Friday, 19 March 2010

Oh no, it's Keith Vaz again!

Leicester East MP Keith Vaz, he of the silk-cushions-on-expenses and tarnished reputation, is never one to shirk a media opportunity. So, when the Leicester Mercury reported on the plight of 2 illegal immigrants residing on the pavements of Green Lane Road our Keith was there like a ferret down a rabbit-hole, to put everything right.

Read the story HERE

Apparently, these 2 illegal vagrants didn't think things through; they 'lost' their passports and documents, and as they are here illegally they cannot work nor return home. They have been here for 4 months, in full view of nearby residents and businesses, so it is a puzzle as to why nothing has been done up to now to get them deported back to India (one has expressed his wish for that to happen, but neither are accepting help).

So Mr. Vaz, scenting a spot of pre-election publicity, rides to the rescue on the coat-tails of this story.
A problem is though, that it is not happening in his constituency, but in Peter Soulsby's. And, from the comments, one gathers that the people of Leicester are not impressed by his actions. His nickname in Leicester is 'Bandwagon' Vaz.

But if Mr. Vaz is truly concerned for homeless people, there is a solution until the situation is resolved: he has the room to put them up himself, having 2 homes and an office in Leicester. And what a pity he didn't think of this during the recent bitter winter.
Still, after he has acquired documents for them (we've heard he's pretty good at that) to go back to India, perhaps he will apply himself to addressing the plight of genuine homeless people on our streets. Quietly, and without climbing on the electioneering bandwagon.


Anonymous said...

Please give the people of Leicester east a real choice at the General Election and put up a BNP candidate

Keats said...

I believe there is a candidate waiting, if the local Branch can secure the money needed for the deposit/campaign. (We're not bankrolled by the Unions but rely on donations).

Leicester Boy said...

We need £900 to contest Leicester East, if you can help with that anonymous please click the link on the right hand side.