Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Cromwell Club dinner voted a great success

The Cromwell Club is a venture instigated and organised by North West Leicestershire members of the British National Party. It's purpose is to raise funds for the Party by bringing members, supporters and friends together in an enjoyable, relaxed atmosphere.

The latest Cromwell Club black-tie dinner took place last Saturday evening at a prestigious venue in the Blaby District area of the County. It was well supported, with nearly 50 supporters from Branches, both within the County and beyond, present.

Dave was Master of Ceremonies, ably assisted by Andy. Although proceedings were delayed owing to the Guest Speaker, Richard Barnbrook, arriving later than planned, diners eventually sat down to a superb meal in good company.

After the meal, RO Geoff Dickens announced that the Candidate for the East Midland's target seat is Ian Mellor. Ian gave a short acceptance speech, in which he said that this was not only Parliamentary, but also building a higher profile in the East Midlands.
He was followed by Richard Barnbrook, who gave an inspiring after dinner speech.
Richard and Ian both received enthusiastic applause.

Dave conducted a Raffle and an Auction, in which a substantial amount was raised for the campaign. The meal was so filling that Richard couldn't eat his pudding -so this was auctioned too!
To add to the Collection, Geoff had to pay a ransom of £20 just to get out of the door...on his way to his local! And anyone who doubts that NWL is organised, well, NWL Organiser, Wayne McDermott, won 1st. prize - a bottle of vintage champagne (to shouts of "Fix!"), and another was won by the Guest Speaker - a cuddly toy, which he presented to his young lady.

A big 'Thank you' to all in NWL who organised, the event, with a special mention to Dave. Not forgetting Wayne, for his 'I'm a BNP Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here' rescue!
Many thanks to the host and staff of the venue for the wonderful meal and delightful ambience.

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