Saturday, 18 December 2010

The ECHR Case - We Won!

A statement from Nick Griffin MEP on the judgement of the ECHR case, handed down on Friday 17th December:

"Against all odds
You help us beat the ‘Equalities’ bullies
Daily Mail calls it a ‘Propaganda Victory’ for the
British National Party

"Today I am delighted to inform you that the Race Gestapo has failed to kill the British National Party; The misnamed and Orwellian 'Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) have tasted bitter defeat.

"A ruling in the Royal Courts of Justice this morning found against the ECHR which was seeking to have Tanya Lumby, Simon Darby and I declared in contempt of court.

"Robin Allen QC, appearing for the Race Gestapo, said the British National Party was "playing with" the commission and its officials instead of obeying an earlier court judgment. But Lord Justice Moore-Bick and Mr Justice Ramsey dismissed this absurd claim.

"The British National Party had already fully complied with the earlier court order. The action of the Race Gestapo was motivated by political malice. They wanted to destroy the British National Party. They persecuted Tanya Lumby, Simon Darby and I. Their treatment of Tanya Lumby was particularly cruel. They wanted to break her and heartlessly subjected her to great strain. We all stood firm.

"The Race Gestapo carefully set snares for us but they have fallen into their own traps. The headline in the Daily Mail said it all: "Propaganda victory for BNP leader Nick Griffin". The case has been a Public Relations disaster for the 'Equalities' Commission which is seen by many to have squandered public money to pursue a political vendetta.

"We won significant victories in this case.

"This case forced the EHRC to acknowledge the existence of the native people of our islands as a distinct ethnic group, with the result that all members of that group are at last entitled to the full protection of anti-discrimination laws.
The English people especially are now no longer a non-people in their own country.
Further, who can now accuse the British National Party of being 'racist?
Our Constitution has, in effect, been officially approved!

"I want to thank the legal team which helped us win; more important than that I want to thank you because without all the small donations, without the cards and messages of encouragement we could not have won. You are winners with me today. You are what encourages and sustains me. Any victory I have is yours too. Together we have won a David and Goliath victory today.

"The British National Party will be seeking a full costs order against the EHRC for this vexatious action. It’s time to try and collect from the Race Gestapo. Our legal team is confident that we can get Justice on costs. Let’s send them back in to finish the job. I need your help once again so please send what you can."

To make a donation:

Donate Online

Or telephone 0844 8094581

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

New BNP Telephone Numbers and News from HQ

Please note the new telephone numbers for BNP membership and donations:

Our new Membership line is 0844 8094581

Our new Donation line is 0844 8094582.

The old numbers are still in operation but are being phased out.


Despite recent problems, and efforts by disgruntled ex-members and other agencies to undermine the Party and exacerbate these problems, the BNP executive reports that the internal workings of the Party are improving rapidly and the outlook is much more upbeat than formerly feared. Most members, I think, will be pleased to know that operations will once again be carried out on the mainland.
Following an Advisory Council meeting on Sunday, Nick Griffin MEP reports:-

"We have now completed the bulk of the work required in
transferring the party administration centre from Belfast back
to the Mainland. This has been quite a complex task as it
involved arranging the rental of new properties, laying in new
communications systems and moving equipment. Staff Manager, Adam
Walker, has also started the redundancy process with staff
affected by the closure of our operations in Belfast. The bulk
of the mailings, the membership and the donation processing will
now be done from a new office in Cumbria, while the Voice of
Freedom subscriptions and the enquiries department will re-locate
to Nuneaton. In Nuneaton we have moved to a slightly smaller
unit as part of our cost saving effort.
The move from Belfast will substantially reduce our running costs as
we will no longer be paying consultancy fees and staff and office
costs will be far lower.

"We have learned a lot from our past association with the Midas
Consultancy and we are very confident that we can take those
lessons and practically apply them and further develop them as a

"Despite the predictions of the doom-and-gloom merchants and
naysayers during our changes it has been ‘business as usual’. The
last three ‘Friday fundraisers’ have been produced by a new team
and the response rate has been encouragingly high."

"Membership numbers dropped predictably after the “softer” members
who joined after the 2009 European victory dropped out after
their 12 months and internal issues have not helped, but I can
inform you that reports in some quarters of our membership
dropping below 10,000 are absolutely false"

Leicestershire Regional Organiser, Geoff Dickens, reports that we have most of our property critical to the running of the Party machine (including our own Truth Truck)now here on the mainland, and he says:-

"The AC meeting was very positive. Debt is down to under 300k, the deal was done with Jim Dowson. It's looking like 2011 should be better than 2010"

Friday, 26 November 2010

Blaby South by-election results

In the by-election for Blaby South, held on Thursday, 25th November 2010, the results were:-

Lib Dem: 381
Con 264
Lab 153
BNP 68

BNP 7.8%
Turnout 22.5%

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Minutes of the BNP Leicester Joint Meeting 20th Nov 2010

-The Meeting was opened and chaired by Geoff Dickens.
-49 people attended.

-Minutes of the last meeting were read by John Ryde and agreed.

-Matters arising- Geoff told us that as Kevan Stafford had stood down as Charnwood organiser, Steve Denham would take over the position aided by Michael Dyer. He went on to tell us that due to cutbacks the Belfast office would be closed, and that we [the BNP] are making inroads into our debt.
-Organiser's report- In the by-election in Saxondale in Blaby Gary Reynolds got 7% of the vote after putting out three leaflets. Peter Jarvis is a candidate in Blaby on Thursday.

-John Ryde gave us a press report. Of the postcards that Kevan had put through doors saying 'No To The Incinerator' 529 were posted on to the council, which was a good response, and it made it easy for people to give their view. Also they had BNP on them, telling the council we were on the case. John asked Wayne to come up and tell us about being 'in the paper'. Wherever Wayne has been since he has got very friendly feedback from people he has met. John suggested we Google to find out how many Common Purpose people there are in Leicester, in 2005 there were over 600.

-NW Leicester report-Wayne told us that Ivan Hammond is now on his Parish Council in Battram ward in Ibstock. Cromwell Dinner tonight, don't forget.


Guest speaker Chris Beverley, Yorkshire regional Organiser and PA to Andrew Brons MEP told us about his paid role as Andrew's personal assistant. He works from Leeds not Brussels, on casework arising in the area; like the problems with the EU's rules on fishing, problems with housing, and the soldier, now without legs, who's car grant is being taken away by the government. The soldier has gladly accepted a donation from the ten percent of Andrew's salary that is donated to help with problems locally . Chris's job is to promote the MEP's role, and he brought us free copies of Andrew's first annual report as an MEP .

-The raffle draw came next and the collection, then some interesting questions for the speaker.

-The collection £239.38 plus 100 pesetas plus one euro.
-The raffle made £68.

-The next meeting will be the first week in February 2011

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Councillors face cull as districts plan full merger.....

A local councillor has sent us the following article from The MJ, the journal for local authority business magazine:-

Voluntary local government reorganisation is one step closer, as the body governing council boundaries has announced it is reconsidering how to best carry out reviews.

The Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE) has launched two consultation documents which will, between them, make it easier for councils to change the number of members they have, or go for a complete merger.

Under the recent financial pressures faced by councils, all options for saving cash are up for grabs, with several councils considering their options to cut councillors or merge. Until now, many mergers have been focused on back-office functions or senior management teams, but increasingly, councils are considering a more radical approach.

LGBCE chair, Max Caller, told The MJ that he had been approached by two or three pairs of councils which were interested in possible mergers, including Mid Suffolk and Babergh Borough Councilss, with others showing interest. But, he claimed, more might come forward when they saw it as an option. He said: "I don't think we can estimate the demand until we have done the consultation."

He said the commission 'has the power' to force hostile mergers, but had no plans to use it. Unlike the local government reorganisation under the last government, any potential mergers were, for now, likely to come from councils themselves.

To join up, the commission would require councils to show value for money and would expect an advisory referendum to show support for an amalgamation.

Mr. Caller said: "From my conversations with councils across England, it's clear to me that there's an appetite among them to look at radical solutions to the challenge of delivering excellent services at a time of dwindling resources and rising public expectations. These papers will tell them if, and how, we can assist."

"Delivering electoral quality for voters will always be our priority. In achieving fairness for local elections, however, we can help councils reach their strategic aims too. The LGBCE is not just a regulator."

