Thursday, 18 March 2010

BNP Vicar Comes Under Media Scrutiny

Revd RMB West is the BNP prospective parliamentary candidate for Lincoln Town in the forthcoming general election of 2010.
The following is a summary of those interviews.

1. Please tell us a bit about yourself.
I am a minister of the gospel and involved in politics due to the dire state of the country. I was a Conservative District Councillor on South Holland Council from 2003 and had also stood for them in 1999. I was voted as the Council’s representative on the Lincolnshire “Racial Equality” Council with broad cross-party support from both Conservatives and Independents. On 14th May 2006 I transferred to the British National Party due to Labour’s loss of control of immigration and the Cameron Conservatives seeming endorsement of it.

2. But were you not sacked from the Racial Equality Council as your views are incompatible with it?
Not at all. We believe in equality of treatment - the difference is that we practice it in an appropriate way by supporting national frontiers and border-controls, so that each nation can enjoy its own country in peace and tranquillity. The self-styled Race Equality Council seems to have an agenda of favouring ethnic minorities (and certain other “communities”) and not giving the rest of us our due. This is most certainly not equality. Moreover, I was elected to represent South Holland on the “Equality” Council and they were happy for such representation to continue.

3. You are a priest are you not?
I am an ordained elder or preaching presbyter but I tend not to use the word “priest,” though some Anglicans announce me as such when I am invited to take their services of Morning and Evening Prayer or Holy Communion.

4. Why do you not have a proper church?
The church is the people and not the building. In the New Testament, churches tended to meet in private houses. But I do run a prayer and theological fellowship and I am the moderator to the Christian Council of Britain. I have recently taken both Anglican and Presbyterian services together with wedding blessings and baptisms and I find that my services are quite acceptable.

5. Many Christians would find the views of the BNP unChristian and unacceptable, even racist. How do you square being a vicar with being a member of the British National Party?
Quite simply racism is not what we have been told. Racism is where someone wants to take your country from you, not where you wish to keep your own country. The BNP is neither bombing Iraq not encouraging the colonisation of Britain. In both the Old and New Testament, it is very clearly laid down that we are to live in our nations and that each nation is to have its own homeland, or country.

6. But does not the New Testament say that we are all one in Christ Jesus? We are all one in Christ Jesus, certainly, as to the terms of our salvation and as to the offer made to us of salvation; but this does not mean that we cease to be male or female, high or low, or Jew and Gentile. Nations are still to exist by the will of God, as are class distinctions and the two sexes! But salvation is open equally to all and upon the same terms. The Bible certainly does not favour a world without borders; and part of the problem of modern Britain, and the explanation for a “Broken Britain,” is that there are not enough boundaries being set and upheld. This is particularly true in many modern classrooms. There is a connection between disorder in the classroom and knife-crime on the streets!

7. The BNP does not stand a hope of getting anywhere in Lincolnshire because the shire is so “diverse”: you got the lowest votes of any party in the whole of the shire in 2009.
I got over 20% of the vote in my local ward and that was whilst we were concentrating on the EU elections! People are worried that our national identity is being washed-out by excessive levels of Labour migrants. British people are losing their jobs, overtime, and working conditions. Excessive migration is also a threat to everyone’s national identity, job security, housing, quality-of-life and working conditions; as well as a danger to the cohesion of all societies - not just our own. For these reasons we may get some of our East European friends voting for us. They would not like to see the loss of their own countries. Knowing many of them I know how very proud they are of their own countries.

8. But Britain is their country, now that they have come here!
A few moments ago you were saying how “diverse” things were in Lincolnshire. Now you are saying that we are all the same - British! Moving to Britain will not make anyone British. If that were the case we need not have fought the Battle of Britain: Hitler’s armies would have become “ours” as soon as they had landed! The absurdity and contradictory nature of your reasoning is patent to most people. Identity is generally considered to come from descent: who you are from, not where you happen to be. This was well illustrated in the series done some time ago - “Roots” - about Black African slaves in America. This is also borne out by the ethnicity monitoring forms. “Ethnic” is the Greek word for “nation.” You cannot have it both ways: insisting, when it suits you, that “we are all the same” and then, when it does not suit you, harassing us for our differences when you want to divide-and-rule ordinary people and impose more draconian laws upon them. A nation is a people grouped by common descent and each nation, including our own, needs its own land. We need a Balfour Declaration for the British People - a national home for them in their historic homeland. And the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, supports such nationalism. The Christian minister of the gospel is to disciple the nations, not to destroy them. Bishop of Lincoln and Archbishop of York please take note!

9. What other policies do you have? You are against Europe, aren’t you? Europe is a continent and a civilization of several thousand years. We are a part of European civilization and the European continent. We have fought for the freedom of European nations on many occasions. The European Union began in 1957. Obviously, it is very different to the continent and civilization of Europe. Trade with Europe and travel to and from Europe will be unaffected by our withdrawal from the monstrously bureaucratic, costly and incompetent European Union. We are better off out of the European Union, and the sooner the better. This will save an immense amount of money and red-tape. It will replace bureaucracy with democracy and restore government back to the people (not the unelected bureaucrats), where it belongs.

10. How do you think you will do in the forthcoming election: you will not do very well, will you? I am optimistic. We are building a ladder-to-power. The people of Britain cannot put up for ever with the atrocious mistreatment that they have endured over the last few decades: political correctness, the ending of free speech, the attacks on Christianity, accelerating increase in crime and taxes; the ruination of our local fauna and environment - the death of local communities, the closure of pubs and post offices; the creation of bogus qualifications and fake rights for everyone else, whilst our genuine rights are trampled upon and wantonly destroyed. People are becoming restive. They do not see an alternative in the Homo-Conservatives, mainly because the Conservatives - by experience - have become a blue edition of Red Labour. But I am not a prophet and I cannot say how much we are likely to get in this area, at this stage.

In a sense, however, we are “in power” already. We are dictating the agenda. Look at how the erroneously entitled “Equality and Human Rights” Commission have taken us to court in the run-up to an election to try to drain our funds. They have not done that to any other opposition party, have they? And why now, when they have had “their laws” in place over “our rights” for decades? That shows, in the eyes of many people - not just our friends - that we are the real opposition.

And the reason for that is that we are the real alternative!

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