Sunday, 28 February 2010

NUT's Hate Campaign Against The BNP

The National Union of Teachers has launched a campaign against the BNP, despite it's General Secretary, Christine Blower, avowing that the NUT is not affiliated to any political party. She admits however that the union has a political fund that will be directed at the BNP, using such doubtful entities as the odious Unite Against Fascism (we have seen the work of their violent thugs many times recently) and Love Music Hate Racism (Bread and Circuses)

NUT-friendly UAF thugs putting the boot in outside Parliament, 2009

A disgusted member of the teaching profession has given us their copy of the NUT magazine for March. Disgusted because they object to their Union engaging in biased politics. Disgusted at their Union using members' money to campaign and promote hate against a particular legal Party, and producing a 4 page pull-out in their magazine to brag about it. Disgusted at NUT affiliating themselves with known violent extremists such as UAF.
NUT members come from a wide spectrum of politics, and the Union is disgracing itself by not respecting that fact.

Weyman Bennett wades in with his contribution, a mish-mash of supposed hate crime in Eastbury and Chelmsley Wood, lifted from the Left-loving, Guardian, conveniently missing out the fact that BNP members do not indulge in that kind of behaviour, and that, as the Guardian article stated: "Indeed, the trend is far from clear cut. Race crime does not always rise when the BNP takes power. The Metropolitan police believes increases could be down to the growing confidence of victims and witnesses to come forward."
Bennett brings up such wastrels as Robert Cottage, Terence Gavan and David Copeland in his quest to prove the BNP are violent. No-one is going to excuse criminals. Of course, no mention is made of Muslim terrorists, who have caused far more damage; nor does he quote any criminals from other Parties, like these Liars, Buggers and Thieves
Are other Parties to be judged and condemned because of a few wrongdoers? If not Mr. Bennett, why not?

Front page of NUT magazine, showing their contempt for democracy

Lee Billingham, national organiser of Love Music Hate Racism then bumbles in with his article, asserting that the BNP vote in the North-West, and Yorkshire and Humberside elections last year had fallen. Mr. Billingham, votes for all the Parties fell, less people are voting! Surely you've read the concerns about voter apathy?

He goes on to boast that LMHR initiatives were warmly welcomed by students - who do tend to veer towards the left, by and large - and brags that 20,000 youngsters attended the LMHR festival in Stoke in 2009. Well, they would, young people have been brainwashed by trashy pop culture, so it's no surprise that they flock to a concert banging the stuff out! But that's what they go for, not the message.

Police attempt to hold back a far-left extremist UAF mob threatening violence against the BNP

Nick Lowles, national co-ordinator of Hate not Hope then warns about the possibility of the BNP running Barking and Dagenham Council, saying that it would be 'a nightmare for teachers'. Why would it, if the teachers were good ones doing their job properly? Which is to give children - all the children in the Borough - a good education. Does it frighten him, and the NUT, to know that the BNP will implement high standards, and that they will make a far better job of reversing illiteracy, innumeracy, and bringing back discipline, self-respect, and work ethic? Surely we owe our children, and our future, this.

It would appear (on the surface anyway) that the NUT are out of date. Panicking Labour politicians are scrabbling to climb on the BNP bandwagon as they see their seats sliding away from them in the coming General Election. Margaret Hodge has written to her Barking constituents in a grovelling letter saying that immigration can be 'unsettling for predominantly white and traditional East End families'. Ed Balls admits that 'there are concerns' in his area (Morley and Outwood, Yorkshire) over immigration and avers that there should be a probationary period for immigrants before they can claim benefits. Other Labour MP are doing the same thing (astonishing!).

They're being very racist, aren't they? But we do not wonder why NUT, UAF or LMHR is clamouring to decry them, because they know as well as everyone else that the deeply hypocritical and bigoted Labour members don't mean a word of it. After hugging themselves on 'rubbing the Right's nose in it' via deliberate mass immigration, and having been found out, they'll tell any lie to save their skins, even to pinching BNP policies.
So much for the "unaffiliated" NUT, and all their little hangers-on.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Young, Angry and White - Media Misrepresentation

This Friday, 12th. February, Channel 4 are broadcasting a documentary called "Young, Angry and White". It purports to be investigating why young people join the BNP.
The blurb in a TV magazine states:

" By the age of 15, Kieran had already developed strong political views; though clearly bright, he thinks Britain should be populated only by white heterosexuals. Now 19, Kieren believes the BNP is the 'family party' and is mulling over joining their ranks. This film asks -why?"

Here is the journalist, Peter Beard, being interviewed about his film (dated 3rd. February). Note that BNP members would not speak to him, and that in desperation he found Kieren through a girlfriend's cousin; this does not accord with Kieren's account, he says that Beard followed him from a BNP rally. Note that the BNP is mentioned 8 times, while the National Front is mentioned once only. Which might seem natural if Kieran was seriously thinking of joining the BNP, but...

Kieran is actually the Organiser of the Young National Front, and has been from at the latest July 2009 -the Red, White and Blue didn't take place until mid-August. He has attended the NF Remembrance Parade, and also taken part in a nationalist march 2 years ago - something the BNP haven't done for many years. He felt that the BNP have 'sold out'. As an NF official, this should not have concerned him.

Kieran gave a 'heads-up' to the coming documentary on 21st January. A senior National Front member, Tom Linden, congratulated him on appearing in the film, giving away Kieran's standing in the party; when questioned about this the message was deleted. Now, Kieren has closed his account on the same site and all of his posts have been deleted.

Between filming and Beard's interview on the 3rd. of this month, Beard would have had serious doubts that this young man was contemplating joining the mainstream BNP and it should have been obvious to any self-respecting journalist that his documentary was fatally skewed. Didn't Kieren enlighten him as to his existing membership and position in the National Front? Is there more to this episode than appears on the surface?