Last month, Telford and Wrenkin Council announced plans to review the number of councillors it had as part of its cost-cutting exercise. And earlier this week, Gloucestershire CC announced it had been given the go ahead to cut from 63 members to 53, after calls from the ruling Conservative group on the council.

Leader of the council, Mark Hawthorne, said: "I could not look our staff who are facing redundancy in the face if councillors weren't sharing the pain too."

The consultation will run until the end of the year, and Mr Caller hopes to have changes in place by the start of the new financial year in April 2011.

A consultation on policy and procedures for principle area boundary reviews, and Striking the right balance: A consultation on policy and procedures for electoral reviews, can be found at HERE

*It seems odd that councillors would vote for their chance of being elected becoming more difficult. And what's to stop a new combined council merging with a 3rd? Then a 4th? Altogether, it sounds more impersonal and cumbersome, needing more executives to run it smoothly, not less. I'm not sure this is what David Cameron means by his 'Big Society'; shouldn't that involve smaller units, working from bottom up? I.e., local people who know their local area well?
Better surely to get rid of the overseas jollies, sky-high expenses and daft quangos which local taxpayers were never meant to fund, before they cut the peoples' representatives.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Middle Class Voters are Liars and Hypocrites

A Labour frontbencher has launched an astonishing attack on middle-class voters, branding them liars, racists, drunkards and even paedophiles, revealed in an article in the Daily Mail HERE

Eric Joyce, the party’s Northern Ireland spokesman, condemned the public for attacking lying politicians when they themselves may be ‘living lies’ at home.
In his rant, Mr Joyce condemned ‘articulate and intelligent’ parents for putting the interests of their own children over those of the poor.

(All decent parents will put their children first, Mr. Joyce)

He accused parents of hypocrisy for condemning drug use while drinking too much and said that MPs were right to appeal to the worst instincts of voters, including racism.
Mr Joyce even condemned attitudes to the danger of paedophiles, pointing out that most sex offenders target young victims within their own families.

(Instinct is not confined to one class, Mr. Joyce. Neither is hypocrisy. But most people are decent and abhor paedophilia and excess so stop trying to put guilt where it doesn't belong)

He spoke out after shamed former minister Phil Woolas was ousted by an election court for whipping up racial tensions with false claims about his opponent.
Mr Joyce said: ‘Here’s the truth. It’s hard to lie as a politician because everything we say is subject to enormous scrutiny.
‘But politicians know the lies a lot of people live and they pitch to you accordingly.
‘There’s a lot of lying going on, for sure. But [critics] might want to reflect on who is really doing the lying.’

(One big reason why voters woke up and chucked your Party out, Mr. Joyce)

The outburst backs up Tory claims that Labour is not the party of aspiration and has a lax attitude toward hard drugs.

Michael Fallon, the party’s deputy chairman, said: "This extraordinary online rant demonstrates contempt for the electorate. Yet again, it calls Ed Miliband’s judgment into question. Only a few weeks ago he appointed Eric Joyce to Labour’s front bench."

(Careful, Mr. Fallon. How many election promises have been broken by David Cameron)

Mr Joyce goes on to accuse parents of condemning drug use among the young while drinking heavily themselves.
"Alcohol does immeasurably more societal and personal damage than ecstasy; but it’s available on tap,literally, while ecstasy’s an A-class drug. Many people support “the war on drugs” knowing that it’s completely ineffectual, while doing their own impressive bit for the Treasury down at the pub. So they feel OK for their pain-free opposition to “bad” substance abuse by the generation behind them while indulging themselves on the stuff their own generation deems OK." he wrote.

(They're really laying into alcohol, while praising hard drugs, aren't they. No prizes for guessing why.)

Outraged Tory Party chairman Michael Fallon described Mr Joyce's comments as an 'extraordinary online rant'

Tacitly accusing voters, like those who backed Mr Woolas, of racism, Mr Joyce said: "When desperate politicians in some tightly-fought marginals are tempted into grey areas of language and insinuation, they’re barking up the wrong tree. But on the other hand, perhaps they’re not."

(Is it the public who are obsessed with racism, and tell lies about their opponents, Mr. Joyce? No, it's politicians and their pet media, isn't it; stop looking for scapegoats among normal people.)

Sources close to the Opposition leader revealed that Mr Joyce will be disciplined by party whips. A Labour spokesman said: "Our top priority is to look out for the people of Britain. We have the highest respect for every voter – no matter who they support."

(Really? Whoever they support? We'll remember that the next time you lambast BNP supporters)

A chastened Mr Joyce sought to backtrack last night. He said: ‘I was simply saying that issues are not always as straightforward as they seem. I have the highest respect for the public and I would never insult voters.’

(You just did, Mr. Joyce, and I'm sure your constituency voters have taken note of it. You're right in one thing though: all is not as straightforward in politics as it seems.)

Mr Joyce was elected to Parliament in 2005 and achieved notoriety as the MP with the largest expenses.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Breaking News!

It is of course the news that Prince William has announced his engagement to live-in girl friend, Kate Middleton.I bet you're as excited as the BBC over this; it's the most important piece of news on their website and no doubt the media are already jostling to interview everybody the couple have ever known (with pics). David Cameron says:" Me and Samantha are overjoyed" (so much for a public school education). The Dress, the Ring, Are they Really In Love?, all aspects of The Royal Love Story will be feverishly explored, it's very hard to think of any other topic today!

Other trivial bits of nothingness tacked on at the end of the News:

*Suspected terrorists held at Guantonamo Bay are to be paid millions in compensation by the UK Government (Otherwise known as British taxpayers' money).

*Unemployment hits 3 million today. (Bumped up by Twings moving their plant to Poland on 'Regeneration' money?)

A good day for burying bad news isn't it...

Oh, and David Cameron's quietly dropped his personal photographer (he couldn't find Cameron's good side presumably). That is trivial, but at least it'll save us a few pence. Let's hope it makes Euro MPs feel guilty enough to cut their expenses, that would save us millions.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Remembrance Sunday, Coalville

BNP members from around Leicestershire joined those from NWL Branch to observe Remembrance Sunday at Coalville, along with a huge crowd of local people. Some attended the preceding Service at the church, others waited to join the Parade when all proceeded to the War Memorial, where others were gathered. This year, our Treasurer and myself went on ahead to secure a place near the front, in order to get photographs. It was therefore very atmospheric to hear the drums in the distance, getting louder as the Parade came nearer, and to witness the incredible crowd which followed them. Surely, the people who turn out to honour our war dead gets more every year; the futile wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, resulting in the horrific death toll of our young forces men and women, preys on all our minds. But we honour all the fallen from all the wars and the recent losses focus our minds on those long gone also.

Many thanks to the Royal British Legion, the organisations who took part, and to Revd. Joss for the very moving service.
Below are some photographs taken on Sunday.

'Carve ther names with pride'
2 pictures of the wreath laid this year by NWL BNP Cllr, Ian Meller.

Leicestershire BNP members at the War Memorial

Photos of the Service, and the towering War Memorial at Coalville. During the 2 minutes silence, poppy petals fluttered down onto the crowd from the top, a lovely touch.
(Afterwards, we went inside the Memorial and were astonished to see only an iron ladder leading up through a tiny hole to the top. Whoever climbed up there to scatter the poppies - thank you and well done!)

As a sidenote to the day, it was good to see people coming up to shake Ellistown Parish Cllr's hand after the rather spiteful accusations against him by NWL Tory MP, Andrew Bridgen and a Labour councillor - from Loughborough!, Jewel Miah
Pots and kettles come to mind, gentlemen, remember that next year! Tip: think first before antagonising prospective NWL voters.

Looking for a job?

Cllr. John Ryde sent me a link to the Taxpayers Alliance website where he'd spotted an article by Fiona McEvoy concerning 'non-jobs'. Apparently, members send in examples of advertisements and the TPA publish them. You can read Miss McEvoy's article in full HERE

One of the public sector jobs advertised was for an "Interim Workstream Lead-Commissioning. Read what the job entails:-

Our local government client based in West Midlands is looking for an Interim Workstream Lead Commissioning to support the Putting People First Programme Manager in preparing for personalised commissioning in line with the Putting People First agenda. There are two roles, one covering Enabling the Citizen programme and another Enabling the Market programme.

