Sunday, 28 March 2010

CPS side with dangerous thugs?

`I feel sure many of you reading this will recall that, in June 2009, 2 BNP M.E.P.s were elected to the European Parliament. Both were elected to represent constituencies in the North of England. A week or so later both were attacked by thugs,louts, call-`em-what-you-will, outside the House of Commons. During this attack, which the local London police did nothing to prevent, someone (one of the louts) threw a DART at the M.E.P.s. The dart struck a security man on the chest. 9 months on, the CPS has decided there`s no case to answer and `will not prosecute`. So it appears it`s now acceptable - for some anyway - to throw darts at people whose views you disagree with. One might ask if these obviously highly dangerous missiles `count` as `offensive weapons`, along with guns, knives and razors, etc. Perhaps not, but the public need to know and to be reassured, I feel. Or is it just another case of the louts of the `Loony Left` once more getting away with it?
-- Mike Robinson

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