Sunday, 3 January 2010

2010, a year for change

Leicestershire Community Voice wishes all our readers a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

As every new year begins we look forward with hope, and look back with mixed feelings at the old. Some have lost loved ones, and we send our sympathies to those who have faced that empty chair for the first time this Christmas. For others there has been great joy with a new addition to the family, and we send our congratulations to them.
Countrywide, there has been despair. Businesses, jobs and houses were lost, tumbling down like dominoes due to greedy bankers and the incompetence of government. As usual, Labour has brought us to the brink of bankruptcy. It's going to get worse, and though many disillusioned folk are pinning their hopes on the Tories, there's no way that they can pull us out of the mire without us all suffering deeply. Will they also be able, or willing, to reverse the Marxist indoctrination, the swamping of our nation by immigrants or the decay of our national culture and ethics? It's unlikely given that they have grown so close and chummy with the discredited European superstate.

There was joy for the members and supporters of the BNP though in 2009, despite our shared woes with our fellow Britons.
The Euro Elections saw two BNP candidates elected as MEPs -Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons. In our own county of Leicestershire we saw our first BNP County Councillor, Graham Partner, one of three to be elected. What a weekend that was!
The eagerly awaited appearance on Question Time was another first, and though everything was done to persecute Nick, it became a triumph for him and the BNP, opening many more eyes to the rottenness and bias of the corrupt establishment.

Ring out the old, ring in the new!
Have you made your New Year Resolutions? Have you resolved to do all you can this year to take our country back? Put it first on the list, and stick to this one! it's not going to be easy, there's a lot of work to be done. You'll need to support the BNP and hopefully, join us very soon. Come to meetings, bring your family and friends along - having a moan in private makes you feel better but doesn't achieve anything!

And please, please resolve to get active; delivering leaflets might sound boring, but you'll meet like-minded people and be astonished by the great reception you'll get. It's fun too, and will help that other resolution of getting fitter (er...sometimes offset by going for a drink afterwards, but that's helping our struggling pubs survive).

Canvassing sounds daunting, but be assured you won't be alone and once you've broken your duck, you'll enjoy the look on peoples' faces when they realise that they can tell the BNP their worries without fear.

Lastly, be sure you vote. People have become so apathetic about this, and who can blame them when faced with a choice of expenses-troughing, lying LibLabCon? But you owe it to your antecedents who fought hard to get you this right, and to your children and grandchildren who are depending on your decision. Will you let them down?

Or will you resolve to do the decent thing this year, go out proudly on Election Day and put your cross against the only Party that will make Britain safe for you and your family -The British National Party?


Runesword said...

Consider this:

In late 2008, LibLabConKip sought Chinas "help" with the "banking crisis".
China then inssisted that Tibet has always been part of their empire. A few weeks later, David Miliband, announced that Britain recognised Tibet as 'part of the People's Republic of China'.

See Also -

"If we want to remind ourselves of British values - hospitality, tolerance and generosity to name just three - there are plenty of British Muslims ready to show us what those things really mean.
I don't think this is something that can or should be addressed through a government edict, but the BBC, as our national broadcaster, has both the
responsibility and the opportunity to give a lead."
- Cameron, writing in the Guardian

"Let's at least recognise the good intentions of our opponents. Let's be honest that whether you're Labour, Conservative or Liberal Democrat, you're motivated by pretty much the same progressive aims."
- Cameron, New Year speech 2010

There are only two parties to vote for - the LibLabConKip/Islam party ......... or the BNP.

Please distribue the above facts.
Make them known to the people and tell them this:
Two futures lie ahead. Choose wisely, or be forever damned!

BookMark said...

Additional content for election DVD -