You will be responsible for:
- Leading on preparatory work to strengthen commissioning processes and optimise readiness to implement the personalised agenda
- Coordinating and overseeing the Enabling the Citizen or 'Enabling the Market Workstream of the PPF Programme
- Ensuring that all commissioning strategies reflect the PPF agenda
- Supporting lead officers in the delivery of individual readiness.

To be considered for the role you must have:
- Detailed knowledge and understanding of governments policy in relation to Putting People First, jointly commissioned services, social care services, self directed care, etc
- Commissioning experience at a senior level within Social Care
- Be educated to degree level
- Professional qualification in Health or Social Care is highly desirable.

Now I'm sorry, but while you've been trying to decipher what that was all about, the job had gone. Probably to a non-person, that would be fitting.
Never mind, you could try your luck with another non-job which Miss McEvoy spotlights:

"Norfolk County Strategic Partnership are, apparently, looking to fill the post of “Community Cohesion Officer” on a contract of 18 months, which could possibly be extended to 2 years. The salary dwarfs many of those providing frontline services and – indeed – most private sector salaries at a staggering £36,306 to £41,421."

Cllr Ryde caustically observes:

"Obviously, the cuts are not biting". Indeed...

Friday, 12 November 2010

A Nail in the Fuse Box: The Persecution of the British National Party

The following article is by Dr. Sean Gabb; writer, academic, broadcaster and Director of the Libertarian Alliance in England.

The suppression of political parties is becoming an interesting feature of life in the managerial superstate known as the European Union It happened six years ago in Belgium, to the anti-immigration Vlaams Blok. And in London, High Court hearings have just (November 8th and 9th) that will determine the fate of the British National Party. Since judgment was reserved, we do not yet know whether BNP assets will be seized and whether party leader Nick Griffin, who is an elected Member of the European Parliament, will be sent to prison. We do know what has become of England: it is now a soft totalitarian police state.

For those who may be unaware of it, the British National Party is what its name says it is. It opposes immigration and the associated political correctness and attacks on freedom of speech and association. It also opposes British membership of the European Union and British involvement in wars of military aggression that do nothing to secure the peace and prosperity of the British people. And it is contemptuous of the claims about man-made climate change that are an excuse for the massive enrichment of ruling classes everywhere.

Not surprisingly, the BNP is not popular with the British ruling class. This has been hard at work for at least two generations on destroying a constitution that, since the High Middle Ages, had been uniquely effective at restraining power. This is a ruling class that rejoices in having put common law protections through a shredding machine; and in alienating sovereignty to a mass of foreign and even unknown organisations, to the point where democracy has become a joke; and in sponsoring the mass immigration needed to reduce working class living standards and to justify totalitarian “anti-racist” witch-hunts.

Yes, not surprisingly, the BNP is a witch that must be hunted. It is described as a “racist” party, and its members as violent and even psychopathic criminals. Its leader, Nick Griffin, is remarkable for his ability to assemble softly-spoken persons of quality into something like a baying mob.

To describe all the ways in which Mr. Griffin and his party are persecuted would take an essay which would also be a dissertation on the growth of the British police state. I have not the space to write such an essay. Therefore, I will look at the two chief current persecutions.

The first was announced on Tuesday the 2nd November 2010: Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Education, told The Guardian newspaper that he would allow headmasters of state schools to dismiss any teachers known to be members of the BNP.
The ostensible reason for this is that members of the BNP cannot be trusted not to preach “hatred” in the classroom. Mr. Gove said:

"I don't believe that membership of the BNP is compatible with being a teacher. One of the things I plan to do is to allow headteachers and governing bodies the powers and confidence to be able to dismiss teachers engaging in extremist activity."[BNP members are to be barred from teaching; Education secretary pledges new powers for heads to dismiss teachers who are members of groups with 'extremist tenor', by Jeevan Vasagar]

Gove did add that this permission to dismiss would also cover members of other "extremist" organisations. However, it is to be doubted if radical Moslems and members of Trotskyite groups will be at risk of losing their jobs. There are too many of them in teaching, and they are too well-organised and too well-connected.

The permission might eventually be extended to religious Jews and Christians who refuse to celebrate the rich diversity of sexual orientations that is part of our established faith in England. Or it might not. But the permission will certainly be used ruthlessly to seek out and remove all schoolteachers who are, or who might have been, members of the BNP.

The second persecution has been under way for a couple of years: the concerted effort by the managerial state to suppress the BNP.
There is in England a taxpayer-funded body called the Equality and Human Rights Commission. This was set up under the Equality Act 2006, and it ostensibly exists to ensure that people are treated fairly and have their rights respected. One of its main actual functions has been to sue the BNP to the verge of bankruptcy in the name of "human rights".

In August 2009, the Commission began proceedings against the BNP under sections 24 and 25(5) of the Equality Act, on the grounds that BNP membership was confined to natives of the British Isles and white foreigners. Apparently, it was a violation of the Race Relations Act 1976 (as amended) that non-whites were not allowed to join a party committed to keeping Britain predominantly white.

Since then, the Commission has been lavishing the taxpayers’ money on an action that is supposed to vindicate the right of non-whites to join the BNP—a questionable cause of action, bearing in mind that few non-whites can really be aching to join an organisation like the BNP, and bearing in mind that the British State overall has been running the biggest budget deficit in the civilised world.

But vindicating abstract rights has not been the purpose of the action. Its real purpose has been to shut down the BNP. The legal proceedings could achieve this in three ways:

First, the BNP might lose and be compelled to admit large numbers of non-white members. These could then exploit its internal structures or take further legal action until there was no more BNP.

Second, the BNP might lose and then be sued again for breach of the final order. This could result in forfeiture of all party assets and the jailing of Mr. Griffin.

Third, win or lose, the BNP might be forced into bankruptcy by the costs of defending an action that had unlimited funding.

This real purpose became absolutely clear in the March of 2010, when the BNP did change its rules to admit non-whites, and the Commission immediately moved to the second option in its strategy for destruction. The BNP imposed two conditions on new members to prevent flooding attempts. First, prospective members should be visited at home, to see if they were suitable for membership. Second, all members should declare support for the “continued creation, fostering, maintenance and existence” of an indigenous British race, and should support action towards "stemming and reversing" immigration. The Commission argued that these conditions amounted to “indirect racial discrimination”.

The Commission won that round. On the 12th March 2010, a Judge outlawed the requirement for home visits, saying that this might lead to intimidation—though admitting that there was no evidence it ever had. He also outlawed the requirement to declare support for party principle and policy. He said:

"I hold that the BNP are likely to commit unlawful acts of discrimination within section 1b Race Relations Act 1976 in the terms on which they are prepared to admit persons to membership under the 12th addition of their constitution." [New BNP membership rules judged to be biased, Manchester Evening News, March 12, 2010]

The reason for this, the Judge went on, was that no non-white person could support these policies without compromising his “personal sense of self-worth and dignity as a member of their racial group”.

And so the BNP changed its membership rules again — it would now accept members regardless of whether they agreed with its policies.

However, these conditions for membership were only suspended by the BNP, not removed. And so the Commission went to court again, this time arguing that the BNP was in contempt for not complying in full with the earlier judgment.

As I reported earlier, judgement has been reserved. We can, however, be sure that, if the Commission turns out to have lost, it will find some other grounds of continuing its taxpayer-funded vendetta against the BNP.

How much more of this the BNP can take before it goes bankrupt is hard to say. As of August 2010, the BNP was said to be £500,000 in debt. This is about a quarter of its annual income. Much of this debt appears to have been run up in legal costs.

Every time I write one of these articles about the persecution of the BNP, I get several dozen e-mails from people who claim that the party really is a national socialist organization, and that its recent conversion, under Nick Griffin, is a convenient lie.

I find this an irrelevant claim. I happen to believe that the BNP is a white nationalist organization. Even if it were not, though — even if the BNP leadership really did believe that non-whites were less than human and that the Holocaust never happened, but should have — the rights and wrongs of this case would be unchanged.

It is unfair to treat people in this manner. What has been done, and is being done, to the BNP is oppressive. It is not the sort of thing that happens in a functioning liberal democracy. In a liberal democracy, people have an unquestioned right to say whatever they please on public issues—and they do not suffer even official discrimination, let alone legal harassment. In a liberal democracy, they have an unquestioned right to associate or not with whomever they please—and are not subject to administrative and legal bullying about “inclusiveness” and the unacceptability of “hate”. The fact that BNP members and the party itself are victims of state harassment—and, as said, there is much more than the two instances just given—indicates just how much England has moved towards totalitarianism.

