Sunday, 22 November 2009

Floods in Cumbria -how you can help

All of us will have heard the news and seen the distressing footage of the unprecedented floods which have devastated Cockermouth and Workington when the rivers Derwent and Cocker broke their banks. We have grieved for the brave policeman who lost his life while helping others and we send our condolences to his family. Our hearts go out to all those affected by the floods. We have seen how the Emergency Services have risked life and limb to rescue marooned citizens, and organisations who are helping and giving comfort to people who have lost their homes.

We salute them all, but in every situation like this it takes money to get things done. The British people are renowned for helping people in a crisis, both at home and abroad; pulling together and, very importantly, putting their hands in their pockets to give generously to those in need. Cumbria needs our help NOW.

The Cumbria Community Foundation has set up a flood relief fund. If you would like to donate go HERE

The British Red Cross has been doing sterling work at the scene; you can donate to them HERE.

Don't forget the RNLI (Lifeboats). They are helping too, and rely totally on donations. Read what they are doing in Cumbria, and you can make a donation HERE

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Anonymous said...

With the Cumbrian flood incident and loss of a road bridge showing that some parts of the country's infrastructure needs replacing it may be timely to observe that each year New Labour gives India around £800 million in development aid. In contrast New Labour has pledged a measly 1 million pounds to Cumbria.

India now has its first nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine operational and will soon have more operational aircraft carriers than the UK. Should the British government be doing more to protect its citizens by upgrading the national road network instead of indulging in the racial taxation of the English people to subsidise wealthy overseas Asian nations?