Sunday, 14 March 2010

Minutes of joint Leicestershire BNP Meeting, March 2010

Cllr. Wayne McDermott, NWL Organiser and REO, opened and chaired the meeting.
82 people attended.
Cllr. James North, Melton & Rutland Organiser, read the minutes of the last meeting which were agreed.


Geoff Dickens, East Midlands Regional Organiser, reported on the varying amounts of leafleting being done in the County; 40,000 had been delivered up to the end of January.
Geoff announced that, at the GE, he will be standing as PPC for Harborough, while Keith Addison will be standing in Melton. He reported on our progress, and the thousands of pounds being raised throughout the EM Region by the different Branches.
The court case was intended to bankrupt us and the costs are high; Geoff encouraged us all to support Fundraising events, including the Cromwell Club, which has an event this month.
He praised Mike Kelly’s presentation on muslim extremism and said that this should be compulsory for the Bishops to attend.

Cllr. Wayne McDermott reported on elections. He said that Sherwood wanted a candidate, the money was there to pay for one. He told us that Graham Partner was enjoying being a County Councillor , and that we would have got 5 councillors under the d'Hondt system. In NWL, our percentage will make the difference as to who holds the seat, and the District now has more councillors than Labour. Wayne commented on the Lib Dem situation in NWL, where the local branch has been suspended.

Rachel the Secretary for Melton & Rutland, gave a talk on the ludicrous political correctness suffered by our classic childrens’ literature, citing instances like Tintin, which has been accused of ‘racism’, ‘colonialism’ and ‘xenophobia’, and has been removed from a library following a complaint. Enid Blyton was now ‘nasty, sexist and xenophobic’, while many young characters had been made gender-neutral. Leading on from this, Rachel cited Nick Clegg as saying that “ faith schools should teach that homosexuality is normal and harmless”; she gave the BNP’s view on this, that what people do in private is their own business, but homosexuality should not be avidly promoted.



Jonathan Bowden was the Guest Speaker. He touched briefly on the court case, telling us that the problem has been resolved and that, in the few hours following the judgement, £15,000 in new membership had been taken already. He said that Labour has added so many laws that everyone is now frightened of offending anybody – except the English, Trevor Philips was on the ropes to ‘do something’ in a vain attempt to split us up and disrupt us, but has not succeeded.
Jonathan told us that the main parties have 80% in common, while we disagree with 80% of what they say. We are a threat and a danger to the liberal elite. Labour were not an antidote to the Major years, but promised white-heat technology; now we are in debt with mad spending. Brown got out of No. 11 and into No. 10 just in time!
Jonathan painted an horrific picture of how we have been brought low. Consumption without manufacture, great swathes of people leaving war zones, mass movement of peoples around the world., architectural destruction, organic destruction on many levels. He touched on Stafford hospital, where even the staff fear to be treated, and commented on our schools, where children are illiterate, know no history and are unemployable. On the Bulger/Venables case, he made the point that it has taken on an iconic status, as they stand in the public eye for the whole. Liberals have more sympathy with the perpetrators of violent crime than the victims, our leaders want to be seen as weak. But we should be strong, and Jonathan therefore urged us to support the BNP; leaflet, give money and vote for them.

Cllr. John Ryde conducted a ‘Dutch’ collection, after praising Jonathan Bowden’s impassioned and frightening speech. He said that we have a huge enemy to defeat and made a plea for money to help people stand as candidates, and pay for leaflets.
John explained that, at an earlier meeting, a pensioner had come up with £500, which example inspired those present to dig deep!

Dave Fairclough conducted an auction, for a dusky soft toy, and a special bottle of wine.

Cllr. McDermott let us know details about the forthcoming social, before inviting questions for the speaker from the floor.

The collection raised £929. 13, including 50 Euro cents, 1 Yuan, 1 Franc and 1 Czech Kronua
The auctions raised £31.00.
The raffle raised £103.00.

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