Monday, 14 December 2009

British Asian Newspaper

The Leicestershire Community Voice has had some publicity from an unexpected source. A new (launched November 2009), free, monthly newspaper called 'British Asian'. (A contradiction in terms, if ever I heard one. You're either British or you're Asian you certainly can't be both.)

They state: "Their bizarrely and misleadingly titled online blog 'Leicestershire Community Voice' (whose community and whose voice exactly) reveals the extent of their activity in the county and their aspirations regionally."

To answer their question: we represent the traditional British community and allow their voice to be heard.

Of course, don't expect them to provide any inconvenient facts about the BNP such as the fact that 1 in 8 people voted BNP in June, or the fact that the Party is represented at parish, district and county level in Leicestershire.

And don’t expect anything other than sloppy journalism; for example, they state that Leicester is a county town. A bit of research on their part would have revealed that Leicester is in fact a city not a county town. No wonder they have to give the paper away free!

And apparently: "BNP supporters...fear and despise diversity but actually have little knowledge or direct experience of it." As someone who was born and spent the first 30 years of my life in Leicester and went to a school where half the pupils were Asian I find this laughable.

Thanks for the publicity though!

You can read the full article here
-- Leicester boy


bertie bert said...

BNP Chairman's Christmas Message 2009

Anonymous said...

The writer of this piece obviously lives on another planet.

Perhaps his "investigative" journalism should be limited to digging the dirt(and we are led to believe that there is a lot of it undiscoverd ,as yet, watch this space ) of silk cushions on expenses and all the other sinister claims about the reptilian MP who claimed them

Anonymous said...

There will be "British" Asians in the "British" National Party, soon. LOL

Keats said...

"There will be "British" Asians in the "British" National Party, soon. LOL"

Really? You're thinking of joining us then?

Anonymous said...

"Really? You're thinking of joining us then?"

Yeah mon. Belgrave BNP gonna be biggest branch in Britain innit.

Keats said...

Goodness gracious me, that's quite ambitious. Hope you enjoy leafletting in all weathers and putting your hands in your pockets?