Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Countesthorpe - Major Development Threats

Countesthorpe residents are fighting major development in their village. 2 large Planning Applications have been accepted, another has been rejected but gone to appeal, while a 4th by Davidsons (Willoughby Rd.) threatens meadows and green belt, protected trees and the peace and well-being of nearby residents and allotments. There are fears that the latter is only Phase 1. The proposed developments will have consequences for the whole village, as the infrastructure, in terms of sewage and drainage, schools, doctors, law and order and traffic cannot cope.

The residents vow to fight off this menace. Local councillors have voiced their objections, while Leicestershire BNP have provided support and practical help. The Blaby MP, Andrew Robotham has written a scathing attack on immigration as the cause of these huge developments being needed.

You have until the 10th February to get your letters of objection in for the Willoughby Rd. application to Andrew Senior, Case Officer, at Blaby Planning Dept., Desford Rd., Narborough, LE19 2EP. Please quote the Planning Application number: 09/0780/1/OX on correspondence. (Objections received after that date will be taken into consideration)

You can object to the Leicester Rd. application by endorsing the District Council's refusal by writing to Blaby Planning Dept., quoting the Planning Application number 09/0293/

*If you have received a leaflet, please put it in your window.
*You can join/support the Countesthorpe Action Group, Tel: 07751 023 036.
*News pages on the Countesthorpe Gardens and Allotments Society are worth reading.

*There will be a Special Parish Council Meeting on 22nd February 7.30 p.m.. Countesthorpe Village Hall, Station Road, Countesthorpe where the public will be welcomed to air their views on the Davidsons application, before the Parish Council send their thoughts to the Planning Office at Blaby District Council. Please attend, the more residents of Countesthorpe that do, the better


Allison said...

I object to you and all that support you - utter filth in our community. Typical BNP. Pray on individuals concerns to get a foot hold. No mention of you on the leaflet this morning was there. Tricking people has always been your game.

Keats said...

No Allison,there is no mention of the BNP on the leaflet, just as there is no reference to the other Parties on it because it is a Community Action. Have you written to the Conservatives and LibDems to decry their involvement in this issue too? No? Read the last 2 Countesthorpe Heralds.
I have a personal interest in this issue, I live next to the proposed development. No praying (sic!), no trickery Allison. I shall be at that meeting tonight, alongside other concerned residents of all hues. I hope that you will put aside your prejudice and nit-picking and be there too.

Leicester Boy said...

Just to clarify, for people like Allison, The Countesthorpe Action Group that this article is about has no connection to the BNP.

We do, however, support the aims of the group and encourage our members and supporters to help oppose this unwanted development.

Any leaflets that have been delivered to your home on this topic Allison were not produced by the BNP but by the local action group.

Anonymous said...

Hi, here is a link for the Countesthorpe Action Group, http://www.countesthorpeactiongroup.blogspot.com/
Many thanks

Keats said...

Hi there Anonymous, thanks for the link, I'll add it to the article.
Keep up the good work!

patrick said...

Here is another good site I said I would pass along.


Keats said...

Thank you for leaving a comment patrick. The link is not suitable for this article; if you have one concerning education, perhaps it would be better under the NUT article.