This is not about Kieren per se; anybody should be able to join the Party of their choice and have their views heard. No, this is about the underhandedness of journalists, aided and abetted by the NJU, who edit and spin their version to suit their agenda, preying on people's naivety when giving interviews of this kind.
We shall see on Friday how this was spun; I hope that Beard has been fair, but we have seen how the media have twisted facts too often against the BNP to expect much difference here. That, Mr. Beard, is why you couldn't find any BNP people willing to talk to you.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Countesthorpe - Major Development Threats

Countesthorpe residents are fighting major development in their village. 2 large Planning Applications have been accepted, another has been rejected but gone to appeal, while a 4th by Davidsons (Willoughby Rd.) threatens meadows and green belt, protected trees and the peace and well-being of nearby residents and allotments. There are fears that the latter is only Phase 1. The proposed developments will have consequences for the whole village, as the infrastructure, in terms of sewage and drainage, schools, doctors, law and order and traffic cannot cope.

The residents vow to fight off this menace. Local councillors have voiced their objections, while Leicestershire BNP have provided support and practical help. The Blaby MP, Andrew Robotham has written a scathing attack on immigration as the cause of these huge developments being needed.

You have until the 10th February to get your letters of objection in for the Willoughby Rd. application to Andrew Senior, Case Officer, at Blaby Planning Dept., Desford Rd., Narborough, LE19 2EP. Please quote the Planning Application number: 09/0780/1/OX on correspondence. (Objections received after that date will be taken into consideration)

You can object to the Leicester Rd. application by endorsing the District Council's refusal by writing to Blaby Planning Dept., quoting the Planning Application number 09/0293/

*If you have received a leaflet, please put it in your window.
*You can join/support the Countesthorpe Action Group, Tel: 07751 023 036.
*News pages on the Countesthorpe Gardens and Allotments Society are worth reading.

*There will be a Special Parish Council Meeting on 22nd February 7.30 p.m.. Countesthorpe Village Hall, Station Road, Countesthorpe where the public will be welcomed to air their views on the Davidsons application, before the Parish Council send their thoughts to the Planning Office at Blaby District Council. Please attend, the more residents of Countesthorpe that do, the better

Monday, 8 February 2010


Is this the true face of 'moderate' Islam in Britain? The Trojan Horse welcomed through the gates?
Here is a video of Shahid Malik MP, the fast-tracked Justice Minister who stepped down last year over irregularities uncovered during the expenses scandal, informing everyone that the Commons will be filled with muslims, and he expects a muslim prime minister. And after that, Mr. Malik? Full Sharia Law? Anjem Choudhary and his mates must be dancing in the mosques with glee at your ambitions.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Minutes of Leicester BNP Meeting, February 2010

The meeting was opened and chaired by Geoff Dickens

-50 people attended
-Minutes from the last meeting were read and agreed


Geoff Dickens gave a brief history of the BNP in Leicestershire. He told us that Dave Cadman took over as Organiser after John Peacock's death. How few members we had when he, Geoff, became Organiser in 2003; now there are ten times the number. He and Mike Robinson, his deputy, decided to appoint contacts in each area, a lot of which are still there. In about 2006 Charnwood broke away and is now a totally separate area, and then in 2008 Melton separated, then NW Leicester. This group that is left, Leicester Branch, consists of –The city, Harborough, Hinckley & Bosworth, and Blaby (now South Leicestershire). Ten years ago we polled 1.1% on average, last year an average of 12%, and beat Labour in nearly every seat, getting 20 or even 25% in some areas. We have three Parliamentary candidates, Paul Preston for South Leicestershire/Blaby, Gary Reynolds for West Leicester, and John Ryde for Hinckley and Bosworth.


-James Mole, our fundholder since 2001 [and regional fundholder], gave a financial overview of the Leicestershire Branch, which has a turnover of £12,000. 277,000 leaflets were printed last year; a good part of our income comes from printing leaflets for other groups. He told us it costs us £900 to stand each candidate in the General Election, more for a better leaflet.

Cllr. John Ryde followed that by asking: 'Wouldn't it be wonderful if the Chancellor of the Exchequer gave a detailed report like that, we'd know where we stood'. He told us about our donations being used to set up a call-centre, which during the recent bad weather, instead of reminding people it was time to renew their subscriptions, looked for our oldest members, and gave them a call to see whether they could get out to shop, or if they were short of anything. They rang George who hadn't much food in, and, through Geoff, Pete Cheeseman was contacted, who went round and found only half a tub of margarine in his fridge. He'd asked for a shopping list on the phone, and took that and some treats as a present from one member to another. We are a big family said John, but if this family is to survive it costs money, and asked us if we would consider taking a standing order form and giving a small amount each month.


Pete Cheeseman asked members and friends to fold leaflets or do postal voting envelopes if they couldn't do leafleting [or in addition].



Mike Kelly from Derby spoke on the danger of radical Islam, having spent about 20 years in Moslem countries. He said that the lack of mercy is the hardest to deal with, and told us details and showed photos of hands and feet which had just been cut off, and also two people, with hands tied behind their backs and buried up to their elbows, to be stoned to death. Other pictures were of the little eight year old boy, who'd stolen a loaf off the market, having his arm crushed under a lorry.
We now have 85 Sharia courts in Britain. The Moslems have said they will take over this country, they have declared war on us, we were told.


Raffle draw, collection and auction

-Questions for the speaker

-The raffle raised £58, auction £15, and the collection with teas raised £326.49

-The next meeting will be a combined Leicestershire meeting on 12th March