Saturday, 21 November 2009

Leicestershire BNP member on Question Time

Cllr. Peter Cheeseman, a member of Leicestershire BNP tells us about his experience of Question Time (Leicester, Thursday 19th November):

"I applied to join the audience for Question Time when it was on in Leicester; I applied online via the BBC website. It asked many questions: name, age, address and various others, about what political party you stood for and if you where active and so on. As most people are aware I have stood for election before and if Googled many details can be found out quite easily. So here goes..... I filled out all the boxes and pushed the submit button.

Nothing happened for a couple of days so I thought well least I tried.
Ring Ring...My phone. Hello, I answered.
It was the audience department wanting to clarify a few points on my application. Political party? British National Party..Active? yes....that's fine she replied I will send you a ticket..uh, was I hearing correctly I was getting on the show? Yes, she replied and we would like you to submit three questions, one now and two on arrival to the show.

O my God... What do I ask?
I rang around asking if it was OK to go to the show and what shall I ask?
This was sorted on Thursday about three hours before I was due at the studio.

The show was filmed at the Curve theatre, Leicester, I arrived at six with questions tight in my grip, a little hesitant and a whole lot scared! Was I walking into a bear pit like Nick? Well, I was not sure but this did not bother me too much as I was being met outside by fellow Nationalists for a drink after the show.

We where greeted with tea, coffee and biscuits and very pleasant staff both BBC and Curve personnel.
I was searched, as were the other audience members, and after a little R&R we were led into the theatre.

The floor manager introduced himself and explained how the show was to run. There was NO editing of the show so please conduct yourself in a orderly way. Well there's my first question gone..only kidding. H picked five members of the audience and sat them on the panel, put microphones on them and started telling us about silly questions people have asked in the past. They let us debate about other subjects for a while. When David Dimbleby appeared he told us how the format would be and also told us who's questions were to be asked and these people were led away to get wired ready for the show. The panel were introduced to us and a couple of questions put to them prior to filming. We were told we could cheer, boo, hiss and generally be noisy but please no swearing..

As the show progressed many subjects and topics were debated ....What would I say? ... then my chance to voice my opinion... Nerves were not a problem and I felt great and later when some one mentioned he thought immigrants where taking jobs I made my opinion clear by applauding loudly and - not surprisingly - alone.
Many people would have noticed that there was no audience participation granted to debate this as the show was near its end. I had a few comments for them but that will have to be for another day.

I had a main question for the evening ready but was not able to ask it, but thought you might like to hear it anyway... 'With the recent rise in popularity of the British National Party, Would the panel agree this has forced the Labour party into u- turning and the Conservative party to reconsider their stance on immigration?'...

Well there it is my experience of the day a BNP member was allowed into Question Time audience.

Thanks for all who helped and answered questions, and especially Geoff Dickens for allowing me to participate."

--CLLR. Peter Cheeseaman, Leicester BNP

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