I go further. If Nick Griffin and the BNP were openly avowed followers of Adolf Hitler, and if they met together in public to listen to the webcasts of Harold Covington, they would probably be more left alone than they are. They are persecuted for their opinions on race and immigration. But they are persecuted still more because of all else they oppose or stand for. For all it did badly in the elections of May 2010 (in terms of seats—as two left wing blogs perceptively noted here and here, it did strikingly well in terms of votes) the BNP remains the one possible voice for working class dissent from the established order of things.

And though unfair in itself, what is being done to the BNP should make any reasonable man worried about the future of England. Anyone who looks at the various manifestos and pronouncements of the BNP will see a party that claims to believe—and possibly does believe—in freedom of speech and association, in trial by jury, and generally in constitutional government as this has always been understood in England. It does not even advocate compulsory repatriation of those non-whites who are legally here. Whatever it may or may not believe in private, the BNP leadership is very distant in what it says from the Hitler-loving caricatures shown in the MainStream Media.

But destroy the BNP, and the result will not be a vacuum. Other movements will emerge. These will be less interested in organising to win elections and debates than in arguing their case on the streets. Already, there is an English Defence League that has no apparent interest in electoral politics. This is almost certainly less thuggish than the ruling class and the MSM claim it to be. Equally, though, it is less constitutional in its aims and methods than the BNP. And the English Defence League may be only the beginning of the next stage in working class dissent from the established order of things.

Until modern trip switches (circuit breakers) became the norm, household wiring in England was protected from overheating by wired fuses. Each ceramic fuse contained about an inch and a half of wire to a stated ampage. This connected power as it came into a property to one ring circuit. Any power surge or appliance failure would result in immediate burning out of the fuse. The fuses were deliberately the weakest point in the whole wiring system. One reason they have now been replaced with trip switches is because many people were in the habit of replacing fuse wires with nails. This meant that fuses never blew—instead, houses burned down.

What the British State is doing to the BNP is the political equivalent of sticking a nail in the fuse box. The destruction of the BNP will buy a few more years of life for the politically correct fantasy of England as a country of enlightenment and universal love.

What may follow is well enough known to any student of history...

Thursday, 11 November 2010

An Updated Poem for the 11th of November


(with apologies to Rudyard Kipling and the modern Army)

They flew me ‘ome from Baghdad with a bullet in me chest.
Cos they’ve closed the army ‘ospitals, I’m in the NHS.
The nurse she ain’t no Britisher, so she ain’t too impressed.
It’s like I’m some street corner thug who’s come off second best.
Yes, it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ “You’re not welcome ‘ere”.
But when Saddam was collar'd, they was quick enough to cheer.
They’re proud when Tommy Atkins ‘olds the thin red line out there,
But now he’s wounded back at ‘ome, ‘e has to wait for care.

Some stranger in the next bed sez, “Don’t you feel no shame?
You kill my Muslim brothers!”; so it’s me not ‘im to blame!
An’ then the cleaner ups an’ sez, “Who are you fightin’ for?
It ain’t for Queen and country ‘cos it’s Bush’s bloody war!”
It’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’“Tommy what’s that smell?”
But it’s “God go with you, Tommy,” when they fly us out to ‘ell.
O then we’re just like ‘eroes from the army’s glorious past.
Yes, it’s “God go with you, Tommy”, when the trip might be your last.
They pays us skivvy’s wages, never mind we’re sitting ducks,
When clerks what’s pushing pens at ‘ome don’t know their flippin’ luck.
”Ah, yes,” sez they, “but think of all the travel to be ‘ad.”
Pull the other one! Does Cooks do holidays in Baghdad?

It’s Tommy this, ‘an Tommy that, an’ “Tommy, know your place,”
But it’s, “Tommy take the front seat,” when there’s terrorists to chase,
An’ the town is full of maniacs who’d like you dead toot sweet.
Yes it’s “Thank you Mister Atkins,” when they find you in the street.

There’s s’posed to be a covynant to treat us fair an’ square,
But I ‘ad to buy me army boots, an’ me combats is threadbare.
An’ ’alf the bloody ‘elicopters can’t get in the air,
An’ me pistol jammed when snipers fired. That’s why they brought me ‘ere.
Yes, it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, “We ‘ave to watch the pence”;
Though bold as brass the P.M. sez, “We spare them no expense.”
But I’ll tell you when they do us proud an’ pull out all the stops,
It’s when Tommy lands at Lyneham in a bloomin’ wooden box!

- by Patrick Campbell

Monday, 8 November 2010

Creeping Sharia

BNP Councillor, Cathy Duffy, has written to various supermarket chains, querying the standards of slaughter of their meat products, specifically halal slaughter.
This is the reply from the Co-op (text in 'bold' is by me):

"Dear Madam

"All own-brand fresh and frozen meat and poultry sold in Co-operative and Somerfield stores has been humanely stunned prior to slaughter, and all abattoirs and processing plants supplying our own-brand products are required to work to the standards laid down by the Humane Slaughter Association in their Codes of Practice.

"All our own-brand meat and poultry, with the exception of seasonal New Zealand lamb, is British Farm Assured. We require the New Zealand farms, abattoirs and processing plants to adopt the same high welfare standards as we expect from sites in the UK.

"As is the case with the overwhelming majority of lamb from New Zealand, our own-brand lamb from New Zealand is slaughtered in accordance with halal procedure, but, as detailed above, all animals are humanely stunned prior to slaughter.

"All our own-brand British lamb has been humanely stunned prior to slaughter, to the standards laid down by the Humane Slaughter Association in their Codes of Practice. We do not specify halal in our product specification, although several of our supplying sites produce only pre-stunned halal lamb.

"As the process used for all our own-brand lamb is essentially the same, and the welfare of the animal is not compromised at any stage, we do not label any of the lamb as halal. We are currently awaiting further guidance in relation to the labelling of these products, and will consider future actions once we are in receipt of this guidance.

Commercial Team
Pauline Franey
Customer Relations Officer

Cllr Duffy says:

"I am beginning to think that all the large supermarkets have now got together and decided on one 'standard' reply to complaints based on the responses I have received from the other stores which is pretty much like this one!

"Why can't I bring myself to believe what they say though?

"Since we have started to shop at markets and other shops, local farms and a local butcher, who does not believe in the Halal way killing of livestock, etc, we are beginning to notice some rather 'large' savings in the purse - so I guess it really does pay to 'shop around'."

Halal slaughter is a component of Islamic Sharia law; for muslims, food must be halal compliant. For strict muslims, they need to know that their meat is definitely halal compliant, and we who wish to avoid it need to know what we are buying, so it should be labelled.
Whether stunned or not (I'd like to see proof of that!), only muslims are allowed to work with the production of halal meat, which also involves Islamic prayers being said over each animal. Thus, halal slaughterhouses discriminate against non-muslim workers, denying them equal rights in the labour market. By buying halal slaughtered meat we would be complicit in one more example of Sharia law creeping into Britain.
It's very similar to Jewish kosher meat, but when did you ever see this in the supermarket? Why the covert introduction of Islamic-style food onto our shelves now?

Asda has a halal meat section, but I noticed last week that it was much smaller than usual; I also noticed one or two packs of halal-labelled meat tucked into the normal section, Given the growing number of muslim customers at this store, does this mean that all Asda meat is now halal assured?

Sadly, I won't be buying any more New Zealand lamb. In fact, I'll only be buying pork products at supermarkets in future, and taking Cllr Duffy's advice of only buying other meat from local sources, from butchers who can assure me of where the animals were slaughtered. And I won't be eating chicken or steak in pubs and restaurants either because they can't, or won't, tell me where it comes from.

How about you? Are you going to be complicit in creeping Sharia, or are you going to be a bit more careful with what you're actually buying? And wouldn't you rather support British butchers anyway, who refuse to kow-tow to medieval methods of slaughter?

* A Daily Mail reporter discovers the gruesome truth about halal slaughter in Britain today. Read his article HERE

Monday, 25 October 2010

London Housing cap upsets Jon Cruddas

In The Guardian on Sunday, Jon Cruddas blasts the new Government rules on Housing Benefits as London Councils disclosed that they were block-booking bed and breakfast establishments outside the area, in Hastings, Reading and Luton, to cope with tenants who cannot afford to pay the high city rents which landlords refuse to lower.
"It is tantamount to cleansing the poor out of rich areas – a brutal and shocking piece of social engineering", Mr. Cruddas said.

