Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Young, Angry and White - Media Misrepresentation

This Friday, 12th. February, Channel 4 are broadcasting a documentary called "Young, Angry and White". It purports to be investigating why young people join the BNP.
The blurb in a TV magazine states:

" By the age of 15, Kieran had already developed strong political views; though clearly bright, he thinks Britain should be populated only by white heterosexuals. Now 19, Kieren believes the BNP is the 'family party' and is mulling over joining their ranks. This film asks -why?"

Here is the journalist, Peter Beard, being interviewed about his film (dated 3rd. February). Note that BNP members would not speak to him, and that in desperation he found Kieren through a girlfriend's cousin; this does not accord with Kieren's account, he says that Beard followed him from a BNP rally. Note that the BNP is mentioned 8 times, while the National Front is mentioned once only. Which might seem natural if Kieran was seriously thinking of joining the BNP, but...

Kieran is actually the Organiser of the Young National Front, and has been from at the latest July 2009 -the Red, White and Blue didn't take place until mid-August. He has attended the NF Remembrance Parade, and also taken part in a nationalist march 2 years ago - something the BNP haven't done for many years. He felt that the BNP have 'sold out'. As an NF official, this should not have concerned him.

Kieran gave a 'heads-up' to the coming documentary on 21st January. A senior National Front member, Tom Linden, congratulated him on appearing in the film, giving away Kieran's standing in the party; when questioned about this the message was deleted. Now, Kieren has closed his account on the same site and all of his posts have been deleted.

Between filming and Beard's interview on the 3rd. of this month, Beard would have had serious doubts that this young man was contemplating joining the mainstream BNP and it should have been obvious to any self-respecting journalist that his documentary was fatally skewed. Didn't Kieren enlighten him as to his existing membership and position in the National Front? Is there more to this episode than appears on the surface?

This is not about Kieren per se; anybody should be able to join the Party of their choice and have their views heard. No, this is about the underhandedness of journalists, aided and abetted by the NJU, who edit and spin their version to suit their agenda, preying on people's naivety when giving interviews of this kind.
We shall see on Friday how this was spun; I hope that Beard has been fair, but we have seen how the media have twisted facts too often against the BNP to expect much difference here. That, Mr. Beard, is why you couldn't find any BNP people willing to talk to you.


Anonymous said...

Come the EGM he'll have been proven right that the party has "sold out",

Anonymous said...

You'd rather the BNP was banned? Cutting off your nose to spite your face is not a mature thing to do is it.

Anonymous said...

It isn't illegal to have a white only membership.

Its allowed in the EU just look at the amount of white only nationalist parties.

So yes the BNP has sold out and the 300 people who voted for this a sheep nothing else.

Keats said...

Again. So you would rather the Party be banned, or bankrupted?

Anonymous said...

I actually thought he came across well better than the Mark Collett one.

Keats said...

Most people agree that this showed the BNP in a favourable light.
Surprising that it was broadcast!