Sunday, 6 December 2009

Minutes of joint Leicestershire BNP Meeting, 5th. December 2009

The Meeting was opened and chaired by Geoff Dickens. 120 people attended.

The Minutes of the last meeting were read and agreed.

Reports from the four Organisers present...

Geoff Dickens – Leicester and East Midlands Regional Organiser

Geoff told us about the local areas which need help with leafleting, and said that Leicester West had already been leafleted with lots of follow up enquiries. He thought that the ban on new members would be lifted at the end of January.

PPC Kevan Stafford – Charnwood Organiser's Report

Kevan told us that the % of people voting for us keeps going up in his area, and that Charnwood will be our target seat in the Parliamentary elections, with BC Kathy Duffy standing there, and Kevan in Loughborough. He showed us the postcard they are putting through doors which has our BNP policies on [as in VoF] and also asked for donations.

Cllr. James North – Melton and Rutland Organiser's Report

James explained that he and Rachel had typed up the membership lists- and showed us the newspaper coverage of his father who has been asked to resign from being a church warden by the Bishop [not the parishioners]. The Bishop then misquoted our policy in a letter to parishioners and James has kindly put him right.

Cllr and PPC Ian Mellor - North West Leicestershire Report

Ian made the point that people are told that BNP councillors don't do anything, but then he told us that the Charity, 'Woodstock in Whitwick' had asked him to present the cheque for the 2nd. time; about the St Georges Day he'd helped Ravenstone Parish Council organise, after which, in the County Council elections, the Ravenstone box returned 2nd. in area for our paper candidate because of work done in the parish. Wayne has been doing the same in Ellistown, campaigning for an Asda in Coalville which local people wanted, but Tories voted against, and Graham has been organising sports equipment for a local school.

Cllr Wayne McDermott -Elections Report

Wayne spoke about the coming general election, where the target is to save our deposits [ because we've never done that yet in a general election] as well as to beat some of the other parties! He asked for help on Sundays with leafleting.

Press Report – Cllr and PPC John Ryde

John said that the papers lie; they say that our councillors don't do anything, but that we had just heard 5 reports to the contrary. He suggested we boycott the papers, don't buy them, don't give them our money. He also explained that because the party needs money for elections, we all keep getting requests for money in the post. We should send what we can, but not feel bad about not sending any. Just put the requests in the recycling if you can't.


Guest Speaker---Andrew Brons MEP

Andrew told us that Question Time was a watershed for the party, with people beginning to question how we're portrayed. However, Jack Straw said one thing of note, he said that ' the trouble is the BNP and Nick Griffin lack a moral compass'. Andrew then went on to explain how the opposite was true, how it's generous to give from your own pocket, but to put your hand in someone else's pocket to give is theft, and that when MPs invite others to come and live in this country, to live on the state, they put their hands in our pockets to pay for them, and that is not moral. Other immoral acts by this government are the two illegal wars on Iraq and Afganistan, and the third one in the offing on Iran.
He went on to talk about PC words! He said that those who control our language control our thoughts, and those who control our thoughts control our actions. [George Orwell]. Andrew told us we must regain control over our language, and speak the real truth against their dogmas, and say "sorry Mr Straw, your hands are covered in blood and ours aren't". Question Time has changed peoples' thinking, and opened their eyes.

Collection, and Raffle draw and Auction.

Questions for the Speaker.

The collection with teas raised £625.58, and 5 dirhams from the United Arab Emirates, and 50 kurus [from Turkey].

The raffle raised £166.

The Auction raised £125, and all these monies were divided between the four groups after expenses were removed.

The next joint meeting will be in March next year.

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