Councils in the capital are warning that 82,000 families – more than 200,000 people – face losing their homes. It would be shocking indeed if ordinary, decent working people get caught up in this. But the following are some of those in London who have taken advantage of the system -and their landlords must be complicit. The blog is from 2008, has anything changed since?:

"Essma Marjam, 34, is given almost £7,000 a month in housing benefits to pay the rent on the five-bedroom villa just yards from Sir Paul McCartney's house and Lord's cricket ground.
She also receives an estimated £15,000 a year in other payouts, such as child benefit, to help look after her children, aged from five months to 14."

"HATE cleric Anjem Choudary nets £25,000 a year in benefits - £8,000 MORE than the take-home pay of soldiers fighting in Afghanistan, The Sun can reveal.
The Muslim extremist's handouts are not taxed, making his income equivalent to a £32,500 salary.
He has likened British soldiers to Nazi stormtroopers.
State handout figures leaked to The Sun show Choudary, 42, gets £15,600 a year in housing benefit - to live in a £320,000 house in Leytonstone, East London.

"Nasra Warsame's magnificent townhouse overlooks a courtyard and is in one of the most expensive areas of London.
It has four storeys, six bedrooms (some with balconies), three sitting rooms and four bathrooms - as well as a concierge service.
The property is worth a cool £1.8 million and would cost you or me nearly £1,600 a week to rent. It costs Mrs. Warsame nothing. In other words, taxpayers are picking up the £6,400-a-month bill to keep Nasra Warsame, seven of her brood and her elderly mother in the lap of luxury.
Mrs Warsame's husband and their eighth child, by the way, have been provided with a two-bedroom council flat nearby. His wife's palatial residence isn't big enough, apparently, to accommodate them all."

"Notting Hill; a £2.6million villa with wooden floors, granite work tops and roof terrace - home to single mother-of-eight Francesca Walker.
Francesca, whose mother is Jamaican, spent many years in a succession of council flats, which she claimed were virtually uninhabitable.
As a result, the council was forced to consider her as 'technically homeless'.
Unfair: 800 households in Westminster qualify for £500-a-week housing allowance, at a cost of £27.3million

"Next is a detached, double-fronted £1.2million house in Acton, West London, with three shower rooms and 'accessories' including a 50-in plasma TV, laptops, Wii, iPhone and PlayStation - home to the seven-strong Saiedi family from Afghanistan."

"Then there is the £1million mock-Tudor property, comprising two sitting rooms, conservatory and double garage, in Edgware (home to single mother-of-five Omowunmi Odia).

"Another £1million property in Barnet (home to the Connors, a family of Irish travellers).

Those are London examples, taken from This Blog

For balance, read the others outside of the capital. Are all of these the 'hard-working families' lifestyles that Jon Cruddas wishes to protect? Perhaps he'd like to pay the shortfall in their benefits, rather than the people who do work to pay them.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Spending Review 2010 for the East Midlands

We have been sent a coy of the Spending Review, outlining plans for the East Midlands this year. A lot of it is usual polit-speak by the Coalition Government but does give an insight into what we can expect.

As far as Infrastructure is concerned, capital programmes being supported in our area are:
. M1 - replacing a viaduct carrying the M6 over the M1
. M1 - hard shoulder running and variable speed limits between junctions 28 and 31;
. A46 - improvements between Newark and Widmerpool.

The Review announces a £5,000 incentive for the purchase of electric vehicles coupled with the roll out of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Electric vehicle manufacturers based in the East Midlands may benefit from the introduction of these measures.

"The Local Growth White Paper will outline outline in more detail key initiatives to support growth locally and in the regions, including:
£1.4 billion Regional Growth Fund over 2011-12, 2012-13, and 2013-14. This will provide support for projects that offer significant potential for sustainable economic growth and can create new private sector employment, particularly in those areas currently dependent on the public sector, helping them to make the transition to private sector led growth and prosperity,tax Increment Financing, which will enable local authorities, including potentially those in the East Midlands, to borrow against locally raised business rates; and
"Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPS) which will provide the strategic leadership in areas and set out local economic priorities. LEPs will play a pivotal role in delivering the Government's aim for an economy "rebalanced" towards the private sector.

"In total, local authorities will have greater control over more than ?7 billion of funding from 2011-12 which is moving into Local Government formula grant, being unringfenced or is new funding for the SR10 period, so enabling them to better meet local communities' needs; and
"Reducing barriers to effective joint working by establishing the first Community Budgets in 16 local areas, including Leicestershire, and Lincolnshire, from April 2011. Pooled departmental budgets will help councils and their partners to work together to support families with complex needs. All places may be able to operate these approaches from 2013-14."

The writer of this Review tells us that we must tackle the problems now. I think we all know this must be done, after the disaster that was the Labour administration. What people need though is fairness. Help the genuine needy while curbing benefit spongers, tax in proportion to wealth, get out of the EU and cut overseas aid. The public will not easily forgive any more money squandering!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Comprehensive Housing Cuts

The National Housing Federation claims that the spending review will see housebuilding grind to a halt in the South

The construction of affordable housing will virtually grind to a halt in London and the South East after this week’s spending review, according to the National Housing Federation.
The body, without citing sources, says it believes the settlement will be less than half the £1.6bn current funding for affordable homes, effectively meaning the two regions will only be able to build marginally more than the 12,700 planned under existing commitments. This compares to 30,000 built each year in 2009/10.
The body’s analysis says just 243 extra homes per year will be able to be committed to, and that London on its own will face a £100m funding shortfall.
NHF chief executive David Orr said: “The impact of cuts of this level would lead to the building of affordable housing effectively grinding to a halt over the course of this Parliament.
“Such a slump in affordable housebuilding in London and the South East would not only be bad news for millions of people on waiting lists in the region, but it would be a hammer blow to the regional economy.”
The NHF claims that by protecting housing spend, the government would have built 103,000 homes in the next three years, saving 156,000 jobs.

Related articles:
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George's marvellous medicine

We have to ask:
Will the Government ensure that local people will get first chance with the housing that will be built?
Is this a clever idea to also cut immigration ("We've no more room")
Will any new housing be on brown-field land, thus saving our green belt?

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Visit to Belgium

On the weekend of 2/3/4 October seven representatives of East Midlands BNP, including five from Leicestershire, travelled over to Belgium at the invitation of Andrew Brons MEP.

We travelled to the town of Waterloo where we were to stay overnight arriving around 8pm following an 11 hour coach and ferry journey.

We started the following day with a visit to the Wellington Museum where we took a very informative self guided tour.

This Museum is situated in the former stagecoach station where the Duke of Wellington stayed between 17 and 18 June 1815. We visited the Duke's bedroom, the office where he wrote his 'Victory Report’, and his aide-de-camp’s bedroom. Various other rooms have each been dedicated to an army, and include authentic relics, documents, etchings and weapons of the various nations that took part in the combat. In the final room, the phases of the Battle are depicted through a series of illuminated diagrams, and there is also an impressive collection of rare weapons, such as 'La Suffisante', a 6 pounder cannon, manufactured in 1813, which was retrieved from the battlefield.

That afternoon we were taken by Coach to the site of the Battle of Waterloo. We were first given an overview of the battle by Eddy Butler and then made our way to the visitor centre to watch two films. The first film, ‘Waterloo, History of a Battle’, captured what life as a soldier was like and showed the movements of the troops with 3D maps and scenes shot during a re-enactment of the battle.

The second film relived this historic moment through a selection of clips from the film ‘Waterloo’, made by Russian director Sergei Bondartchouck in 1970.

We then made our way to The Lion Mound, a monument dedicated to the soldiers who lost their lives on 18 June 1815.
At the top of the Mound stands an enormous cast-iron lion weighing 28 tons.
We made our way up the 226 steps to the summit which is just over 134 feet high and admired the breathtaking view over the battlefield.

Our next stop was the panorama which houses a huge canvas which measures 361 ft by 39 ft and is a lifelike depiction of the battle situation at around 4pm on 18 June 1815, complete with sound effects.

Finally we headed into the Wax Museum which has figures depicting Napoleon and his generals on the eve of battle, Wellington and the Prussian commander Blucher.

