to praise the efforts of the EDL stewards who worked with us in the face of some very ugly confrontations."

Among those arrested were WEYMAN BENNETT, UAF joint secretary, who was later charged with conspiracy to organise violent disorder, and UAF's MARTIN SMITH, who runs the 'Love Music Hate Racism' campaign, who been arrested for conspiracy to commit violence.

We have warned before about the odious UAF mob, who not only appear to support the terrorists in our midst and are incredibly quiet when atrocities are committed on our people, but also are blatant in their violent leanings. Their backers though seem still to be blissfully unaware of the scum that they support. Or are they? Their names include Keith Vaz MP, Peter Hain MP, Ken Livingstone, Union and NUJ secretaries among the list, which is no surprise, but you would think that, by now, Conservative Leader David Cameron would be appalled to find himself supporting the odious UAF crew if he wanted to be considered as Britain's next Prime Minister. But of course, UAF backing comes from all colours of the LibLabCon party, none of them hold the moral high ground.

Here is the infamous list of UAF backers. Is your MP's name on it? Your Union's?
Do you want these types who commit or condone violence and intimidation acting for you?
Make your choice soon because time is running out.

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