Thursday, 17 December 2009

Boycott lying newspapers

"As those of you know who read/take the "Daily Mail" regularly, last Saturday`s (12th Dec.) edition contained a small article concerning our Party Chairman Nick Griffin. This article referred to Nick as an `odious` person. `Odious`, as you`ll all know, means thoroughly BAD, rather like Hitler, Stalin. Ivan the Terrible, Pol pot, Jack the Ripper and Tony Blair, to name just a few. Nick has no `form` whatsoever along these lines, and has never attacked anyone, outside of a boxing ring, that is.

East Midlands press officer John Ryde, at a recent BNP meeting in Leics., urged all of us to boycott these newspapers; why buy them when all they do is write such filthy lies about us and our leaders ? Give `em up !"
--Yours, Mike Robinson

Many thanks to the commenter who sent this excellent link to online newspapers
Well worth bookmarking.

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Anonymous said...

Don`t buy newspapers they are free here....