We finished the day with a meal at the Le Bivouac de l'Empereur, an restaurant dedicated to Napoleon where you are transported to another moment in time. A huge fireplace, candles, and music from the 19th century created a unique atmosphere.

On the Monday the 4th we travelled to the European parliament in Brussels.

We were met by Andrew Brons MEP and taken into the parliament chamber (known as the Hemicycle) where a Latvian parliamentary official explained how the parliament works. Mr Brons then gave a short speech.

Next we went into one of the meeting rooms in the reception centre where the official gave a short presentation and there followed a question and answer session with Andrew Brons. Andrew and his Constituency Office Manager Chris Beverley then each gave an address to the audience.

Finally we made our way back to the UK arriving in Leicestershire around 10pm.

We would all like to convey our thanks to Andrew Brons MEP for the invitation and to Chris Beverley for organising such a superb weekend.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Letter from Cllr. Partner

The Coalville Times has published a letter (September 24th.2010) from Cllr. Graham Partner. Unlike the churlish Hinckley Times, who didn't publish a polite letter from Cllr John Ryde thanking constituents for voting for him in the recent Elections.

In it, Graham ably refutes the accusations of Cllrs Dave Everitt and Penny Wakefield, who are evidently getting their propaganda in early in anticipation of next year's Council elections. Thankfully, there is one local paper prepared to publish letters from all sides of the political spectrum. It is a shame others cannot follow suit.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Minutes of the BNP Joint Leicestershire Meeting September 2010

The Meeting was opened and chaired by Kevan Stafford. 92 people attended.

--Kevan showed us post cards which his group had printed instead of a leaflet saying 'no to the incinerator' and suggested other local groups might want to do the same. He also asked whether anyone would be prepared to take on his role as Charnwood Branch Officer.

--Geoff Dickens, Leicester and East Midlands Organiser, told us that the inefficient central running of the Party was a big vote loser, as well as the fact that Mr. Griffin will be stepping down sometime in the next few years. He and James Mole and Brian Mahoney had been asked to look at Party finances as a business to see what needed doing to improve things. Cut-backs will be made and people removed from posts to save money, some offices may be closed and our debts will quickly be reduced. There are problems, they are not insurmountable. A British Heritage regional account will be opened tomorrow, and the ultimate aim will be for all regions to run as the East Midlands does.
--John Ryde asked people to consider becoming Parish Councillors in the local election next May, even borough or county councillors! Wayne McDermott has done such a good job as Parish Councillor in Ellistown that as well as helping the town it has given him and the party a good standing locally.
--Kevan took comments and questions.


--Guest Speaker Arthur Kemp reminded us that we've been fighting in Afghanistan for nearly ten years, much longer than World War Two, on the wrong assumption that Al Qaeda were based mainly there. In fact the 'men' who flew into the Twin Towers were from Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Our soldiers have died; one point three million Iraqis have died he told us, because the mob in Westminster invented a pack of lies to wage an aggressive war. The head of M15 said that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were the primary cause of terrorism in Britain. The huge immigration of Muslims to this country ensures we have a large pool of Radical Islamists here.
A war for the existence of our nation and our identity is the only war to fight he said, and reminded us that in twenty years time the indigenous people of this country will have the minority of live births. Imagine saying that to Japan, that they would be in the minority, or to Nigeria or India, they would say it was wrong. What we do will decide if our children and grand-children grow up in a country which is recognisable to us, what you do will determine whether we save this nation or not.

Collection which raised £407.93 Raffle raised £142

Kevan closed the meeting which was followed by a meeting of The Crusaders.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Letter from Lincolnshire

Today, Tuesday 7th September, Nick Griffin and 2 more members of the BNP will be in Court yet again in respect of the EHRC's tedious case against the Party's constitution. I won't go into the whys and wherefores of Trevor Philip's anti-British vendetta, members will be well aware of them. But here we re-print an excellent letter which a BNP member in our sister county wrote to his MP. It's food for thought, and hopefully will encourage others to write to their MPs about this.

"Dear Mr Osborne,

This is the third time of writing to you (one letter and one e mail) and to date, no answer has been received.

I am complaining about the waste of my money by Trevor Phillips of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission on his pursuing a personal vendetta against the British National Party. We, the public, are paying for seventy top lawyers and barristers plus, of course, all the costs of running this department – to what end? All of their trumped up charges against the BNP will not benefit the British public one iota.

If ever there was a disgraceful waste of tax payers money, Trevor Phillips and his EHRC are prime examples. How long are you going to let this rampant communist misuse our money, when the rest of us are having to tighten our purse strings?

I look forward to your answer.

Yours sincerely

Malcolm Bouchier"

The original publication, and reply to Mr. Bouchier, can be seen at
Lincolnshire Voice

Monday, 6 September 2010

Has Your Property Been Targeted By Thieves?

The travelling community has used symbols and signs as markers for centuries, to tell their fellow travellers following points of interest about a certain house, the area, etc.A rag tied to a tree, a twig bent a certain way for instance, can tell following families which way to go. Mostly, these are harmless, though can cause puzzlement; my grandmother couldn't understand why a steady stream of tramps, en route from Billesdon Union to Leicester, called at the house. The explanation was that she could not turn a beggar away without giving him bread and cheese. A more savvy neighbour pointed out the sign scratched on the gatepost which had signalled to his fellows that this was a 'good house'!

It's important to note the above, but not all these signs are innocent. Police in Lincolnshire recently issued diagrams of travellers signs which marked those properties which were ripe for crime, or even those were not worth thieving from. It's worth checking the boundaries of your property for any odd marks or broken twigs which could tell you what thieves think of you, your house, and what they might be planning.
Below are the symbols you should look out for. If you find one it would be wise to tell the police - and check your security.

From top to bottom they stand for:

'Nervous and Afraid'
'Not Worth Stealing'
'Too Risky '

'Alarmed House'
'Already Been Burgled'
'Good Target'
'Vulnerable Female Easily Conned'

Tug o' War at Ellistown Gala

A day of fun was organised at Ellistown Gala at the weekend, organised by local residents and councillors, including Cllrs Wayne McDermott, Graham Partner and Ian Meller.

The picture below shows the Leicester BNP team (Bungle's Boys) competing in a heat of the Tug o' War. Sadly, they lost, thnough managed a creditable 3rd. place, and the final was won by the New Ellistown Pub team. (Word is, that the BB's also took part in the Maypole Dancing!) Well done to everybody who took part!

Never mind, there's always next year; they're already in training, with hours of leafletting and canvassing which will get our lads strong and healthy enough to beat the opposition then!

Friday, 3 September 2010

Leicester BNP man 'on the mend'

Veteran Leicestershire BNP member, Mike Robinson, has contacted us to say that he has had a minor stroke, accounting for the problems he has suffered recently. Mike tells us that, under his new health regime, he is feeling a lot better.
"Expect to see me about again before long, although perhaps NOT so long-winded, out there on the streets!", he tells us.
Mike wishes to thank, through LCV, all his friends and colleagues who have expressed concern. On their behalf, we say: "Get well soon, Mike!"

Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Battle of Britain, 1940

Date: 2nd September 1940
Weather: Continuing fine and warm. Early-morning mist and fog patches.
Day: Once again, four main phases of airfield attacks.
Night: Scattered raids on Liverpool, the Midlands and South Wales.

Follow the Battle of Britain Daily Reports HERE

A poem, remembering the Few:

Time passes, generations come and go,
Full seventy years can melt into a day,
But we will not be able to repay
The timeless debt we will forever owe.

The sky their battlefield, a dazzling blue,
Its airy silence shattered by the noise
Of fighters flown by men no longer boys,
Whose youth passed in a day - The gallant Few.

These old young men, exhausted, battle spent,
Whose will to stay alert, to live, to fight,
Held them unfaltering in their fearsome flight
Above the blossoming summer fields of Kent.

They fought their fear, they kept their courage still,
The friends they lost must be no more than names,
They put from mind the blood and death and flames,
And dreamed, in hope, of life, as young men will.

The years flown on, September passes by
And sometimes, in these tranquil golden days,
My memory glimpses still the drifting haze
Of faded vapour trails across the sky.

- Audrey Grealy -

Saturday, 28 August 2010


John Ryde from Leicestershire BNP was interviewed recently by Radio RWB. You can hear the interview below.

