Thursday, 11 March 2010

Churches' "Question Time", Sunday 14th March

Faith leaders in Leicestershire have organised a 'Question Time' style forum to be held this Sunday, 14th March at Leicester Cathedral (St. Martins). The panel will consist of "candidates standing at the General Election in city and county".
Zuffar Haq, Liberal Democrat, standing in Harborough, is the lone voice for the County.

Peter Soulsby, Labour, is standing in Leicester South.
Jane Hunt, Conservative, is standing in Leicester East.
Geoff Forse, Greens, is standing in Leicester West.

Hang on, Greens?
How many Green councillors are there in Leicestershire? Only one, Phil Gordon. How many Green PPCs are standing in Leicestershire? Only 3, and they are all in the city.

So it is strange that the British National Party have not been invited to take part in this forum on Sunday as the BNP were confirmed as the 4th biggest party in the County polling over 12% across the whole of Leicestershire in June 2009.

If they wish to get involved in politics the Church should treat all Parties equally, as any good Christian would, and not persecute some whilst promoting others.
BNP members continue to be persecuted by the Church of England and we suspect that you will be reading more about the CoE's un-Christian behaviour in the near future.

But let us show forgiveness and tolerance to the Leicester Churches for this omission, obviously an oversight by them; there is still time for them to invite a member of the BNP (Leicestershire's 4th. largest Party) to join the panel on Sunday. All they have to do is contact us and we'll be happy to send a representative to join the panel.

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