Get Your Own Player!

Monday, 16 August 2010

Leicester Does It Again

BNP News has released a report following the AC Meeting on Saturday, 14th August. The full transcript can be seen on the main BNP website.

Blunt talking and decisive action on finances, the appointment of a new regional treasurer, Richard Barnbrook’s situation, important structural reorganisation and plans for a new anti-Afghan war campaign dominated today’s BNP Advisory Council meeting.
"The main part of the meeting focussed on discussing finances," BNP chairman Nick Griffin told BNP News this evening.
"There was a very full discussion of how the current financial situation had arisen," Mr Griffin said.
"More importantly, the meeting discussed what was necessary to put it right and what was necessary to avoid this situation arising again.
"The core of the problem was identified as a matter of the party growing faster than our systems could cope.

"New controls have been put in place, but in addition to that, we have created a new national scrutiny committee consisting of East Midlands regional organiser Geoff Dickens, Wales regional organiser Brian Mahoney, *East Midlands regional treasurer James Mole, and one more non-AC member whose name will be announced shortly," Mr Griffin continued.
"Mr Dickens and Mr Mahoney have decades of experience in managing business with bigger turnovers with the BNP and will bring their expertise to bear on the committee."

The new scrutiny committee has been tasked with examining the structure of the treasury department and making concrete moves to ensure that there is a clear division between those who manage the accounts and those who authorise outlays.
The committee had its first meeting immediately after the AC meeting and will continue over the rest of the weekend, with the instruction to prepare a final report within a week.
"This committee has been given the mission to transparently study everything so that the national treasurer can be completely protected from malicious allegations," Mr Griffin said.
Next on the agenda was the issue of the regional treasury work. It was agreed that there was far too much work for one man to do both national and regional treasury work and that new scrutiny committee member Mr Mole would be appointed new Regional Treasurer with immediate effect.
Mr Mole has run the treasury of the East Midlands region for several years to great success and is the logical person to take control of the finances for those regions that do not yet control their own accounts.
" Mr Griffin said.

Next on the agenda was the recent decision by Richard Barnbrook to lay down the BNP whip in the Greater London Assembly.
Mr Griffin said the meeting had discussed the matter in full and had unanimously agreed to ask Mr Barnbrook to reconsider his decision. A further statement on the matter will be issued in due course.

*Update: Mr. Mole will be removed from the scrutiny committee in due course as regional as well as HO finances will be scrutinised, and therefore Mr. Mole will not be able to scrutinise himself.
Errata: David Hannam is not on the scrutiny committee, for the same reason as above. Mr. Mole will not be doing training at Summer School. These items have been deleted from the report.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Revd. West's Sunday 9. o'clock Sermon on Radio RWB

We are pleased to announce that a recorded sermon by Revd. Robert West of Lincolnshire is now available to listen to. 'Liberals', including the Archbishops and Trevor Phillip's Iniquity and Foreign Rights Commission might not like it but we would recommend that they too listen - they might learn something. .

The link to the recording is HERE

Robert says:

"If your own church is anti-BNP or anti-Bible you can now tune in to a friendly and biblical service, courtesy of John Walker and the BNP's RWB radio. John approached me to give sermons every Sunday and that is what I will, God-willing, be doing. They last about twenty minutes and give food for thought from an evangelical and patriotic perspective.

Best wishes, Robert West"

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Arriving Home

I don't like chain-emails usually, but I thought this one was well worth notice.

Two planes landed in England the other day :

One carried a group of grotesquely over paid, immature, under achievers who complained they were tired and missed their families after two weeks in five star accommodation.

The other carried the coffins of 7 fallen soldiers who had spent months away from
loved ones living in tents in a war zone, they couldn't complain.

These soldiers earn £15k to £30k a year not a day.

If you believe that the England team should donate two weeks wages to Help for Heroes then please forward this on.


2010 marks the 70th. anniversary of the Battle of Britain. The battle raged throughout August and September, 1940. We remember with gratitude the brave actions of the RAF pilots in this crucial battle.
Below, we reproduce an article, written in 2009, by County Councillor Graham Partner, which sets out the true reasons for going to war with Germany.

"On the eve of the Battle of Britain in 1940, when the fate of our nation hung in balance, Spitfire pilot Bill Millington wrote to his parents, “Being British, I am proud of my country and its peoples, proud to serve under the Union Jack and regard it as an Englishman’s privilege to fight for all those things that make life worth living: freedom, honour and fair play.”

Like so many in the RAF, Millington made the ultimate sacrifice in the heroic, victorious struggle against the Luftwaffe, as his plane was shot down over the southern coast. Yet his words beautifully encapsulate the spirit of patriotism that galvanised the British people during the Second World War.

It was the same deep love of our island home which inspired the soaring rhetoric of Winston Churchill, drove men to fight on the beaches of Normandy and the deserts of North Africa, compelled exhausted bomber crews to fly on missions for night after night over Germany, and enabled the British public to survive the Blitz so stoically. Patriotism is one of mankind’s most noble ideals, an extension of the natural loyalty we feel to our families, friends and neighbourhood. In its highest form, it requires us to lay down our lives to protect others, just as a devoted husband might risk all to defend his wife or children.

But in our modern age, patriotism is despised rather than admired. For the Marxist ideologues who now run Britain, love of country is a vice, not a virtue. As a result we are now encouraged to learn entirely the wrong lessons from the Second World War. Instead of being presented as a magnificent defence of our native land against a savage aggressor, the conflict is now portrayed as a triumph for the forces of political correctness against right-wing extremism.

In this warped narrative the Second World War has been transformed into a gigantic crusade against xenophobia, while our soldiers, sailors and airmen are regarded as armed outreach workers in a vast anti- racism project. It is a bizarre paradox of our times that, thanks to the predominance of multi-cultural dogma, the patriotic instinct that led to national salvation in 1945 is now treated as a thought crime.

The sense of unifying national identity that once motivated millions of Britons to defend their homeland is held to be suspect by a political elite obsessed with cultural diversity. We are told that opposition to mass immigration is the equivalent of siding with the Nazis.

Next month marks the 70th anniversary of the German invasion of Poland, which sparked the Second World War. In fact, Adolf Hitler had originally planned to begin the invasion on August 26, 1939, but at the last minute had hesitated, partly because of British and French guarantees to support the integrity of Poland, and partly because of the decision of Mussolini’s Italian fascist regime to remain neutral.

As it turned out, when Germany attacked on September 1, Britain did precious little to come to Poland’s aid. It was only after the nazis advanced through western Europe in May 1940 that Britain, under the new leadership of Winston Churchill, began to fight in earnest. But the vigour of 1940, compared to the lassitude of 1939, proves that the war was really about national defence, not an ideological campaign.

It is impossible to imagine the Britain of 2009 enjoying the same sense of patriotic cohesion that existed in 1940 if our very existence came under threat. In official circles, the concept of Britishness is a source of embarrassment and shame. We are a nation whose sovereignty has been surrendered to Brussels and whose unity has been destroyed by the collapse of our borders.

The Second World War has been dragooned into service by the political zealots as a battering ram against our national identity. The Government’s own educational quango, the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, boasts that history teaching should be a tool for “valuing diversity and challenging racism” by gaining insights “into issues around human rights, equality and migration.”

Every museum related to the Second World War focuses obsessively on the role of ethnic minorities in the conflict, every EU bureaucrat stresses the importance of the European integration as a means of overcoming dangerous nationalist sentiments. One perverse aspect of this modern rewriting of history is the reluctance to blame Germany for the Second World War. All the blame is heaped on Hitler and the Nazis, while the German nation is exonerated.

In truth, it was the Germans who voted Hitler into power, who eagerly supported the war in its early years, and who ferociously resisted the Allies right until May 1945. Nazism could never have flourished without German enthusiasm for this vile creed, something that is now airbrushed from history in the drive to create a United States of Europe. The supreme irony is that we fought in 1940 to defend our national independence from German aggression, yet almost 70 years later we are now subsumed within a German-dominated continental bureaucracy.

Recently a D-Day veteran from the West Midlands spoke with anger and regret, stating that he did not fight in order to end up as an alien in his own country. Even more insulting, he said, was being told by politicians that the destruction of his society was the ideal for which he had gone into battle. His despair shows how deep has been the betrayal of his brave generation of patriots."

Sunday, 18 July 2010

"Banning the burka is un-British"

Following overwhelming votes in the Belgian and French parliaments to ban the wearing of the burka in public, Philip Hollobone, Tory MP for Kettering, introduced the Face Coverings (Regulation) Bill, which would regulate the use of certain facial coverings, including the burka, in public. ( Mr. Hollobone was found to be the thriftiest MP when troughers from all Parties were revealed during the recent expenses scandal. He also has anti-EU views and has refused to meet constituents who insist on wearing the face veil.)

However, Damian Green, Tory MP for Ashford, and the Immigration Minister, has turned down Mr. Hollobone's proposal -which is echoed by the majority of people in Britain - saying that it would be 'undesirable' for Parliament to try to pass such a law, which would be at odds with the UK's 'tolerant and mutually respectful society', and that it would be "rather un-British".

Well, Mr. Green, consider this:

It's rather Un-British to protest against our returning troops
It's rather Un-British to s**t in a hole in the ground and wipe your backside with your hand.
It's rather Un-British to call for the murder of anyone who happens to disagree with your religious beliefs.
It's rather Un-British to practise female genital mutilation (yes, it does happen here).
It's rather Un-British for gangs to target children of other ethnicities for sexual grooming and prostitution.
It's rather Un-British to practise marriage to young children (citing your Holy Book).
It's rather Un-British to reduce women to the level of domestic slaves seen only as your property.
It's rather un-British to flout UK animal slaughter law (halal).

Perhaps Mr. Green could reconsider his stance? Or have we simply exchanged one set of limp-wristed, ardent multiculturalists for another? For heaven's sake Mr. Cameron, have a word with your Immigration Minister, grow a backbone and start standing up for the people of Britain; that's what your voters were hoping for. It isn't only the disdained white people of this country who want a ban, there are also Sikhs, Hindus and yes, many muslims who don't want Wahabi-inspired, pro-Sharia type clothing and masks being flaunted on our streets and public places. It's intimidating, and dangerous too; highwaymen in the past wore masks. Robbers and terrorists do today. Ask yourselves why anyone feels the need to cover their face -no, the answer isn't 'religion'. It might be 'culture', but if so...that's rather un-British, don't you think?

This article in The Telegraph is worth reading.

* The British National Party will ban the burka, ritual slaughter and the building of further mosques in Britain (BNP Manifesto, 2010)

Friday, 16 July 2010

Holiday Crime Prevention Advice

As the children will be finishing school tomorrow for the summer
holidays and many people will be setting off on their summer holiday, we
would like to offer some tips to help you make your home more secure
while you are away.

Make your home look occupied by asking a trusted neighbour or friend to
collect mail and water plants etc.
Don’t leave curtains closed in the daytime as this shows the house is
Use automatic timer switches to turn your lights on when it is dark
Cancel regular deliveries such as newspapers and milk.
Avoid discussing holiday plans where you may be overheard by strangers.
Cut your lawn before you go.
Consider leaving important documents and valuable items with other
family members or a bank or a safe.
Don’t put your home address on your luggage on your outward journey to
your holiday destination.
Consider leaving valuable items kept in your shed in the house.
Put all your tools away including ladders so these can’t be used to
break into your house.
Finally, don’t forget to lock all external doors, windows, and gates and
set the burglar alarm if you have one.

Have a great time – and don’t forget your passport and tickets!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

12 Illegals Caught Working At City Firms

A team from the UK Border Agency discovered 12 illegal immigrants after they raided two businesses in Leicester: Rewalk Clothing and Sanjiri Mouldings, both based in Linden Street, Spinney Hills.

After sealing the exits, 31 workers were interviewed and their identity documents checked. 11 men and 1 woman, all Indian nationals, were found to be here illegally. Border Agency officials searched 10 houses for evidence to use in sending them back to India; two are being held in custody, but ten were released on bail.

Both firms could be fined up to £10,000 per illegal worker. A spokesman for Sanjiri Mouldings said that they had lost 3 of their 6 workers; he had no idea that they were illegals, and they didn't expect the raid. Phil Dyer, assistant director of the UK Border Agency said:
" We will not tolerate immigration abuse and will punish those who break the law. Illegal working is unfair on honest employers who recruit staff with the right to work in the UK and who pay them a proper salary."

Anyone who suspects illegal workers are being employed in Leicestershire should call Crimestoppers on: 0800555111

Friday, 2 July 2010

A laughing stock around the world

The new Lord Mayor of Leicester certainly knows how to make the headlines.

Cllr Colin Hall is a Labour councillor who represents the New Parks ward. He received the chains of office at a Town Hall ceremony on May 27. He was first elected to Leicester City Council in 1991, as councillor for the Belgrave Ward. In 2007 he was elected as one of three councillors for New Parks.

And what skills and improvements can our new Lord Mayor bring to the role?

First of all he decided that he would not attend a cathedral service which traditionally takes place to welcome the Lord Mayor to his new role. A traditional civic service is held every year at Leicester Cathedral but Councillor Colin Hall informed officials he would not take part. The Bishop of Leicester's office said it was unaware of any Lord Mayor declining the invitation in recent years, including Hindus, Sikhs and atheists who all took part.

Cllr Hall had asked for the service to be more inclusive of other faiths, and of humanism; he wanted the Lady Mayoress (Eleanor Davidson, who conducts humanist celebrations) to read a humanist text, and his chaplain (Allan Hayes, president of Leicester's secular society) to give an address. When the bishop asked to see the sermon in advance, the mayor and his sidekicks pulled out.

Clearly tradition means very little to Cllr Hall. After taking office as mayor the Leicester City councillor decided not to continue the tradition of having prayers said before monthly full council meetings. A short prayer, rotating between different faiths, has been said at the meetings since 1997. Mr Hall has previously called the practice "outdated, unnecessary and intrusive".

And only days ago our Lord Mayor, the man chosen to represent the city of Leicester, hit the headlines again and this time he went worldwide!

Carry On Mayor - Leicester leader's trousers fall down

Council fatty's trousers fall down during speech (The Sun)

UK mayor apologies after trousers fall down during library visit (Sydney Morning Herald, Australia)

UK mayor drops pants before kids (The Times Of India)

Mayor's pants fall down in front of kids (IOL South Africa)

UK Mayor Apologizes after Pants Fall Down in Front of Schoolchildren (myfox USA)

Mayor apologises after trousers fall off (Gulf News)

Lord mayor apologizes for tumbling trousers (The Chronicle Herald, Nova Scotia, Canada)

Councillor Colin Hall was at Southfields library in the city to take part in a Global Education function. When he stood to give a vote of thanks at the event his trousers came loose and fell. Mr Hall was a guest at a Summer Showcase organised by Global Education Leicester, a network which works with teachers to promote greater understanding of global perspectives. Pupils from three local schools were present.

One pupil is quoted as saying: "It was like watching something out of a Carry On film. You half expected him to be wearing a big pair of comedy bloomers but as soon as he realised what had happened he pulled his trousers back up."

While another is quoted as commenting: "It was like something from Benny Hill. No-one knew where to look. There were a few laughs from the children, but it was a pretty toe-curling moment. Surely he should've been wearing a belt? It was a pretty basic error. He looked embarrassed and quickly pulled his trousers up, but by then it was too late. The damage was done. It’s not the kind of thing you expect to see happen to a Lord Mayor."

A Lord Mayor who doesn’t even have the skills to do up his trousers properly, just what Leicester needs!

Not only has he made himself a laughing stock but, by association, the office of Lord Mayor and the city of Leicester.

It will come as no surprise to anyone that Cllr Colin Hall, previously High Bailiff Of Leicester, is a signatory on an anti BNP letter published on the website of the Searchlight front organisation Hope not hate. One buffoon amongst many!

What may not be known is that Cllr Hall was forced to apologise by a House of Commons select committee.

“Mr Colin Hall, Chairman of the Leicester East CLP, threatened a witness with possible disciplinary and legal action because of allegations the witness had made to the Commissioner. We took the view that in putting improper pressure on a witness Mr Hall had committed a serious contempt, and asked him to appear before us to explain his actions. Mr Hall apologised unreservedly for any contempt that had been committed and undertook not to commit any further such actions in the future.”

(COMPLAINTS AGAINST MR KEITH VAZ. House of Commons Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Third Report. The published report was ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 9 March 2001.)

Do the people of New Parks really want this person representing them?